Gifted Studies Homepage

History of the Center for Gifted Studies

In 2011, the Center for Gifted Studies was created at Valdosta State University:  
  • Develop talent, creativity, and critical thinking in individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Support cognitive, social, emotional, and wisdom development in individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Study the nature, identification, assessment, and evaluation of individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Create curriculum, methods, and materials appropriate for individuals with gifts and talents.
  • Provide inservice training for teachers of the gifted and talented.

Gifted In-Field Endorsement

Want to help us further our mission? Graduate students can acquire more training on how to best serve gifted and talented students through the Gifted In-Field Endorsement. The Center for Gifted Studies includes faculty members who engage in  scholarly work with students and colleagues from national and international professional organizations.

To learn more about our exceptional faculty, please visit Our Team webpage and take a look at our recent publications and presentations. Additionally, we have compiled a plethora of resources from Blogs, Podcasts, Articles, Ted Talks, and other informative Resources for Teachers, Parents and Gifted Learners for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure. 

For more information about giftedness, please explore our website or call the Center for Gifted Studies, 229-219-3550