Transfer Student Orientation Guide

Transfer Orientation is Online


Transfer Student Blazer Beginnings Orientation is required for all incoming students with 30+ college credit hours.

Blazer Beginnings Orientation is designed to assist you and your family transition to VSU and assist in understanding all of the many great experiences VSU offers during this exciting time. The information below will help prepare you to participate in the online orientation session. 

Before Your Online Orientation

  1. Register for Blazer Beginnings Online Orientation on your New Student Checklist.

    Once you pay the orientation fee ($25 per student) you will receive a link to access the online orientation information. A confirmation email will be sent to your VSU email address within 3 business days with academic advising information.
  2. Complete the Action Items on your New Student Checklist

    Your New Student Checklist includes important tasks that you must complete to prepare to begin classes. Begin completing these now. The New Student Checklist Cheat Sheet is designed to help you complete these action items.
  3. Complete & Submit Your Financial Responsibility Agreement

  4. Get excited for YOUR Blazer Beginnings Online Orientation Session!

Student at Computer

After Your Online Orientation

  1.  Contact Your Advising Center to Discuss Your Schedule. 

    You will receive an email to your VSU email address within 3 business days with your academic advising information.
  2. Review & Accept Your Financial Aid Awards.

    Once your FAFSA (and any required verification materials) is submitted, it will be processed by the Office of Financial Aid. You are then awarded any financial aid for which you are eligible. You must review any financial aid offered to you and accept it. 

    For step-by-step instructions on how accept your awards, visit the Financial Aid & Fee Payment section of the New Student Checklist Cheat Sheet.
  3. Pay for Summer and/or Fall Tuition and Fees.

    Student account balances must be paid in full or covered by sufficient authorized financial aid no later than the fee payment deadline to avoid class cancellation.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to pay tuition and fees, visit the Financial Aid & Fee Payment section of the New Student Checklist Cheat Sheet.
  4. Learn about Textbook Purchase Options.

    When you receive your class schedule, you will be able to acquire your textbooks. We encourage you to learn about the various textbook purchase options. 

    For detailed information about textbook purchase options, visit the Class Registration & Textbooks section of the New Student Checklist Cheat Sheet.
  5. Purchase your Textbooks and Course Materials through the VSU Bookstore.

    After reviewing the various purchase options, contact the bookstore (in-person or online) to locate the textbooks and materials required for your summer and/or fall classes as indicated on your class schedule.

    Located on the 1st floor of the Student Union, the bookstore has access to all of your textbooks. For more information: VSU Bookstore.

  6. Continue to Monitor your VSU Email Account. 


  1. Locate and memorize your VSU ID#. Email if you do not have your ID number.
  2. Access your VSU Email. Find your email by clicking on the "Email" button on the top right of the New Student Checklist. If you need assistance locating your VSU email address, email VSU email is the official campus communication.