Represent. Lead. Unify. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) works closely with the Valdosta State University (VSU) administration, faculty, and staff striving for data-driven decision-making solutions to the opportunities and challenges that we face as we move VSU forward. Uniquely, the Valdosta State University Student Government Association serves as the mechanism to ensure VSU students feel heard and valued. SGA seeks to ensure the VSU student experience is continually improving.


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SGA Goals 2022-2023


SGA will work to embody the third component of its mission; unify. We will ensure that our peers’ ideas, suggestions, and concerns are communicated well to our university administration. SGA will work to create an environment of collaboration, connection, and engagement for our campus community. SGA will establish a reputation for being accountable, approachable, and active.


SGA will revisit initiatives and ideas from the previous academic year and develop action plans to make them happen. SGA leadership will assign these initiatives to committees and collaborate with administration and departments across campus. SGA will pursue all avenues possible for implementation, while also accepting compromise, critique and collaboration.


SGA will work to introduce equitable initiatives and legislation that impact the student body beyond this academic year. SGA will continue to create opportunities for senators to build network and leadership skills. SGA will have intentional conversations that encompass mentorship & leadership. SGA leadership will work to inspire the next generation of Student Leaders.




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