Senate Vacancy Application


Download Senate Vacancy Application Packet

**hard copies are available in the Dean of Students Office, 3rd floor of the Student Union**

  • Vacant seats in the senate will be announced by the presiding officer within one week of its occurrence. Applications will be available at the time of announcement.

  • Candidates for vacant senate seats are required to attend two senate meetings prior to applying for senator.

  • Candidates are required to turn in completed Vacant Senator Application Packet, including the (100) petition of nomination student signatures, to SGA Vice President or Dean of Students Office.

  • Candidates for vacant senate seats will receive notification of application acceptance via e-mail within five business days to schedule your Senate presentation.

  • Candidates for vacant senate seats will be required to develop a one slide PowerPoint, no more than five minute presentation with demographic information and explanation of interest.

  • Prospective senators are not allowed to campaign with campaign materials or paraphernalia to the student body or Senate.

  • Upon approval for the vacant senate seat, the candidate will receive the oath of office at the next Senate meeting.