All packages and freight to be routed through Central Receiving should use this address, with the requesting department’s name on the attention line:

Valdosta State University
Central Warehouse Receiving
2903 N. Ashley St.
Valdosta, GA 31602-0206

Policy Statement

Central Receiving is established to perform receipt, inspection, delivery, shipping, claims processing, and temporary storage (if space is available) of material pending delivery to University departments.

Reason for Policy

Central Receiving receives materials and equipment, inspects materials and equipment received for quantity, quality, and any special specifications as indicated on the purchase order; delivers the material to the ultimate consignee; receives, packages, and ships items being returned to vendors (usually in coordination with Campus Mail Services); processes losses, shortages, overages, duplicate shipments, and damage claims to the carriers with notifications to vendors; coordinates and consolidates delivery of materials issued from Central Stores to the requesting offices along with Central Receiving deliveries.


Special Commodities:

• Items requiring controlled temperatures or refrigeration will be maintained at the required temperature and delivery will be expedited.
• Live animals will be delivered to the destination as soon as possible after receipt.
• Firearms, explosives, and similar items will receive special processing.
• Classified items will be maintained in a secure area under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director for Central Warehouse Services and delivered only to the persons authorized to receive them.

Overdue Shipments:

• Central Receiving will maintain a record of all outstanding purchase orders to be routed through Central Receiving and will maintain and initiate follow-up action when required. Central Receiving will contact the vendor to ascertain the reason for the delay and when the shipment may be expected.

Damaged or Incomplete Shipments:

• Damaged items, shipping containers, packing materials, and other pertinent materials for a given shipment will be held at the inspection point pending an investigation by the carrier.
• The vendor, requesting department, and Procurement will be notified of damaged or missing items.
• The vendor will be furnished with a damage report to initiate a claim against the carrier.
• Only upon mutual agreement with the vendor or requesting department will Central Receiving initiate a claim against the carrier.

Document Processing:

• Central Receiving will generate a Receiving and Inspection report for each delivery. This report will contain a Campus Delivery Form, a copy of the Valdosta State University purchase order if applicable, all packing slips, and all bills of lading associated with the delivery.
• The signed Campus Delivery Form will serve as signature receipt and acceptance of the documents and freight for a given delivery.
• Central Receiving will retain the original Receiving and Inspection documentation.
• Any discrepancies should be reported to Central Receiving immediately upon receipt of items.
• Departments will be notified of any damaged or missing items. Central Receiving will coordinate all claims against the vendor.

Exceptions to Central Receiving

Items purchased through the Procurement Office are to be received by Central Receiving personnel before delivery to the requesting department, except in the cases outlined below. Should any department receive freight from the exception list, it is essential that requesting department notify the Central Receiving Inventory Control Clerk (ext. 5010) upon acceptance of the orders.

The following items are not suitable for delivery to Central Receiving:

• The delivery point is outside of Lowndes County and a location and person are specified in the purchase request.
• Items designated on the purchase order to be delivered to a specific department which is staffed to perform receiving duties.
• Original artwork delivered directly to the University Art Gallery or installed in an office.
• Emergency Orders where life or property will be lost or damaged if delivery is delayed.
• Items ordered on a delivery and install basis, including repair parts installed during a repair by a contractor.
• Rental items for use by a University department or contractor.
• Industrial or scientific gas cylinders.
• Gravity fed items such as bulk fuel, concrete mix, or fill dirt.
• Controlled substances that require delivery to a registered pharmacist.
• Perishable or live items that require user inspection upon initial receipt of the item.
• Subscriptions or other reoccurring services that are most effectively handled by direct mail to the department.
• Services that do not include the purchase of products, e.g. repairs, inspections, and equipment calibration.
• Items received from gifts, donations, or displays for which no purchase order or purchase request exists.
• Advertising services with direct billing and no tangible product.

Items purchased for the following delivery locations should not be processed through Central Receiving:

• Orders placed by Contracted Dining Services (Chartwells)
• Orders placed by Library Acquisitions for inclusion in the Library Collection
• Orders placed by the University Bookstore
• Items ordered for designated construction site areas as part of a public works contract
• Professional services contracts

Tracked Asset Receiving

Valdosta State University, in accordance with USG policy, tracks all items and equipment with a total cost over $3000.00, as well as firearms and original works of art regardless of their value. These items require a VSU Property Identification Number and Tag. If the items can be processed through Central Receiving, the Property Inventory Supervisor will assign and place a tag before final delivery to the department.

If the items require on-site installation, assembly, or some other service that prevents the Property Inventory Supervisor from tagging the items while they are in Central Receiving, the requesting department must notify the Property Inventory Supervisor immediately upon acceptance and installation of the equipment.

In order to comply with freight claim standards, product guarantee conditions, and pay requirements, the requesting department must notify the Property Inventory Supervisor of acceptance or rejection within 3 business days of delivery to the requesting department. The Property Inventory Supervisor can be reached at extension 3735.

The Property Inventory Supervisor will notify Procurement, Central Receiving, and Accounts Payable if a tracked asset is rejected by the end-user.

Automatic Refusals

Central Warehouse Services will refuse all freight belonging to third-party contractors unless specific arrangements are made in advance and a representative from the contractor is on hand to accept the freight.

Central Warehouse Services will refuse all shipments of personal items or belongings. Faculty and Staff should have personal shipments shipped to their home or some other acceptable location.