The “I Caught You Caring” program was developed in 2004 as part of the Partners for Campus Excellence initiative. The program was developed to acknowledge those individuals who provide exceptional service. As one member of the implementation committee states, the goal of this program has been “to encourage and reward employees who go out of their way to make that personal connection with the people they are here to help.” However, this program did not include students who do not hold a job on campus. On November 15, 2018, Sergeant Jesus Arreola reached out to SGA's President, Jacob Bell, in regards to three students who he felt needed to be recognized for their heroism. Upon hearing this the Student Government Association Senate came together to write a resolution supporting the acknowledgment of students through the I Caught You Caring Program. 


Use the I Caught You Caring Program to reward service above and beyond the call of duty by any Valdosta State University student. All recipients will receive a card and first-time recipients receive a lapel pin. In addition, each instance of recognition is noted on our website, newsletter, and social media. Simply complete the I Caught You Caring form on our website and we will contact you once the individual receives recognition or with any additional questions we may have.

Dr. Vince Miller, President Jacob bell, Madelyn Corazza, Marlaina Wilkinson, Sergeant Jesus Arreola, and Officer Kenny McDonald posing for a photo when Miss Corazza and Miss Wilkinson were recognized