Student Affairs Recognition & Awards Ceremony

"Night on Fire"

When: April 30th, 2018

Where: Student Union Ballrooms 

Night on Fire Recognition and Awards Ceremony

Night on Fire is an awards celebration to recognize and highlight student leaders who continue to exemplify leadership, engagement and dedication to VSU as they contribute greatly to the success of many departments on campus including those in the Division of Student Affairs. Many departments host student appreciation celebrations at the end of the semester, and we hope to recognize those students on a university level. If your department recognizes students in any way please consider participating in Night on Fire. In addition to recognizing departmental student success and contribution, Night on Fire also has 3 unique awards for which we hope you consider nominating students. These awards are great additions to a students’ overall collegiate portfolio, while also motivating them to continue to stay involved and connected to VSU. Early next semester we will be communicating with departments to coordinate participation in Night on Fire and also supporting the committee in encouraging nomination submissions for the Burning Bright, Unsung Hero, and the Eternal Flame awards from staff, advisors, and faculty.

The Burning Bright Award should be awarded to a student in their first year at VSU and has been able to maintain academic success while also being involved, and who has impacted the VSU community in a great way.

The Unsung Hero Award should be awarded to a student who contributes greatly to the VSU community also in many ways, but may be “behind the scenes” more than anything else.

The Eternal Flame Award (similar to a Hall of Fame) should be recognizing an entire class of students who embody student leadership, exemplify a balance between academic and co-curricular activities, and always show dedication to fulfilling the Blazer Creed.