Families, loved ones, and teachers may feel overwhelmed with all the information about gifted was provided by the school and the internet. Part of the mission for The Center of Gifted Studies is to establish support for evidence-based holistic and equitable talent development practices for children, youth, and adults. The resources below are help with families on different issues found in gifted students and how they can be properly supported. The Center for Gifted Studies is happy to provide further support and answer questions written to our email

Identification of Gifted Children 

Common Gifted Tests & Assessments 

Twice-Exceptional Children 

The term “twice-exceptional” (2e) refers to a special population within the gifted community of gifted individuals with disabilities (NAGC, 2021). These disabilities are defined by federal and state criteria including physical disabilities, speech and language disorder, specific learning disorder, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder. Twice-exceptional students are often not identified as gifted as their disability overshadows their talents or receive no diagnosis of any disability as they are able to use their talent to hide their overachievement. Learn about the identification and support of twice-exceptional students using the provided resources:

Social & Emotional Concerns

Asynchronous development is differing levels growth in emotional, intellectual, creative, social, and physical skills (National Association of Gifted Children, 2016). Gifted children often experience asynchronous development due to their talents and acceleration in certain skills. Asynchronous development can cause children to more complex emotional and social needs including anxiety, trouble relating to peers, perfectionism. Learn about different to support the emotional need of gifted children using the provided resources: 

Gifted Education in the Public-School Setting

Early Childhood Gifted Education  

Resources on supporting gifted and talented children in preschool and kindergarten 


Early Childhood Gifted Education

Resources on supporting gifted and talented children in preschool and kindergarten

Early College Entrance for Gifted Children

Dual Enrollment for Gifted and Honors Students

Gap Year

Volunteering & Community Service


Supporting girls

  • TechBridge Girls, a nonprofit program working to break the barriers for girls in STEM programs
  • Women @ NASA, an initiative by the women working at NASA to encourage children (specifically girls) for careers in STEM