External Funding for Transforming the University

Valdosta State University

Innovative Design for Excellence in the Academy (IDEA Center)

Scholarship of Teaching

1st Cohort

Program Title: External Funding for Transforming the University

Problem Statement

With increasingly reduced budgets universities are necessarily relying on external funding to maintain and enhance the work of faculty, staff, and students. Applying for external funding can be a time consuming, frustrating and challenging task. Resources are needed to assist faculty and staff who are willing to take the initiative to develop a funded project proposal.


All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in a program which targets increasing external funding submissions; faculty, undergraduate and graduate research; and increased numbers of externally funded projects.


It is anticipated that a total of 8 projects will be available for funding in summer 2013. Participants in a selected project will receive a stipend of $3000.00. (Faculty’s total summer pay may not exceed 30% of their annual income). This stipend will be awarded in the following manner.

Summer: $1,000 (June)

Fall: $1,000 (December)

Spring: $1,000 (May)

There are 4 phases to this program.

Phase I (Spring): 

Apply for funding from the IDEA Center by identifying a research project that requires external funding to implement and providing a rationale for how this project supports your research, impacts student engagement in research, and might result in multiple scholarly products

Phase II (Summer):

if your project is selected for funding by selected for funding by the I.D.E.A. Center you will be expected to:

  1. Work with a grant fellow (from the IDEA Center) to  develop a timeline and resources necessary to support your submission of this project for external funding.

  2. Work with the Office of Sponsored Programs to identify available funding sources for your project.

  3. Prepare a draft of your proposal and a preliminary budget

Phase III (Fall):

  1. Meet regularly with your Grant fellow to discuss the implementation of the project based on your timelines which should end in a proposal submission.

  2. Attend relevant workshops and seminars at IDEA Center. 

Phase IV (Spring):

  1. Submit proposal to external funding agency (depending on timeline, this may occur earlier)

  2. Evaluate the resources provided by the I.D.E.A. Center


Phase I: Application deadline................May 3, 2013

Award notification................................June 1, 2013

Phase II: Planning phase...............June - July, 2013

Phase III: Writing the Proposal..................Fall 2013

Phase IV: Reflection/Replication phase...Spring 2014

Application and Selection Process

  1. Application deadline: Applications must be received in the Honors College no later than 12 noon on May 3, 2013.

  2. Review process:  Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the VPAA, Dean of the Honors College, Faculty in Residence (IDEA Center) and members of the Faculty Excellence Initiative

Application Form