A student who has an injury or illness that prevents the completion of all* classes for that term/session may apply for a Medical Withdrawal. The Medical Withdrawal process is outlined below. It should be noted that a Medical Withdrawal can only be requested after the designated withdrawal date in the semester and by midnight on the last class day. A student wanting to withdraw before the designated withdrawal date must follow the Withdrawal from Courses Policy outlined in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially in accordance with university regulations.

Medical Withdrawals approved for a single semester are not guaranteed in future semesters for students experiencing the same ongoing medical issues. Students should seek accommodations through the Access Office to ensure they have the best supportive learning opportunity. Students experiencing pregnancy also have the right to supportive accommodations under Title IX.

Medical withdrawals will not be granted for reasons related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct or while a student is participating in a pending Student Conduct or Title IX process. Student Conduct and Title IX processes must first conclude before a withdrawal decision will made.

*Only in very rare instances will a partial withdrawal be considered, such as in cases where a student may not be able to complete a specific class because of a medical condition or injury that prohibits participation.

Medical Withdrawal Process


  • Students must initiate the withdrawal process by submitting the withdrawal application by midnight on the last class day of the term/session.
  • A detailed written statement explaining the hardship and how it impacted the student's ability to successfully participate in their classes is required. The more specific the better.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to contact their professors/instructors by email to notify them of their intention to withdraw.
  • Students must provide medical documentation, clearly stating a medical hardship took place on a date within the current semester and it is recommended that supporting documentation from a physician or other medical provider outlining how the medical hardship prevented the student from participating fully in their coursework also be included. Photos of medical incidents or documentation which cannot be verified as coming from a medical provider will not be considered. The review of the medical withdrawal cannot begin until both the students' written statement and supporting documentation have been received and verified. The supporting documentation will remain in the Dean of Students Office.
  • The supporting documentation will be verified. If the documentation proves to be false, the University reserves the right to deny the request, to revoke the withdrawal, or to take conduct action against the student for falsification of information.
  • Once the withdrawal application and supporting documentation have been verified a Withdrawals committee will review the entire application for medical withdrawal, supporting documentation, any additional student notes from professors and advisors, and consider the totality of the medical hardship along with any documented supportive resources and discussions may have taken place with the student during the semester. A decision will be rendered based on this information.
  • The student, the Academic Department Head, Advising, and the Registrar will receive notification of the status of their withdrawal application by email. Students approved for a withdrawal will be issued a grade of "W".
  • Per Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) the Dean of Students Office is not permitted to discuss a student’s medical issues with professors/instructors without the student's written release to do so.
  • The Withdrawal decision is only a decision on the outcome of the courses for the current semester. It does not guarantee enrollment in subsequent courses and the student should talk with their Advisor to evaluate their academic pathway and ensure future courses are in line with the requirements to complete the degree.
    • In some clinical programs, the students receiving an approved withdrawal may subsequently be required to reapply to or appeal to continued admission/enrollment in the degree program even after the Hardship Withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawal Application Form


Students may not be able to initiate the withdrawal by midnight on the last class day of the term/session. If students believe they have a justifiable reason for submitting a Medical Withdrawal after the deadline, they should include this explanation in the withdrawal application AND also upload a letter of support from a current professor or academic program department head with stated reasons why they would support the late withdrawal.

Students may also consider a Student Grade Appeal Form as an avenue for grade change after Final Grades have been posted. 

Questions regarding the late withdrawal process should be directed to the Dean of Students Office (doso@valdosta.edu) or (229-333-5941).