The Multicultural Hub is a new inviting, inclusive, and welcoming space for COEHS students, staff, and faculty to reserve the space (or sub-space) for events and meetings and connect and engage as a culturally diverse community.  

To learn more about the Multicultural Hub: 

Mission Statement 

Purpose and Community Expectations 

How to Reserve Hub Space

Welcome from the COEHS Faculty 


Mission Statement 

The Multicultural Hub will assist stakeholders throughout the college who are invested in diversity, equity, and inclusion to create safe spaces that welcome diverse perspectives and are grounded in the goals of: 

  1. deepening learning and understandings of diversity, equity, and inclusion, 
  2. supporting the retention and recruitment of all, especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse groups in our programs, 
  3. collaborative spaces that foster community partnerships, peer and faculty-student mentorships, and networking with a focus on academic and professional excellence, 
  4. nurturing a sense of community and belonging among students and participating members, and
  5. facilitating cultural exchange and celebrating diversity.   


Multicultural Hub Purpose and Community Expectations 

To keep the space self-sustainable, those who are using the space are expected to be inclusive, respectful, and responsible. Everyone is welcomed and valued in this space. The hub fosters cultural awareness and sensitivity where cultural backgrounds and differences are appreciated. Please refer to the purpose and community expectations for use of the Hub. 

Click for PDF version of Purpose and Community Expectations. 


Student assistant, Jasmine Jaimes, hosting a mentor meeting and teaching these students a card game.

To reserve a space or subspace in the Hub, please fill out this reservation form for approval for your event.  


 Welcome from the COEHS Faculty