Welcome to Transfer Student Orientation

For New Students With 30+ College Credits

Your online orientation session can be completed anytime, any where - no date required!

You must complete the online orientation before being advised and registered for classes.

Cost to Register:
  • New Student - $25.00

This fee supports the orientation technology platform, the trained professional and student orientation staff, and student gift.

This fee is non-refundable.

Register for Orientation:
  • Step 1 -Log into your New Student Admissions Portal.  

  • Step 2 - Click on your current Application to view your status page.

  • Step 3 - Register for your Online Orientation session.

  • Step 4 - Pay for Orientation to confirm your date.

Complete Your Orientation:

You will receive a link to access the Online Orientation session content; open link and review information to get your semester started with information, instructions and due dates.   A confirmation email will be sent to your VSU email address within 3 business days providing academic advising information.

Prepare for Advising:
  • Click here to complete a pre-enrollment and majors survey to help your advisor plan for your registration. This should be completed by the student. You will need your MyVSU log-in and password to complete survey - instructions reminder here.
  • Within 2-3 business days after completing your online session, you will receive an email to you and your academic advising center confirming your eligibility for advising and course registration.  YOU will be responsible for contacting your advising center and scheduling an advising/registration appointment. Once you meet with an advisor, your orientation process is complete.

Next Steps Checklist:
  • Get your VSU Student ID (VSU 1Card) - Your VSU 1Card is everything! It allows you into campus events, has your meal plan information, is the "key" to your residence hall, and more. Review the Photo Submission Guidelines and upload your VSU 1Card photo in the Student ID Portal.

  • Complete your Student Registration and Financial Responsibility Agreement - Click to review and confirm your acknowledgement of the student registration and financial responsibility associated with going to college.

  • Review & Accept Your Financial Aid Awards - Once your FAFSA (and any other required verification materials) is submitted, Financial Aid Office will begin processing your aid request.  Financial aid eligibility will be shared with you in your Student Portal. You must review all financial aid offers and complete the acceptance form.For step-by-step instructions on how understand and accept your awards, visit Financial Aid

  • VSU Bookstore Purchase Options.   After reviewing book purchasing options, contact the bookstore for assistance locating the textbooks and materials required for your courses.  The bookstore team will have access to your course schedule.  The VSU Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Student Union and online.
  • Pay for Spring, Summer and/or Fall Tuition and Fees. Student account balances must be paid in full or covered by sufficient authorized financial aid no later than the fee payment deadline each semester to avoid class cancellation.   View step-by-step instructions on fees and how to pay tuition and fees, visit the Tuition & Fee Schedules page. 

  • Continue to monitor your email for relevant campus and student information.  Emails sent to your VSU email account will only be VSU related material or University business. VSU email will not include ads or SPAM.