Academic Centers

The Advising Center
The center uses a collaborative process designed to help students succeed academically.

The Center for Program Assessment, Analytics, and Evaluation

The center's goal is to ensure that its candidates are meeting the standards of the Dewar College of Education Conceptual Framework and to determine the extent to which educators are being prepared to "positively impact learning through evidence-based practices."

The Center for Accreditation and Curricular Innovation

The primary purpose of the Center for Accreditation and Curricular Innovation (CACI) is to provide a mechanism for working with administrators and program coordinators to prepare program approval and accreditation reports, analyze and use data for continuous improvement, and facilitate and implement curricular innovations within the entire college.

The Office of Clinical Experiences and Certification
The department provides information on topics related to Teacher Education from admission requirements to student teaching experience and state certification tests.

The Center for Gifted Studies

The center's mission is to help address the variety of needs from individuals with gifts and talents.

The Sullivan Literacy Center

The Sullivan Literacy Center's mission is to be an integrated system of care for the children and families of Valdosta and the surrounding communities with a focus on building children's literacy skills, motivation, and confidence.

FamilyWorks Therapy Clinic

FamilyWorks offers free therapeutic counseling services to VSU students. FamilyWorks therapists work with students for a number of reasons, such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems (e.g., partner, parents, roommate, fraternity/sorority members, etc.), or navigating college life.  Therapists are available days, evenings, and weekends and offer flexible appointment times that can be built around a student’s academic schedule.