Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation?

Yes, all new incoming students need to participate in Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation. We are targeting May 18, 2020 to have the Virtual Orientation open. Please continue to monitor your VSU email account for additional updates.

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Is Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation just for students?

Part of the virtual orientation will include access to a Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation course inside of our Learning Management System. We call this space BlazeVIEW. While the login and password are for the student, we are hopeful parents and guardians will borrow this login/password to engage in the content as well. In addition, we will host additional content on our main orientation website at

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How do I register for orientation?

Register for the Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation by signing into the New Student Checklist, and then scroll to the Orientation section where there will be a button to register. 

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How do I access Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation?

The orientation modules are built into a course in our virtual learning platform, BlazeVIEW.

To access BlazeVIEW, you will need your VSU email and your password. Parents and families and guests to orientation will not have their own log-in information. However, we encourage you to work with your new Blazer to access the information.

  1. Start on the VSU main website homepage at You can acces the website through the internet browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click on the MYVSU link at the top, right of the page.
  3. Enter your VSU email address and password. Click sign-in.
  4. If you have set up 2 Factor Authentication, choose the authentication method you prefer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            If you have not set up 2 Factor Authentication, follow the steps to set it up. Please click here for more information about 2 Factor Authentication.
  5. Once you are in the myVSU portal, click on the BlazeVIEW link at the top, right of the page. This will take you into BlazeVIEW.
  6. Scroll down to find the course title “Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation”
  7. Click on the title of the course to enter the orientation modules.
  8. Complete the “Start Here” module first. This module includes 3 tasks that must be completed as soon as possible: MyMajors Assessment, Pre-Enrollment Survey, and Financial Obligation acknowledgement. You may then work through the remaining modules in the order of your choosing.

You can also download the Brightspace Pulse app onto your mobile device to access BlazeVIEW on a phone or tablet.

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How do I access Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation on a mobile device?

You can access your virtual orientation on a phone or tablet in two ways.

1. You can log into BlazeVIEW through the internet web browser on your device.

2. You can download the Brightspace Pulse app from your device's app store for free.

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How will I get registered for classes?

When we open virtual orientation on May 18th, the first step for you as a student is to complete the MyMajors Assessment and Pre-Enrollment Survey. Both of these tools will be in the "Start Here" folder inside of BlazeVIEW. Once you have completed the MyMajors Assessment and Pre-Enrollment Survey, there is one final step needed before our academic advising team may begin building your class schedule. The final step is to complete the Financial Aid Agreement requirement, which is also located inside the BlazeVIEW course. Please continue to monitor your email address.

What is the MyMajors Assessment?

The MyMajors Assessment is used to help confirm your major selection and/or to help students who are exploring to discover majors at VSU. The program will recommend your best-fit majors that match your academic achievement, aptitude, unique interests, and preferences. Your advising team will review your assessment and utilize the information as they prepare to build your academic schedule.

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What is the Pre-Enrollment Survey?

The Pre-Enrollment survey provides much needed information to your academic advising center. Through the Pre-Enrollment survey, we learn about your interest in First-Year Learning Communities, Academic Majors & Career Goals, Incoming Course Credit (via AP/IB/AICE/Dual Enrollment), and your preference for fall academic courses. Once your advising team has received your MyMajors Assessment and Pre-Enrollment Survey, they will begin building your academic schedule.

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How do I change my major after submitting the MyMajors Assessment?

If after taking the MyMajors Assessement, you desire to update your major, you may do so on the Pre-Enrollment Survey. Select your new major in the Pre-Enrollment Survey, and we will get it updated in the system when we are working on your course schedule.

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How do I change my major after submitting the Pre-Enrollment Survey?

If you desire to change your major but have already submitted a Pre-Enrollment Survey, please email with your desired major. We will work to get it updated in the system and make any needed alterations to your schedule.

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Will I have to pay tuition as part of virtual orientation?

No. As part of your virtual orientation, you will receive a payment schedule for tuition and fees as well as learn how to use our Student Online Account Center for payments. Invoices are not mailed, eBills (electronic invoices) are posted online each semester in the Student Online Account Center, after course registration.

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How will I be introduced to all there is to do on campus?

We have a variety of mechanisms in place to ensure you become familiar with VSU. First, we have twenty-one excited Orientation Leaders (OLs) who will be in contact with you throughout the summer. Through a series of emails, videos, and live meetups you will get to meet your OL and other students in your major. Additionally, we will be hosting webinars, coffee hours, and livestreamed events for you to engage with academic departments, campus offices, student clubs/organizations, and important resources on your campus to ensure you are successful when you arrive in the fall.

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When will I find out about my roommate? 

The Office of Housing & Residence Life will announce residence hall and roommate assignments in July.

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Who do I contact for special accommodations or questions regarding my access to appropriate resources to complete Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation?

If you have concerns about appropriate resources, such as internet connection, technology concerns, etc., that could hinder your ability to successfully complete Blazer Beginnings Virtual Orientation, please contact us at

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