What is Giftedness? 

There are countless numbers of talents and factors what make up the unique gifted qualities of each child. The United States Federal government defines gifted as “Students, children, or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities” in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Gifted children all have different talents and skills making them advanced to their peers.  Researchers have identified a broad set of characteristics that are recognized as the federal domains of giftedness. These domains are intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, and academic. Gifted children may have unbelievable skills for their age and may thrive or experience difficulties in the classroom, home, and social situations.  

The journey of supporting a gifted child may be overwhelming at times. The Center for Gifted Studies offers local resources, additional information on different issues, and personalized consultation in order to support the gifted child’s intellectual, social, behavioral, emotional, and physical development.