A student who has an emergency that prevents the completion of all* classes for that term/session may apply for a Hardship Withdrawal. The Hardship Withdrawal process is outlined below. It should be noted that a Hardship Withdrawal can only be requested after the designated withdrawal date, usually around mid-term of the term/session of withdrawal.  A student wanting to withdraw before the designated withdrawal date must follow the Withdrawal from Courses Policy outlined in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially in accordance with university regulations.

*Only in very rare instances will a partial withdrawal be considered, such as in cases where a student may not be able to complete a specific class because of a hardship that prohibits class participation. 

Hardship withdrawals will not be granted for reasons related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct or while a student is participating in a pending student conduct process.

Hardship Withdrawal Process

  • Students must initiate the withdrawal process by submitting the withdrawal application by 5 p.m. on the last class day of the term/session of withdrawal. The hardship withdrawal process cannot begin until both the students' written statement and the supporting documentation have been received and verified.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to contact their course instructors by email to notify them of their intentions to withdraw, and submit this correspondence with their withdrawal application. 
  • Students must provide hardship documentation, including a statement explaining the circumstances, along with supporting documentation such as the following: for a death in the immediate family, a verifiable obituary; for a serious illness in the immediate family, documentation recommending withdrawal from a physician on the physician’s letterhead signed by the physician (documentation on a prescription pad is unacceptable); for a workplace change, documentation from the employer on the company’s letterhead.
  • The Dean of Students Office will verify the authenticity of the documentation. If the documentation proves to be false, the University reserves the right to deny the request, to revoke the withdrawal application, or to take conduct action against the student for falsification of information.
  • Once the supporting documentation has been verified and hardship withdrawal application approved, the Registrar's Office will be notified to withdraw the student from all classes. The supporting documentation will remain with the student's record.
  • Students will receive notification of the status of their withdrawal application by email. 
  • The Registrar's Office will notify instructors via email of the student's withdrawal. The student will be issued a grade of "W". 
  • Students that have received a Medical/Hardship withdrawal may be required to submit documentation from a medical provider clearing them for readmission.

Hardship Withdrawal Application Form

In very rare cases, students may not be able to initiate the withdrawal by 5 p.m. on the last class day of the term/session. If a student believes they have this rare circumstance, they should submit the withdrawal application and supporting documentation for review.

Students must initiate the LATE WITHDRAWAL PROCESS by the last day of class of the semester following the term/session of withdrawal, and no withdrawal paperwork will be accepted or appeal considered on withdrawal applications submitted any later than the following: 

  • for a fall class, the last class day of the spring semester following that term;
  • for a spring or summer class, the last class day of the fall semester following that term. 

When all the documentation for the late withdrawal has been received and verified by the Dean of Students Office, the Registrar's Office will email faculty members about a grade change from the already posted grade to a “W”. The late withdrawal process should not be used as a way to change already existing grades. If a student has completed the class and been issued a final grade, that student will need to provide further supporting documentation from the course instructor (the final grade appeal form) giving reasons why the instructor would support a late withdrawal. 

Questions regarding the late withdrawal process should be directed to the Dean of Students Office (doso@valdosta.edu) or 229-333-5941.