First Year Senator Program

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First Year Senators are a vital part of the Student Government Association. A First Year Senator is any student who is beginning their first year at VSU or current students with less than 30 credit hours. First Year Senators will be given hands-on experience in leading and advocating on behalf of their class and the student body. The main difference between First Year Senators and upperclassmen is the increased time and service commitment for their first semester in the Senate. The extra time commitment will include the orientation and training process. 

Qualities of a First Year Senator

  • Leaders with some previous experience
  • Advocates with commitment to others
  • Civically engaged citizens
  • Individuals with integrity

Application Process 

Potential first Year Senators will fill out an application and also submit a resume. Each First Year Senator candidate will then schedule an interview with representatives from the Executive Cabinet. After interviews are done selections are made, new First Year Senators will being their orientation and training. Applications will open August 19th and will be due September 6th at 3:30pm.


  • Applications open August 19th
  • Deadline for applications is September 6th at 3:30
  • Interviews start September 16th
  • Selections made September 23rd-27th
  • Additional training meetings once a week until swearing in on October 28th