Preparing Future Faculty

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) initiative from the Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT) at VSU is designed to supplement departmental graduate student developmental efforts by offering additional teaching, community building, and professional learning possibilities for graduate student educators (GSEs).

The PFF program is spearheaded by Bryan FitzGerald, the training specialist for CELT and the Center for eLearning. As a current graduate student himself, he is keenly aware of the challenges graduate students face in balancing their roles as students, researchers, and educators. He is deeply committed to providing support for fellow graduate student educators through his role with CELT. To contact Bryan, e-mail him at or call 229-253-2904.

The launch of the PFF initiative includes three layers of support for GSEs. The first is the creation of a year-long learning community specifically for graduate student educators. The second involves developing and offering GSE specific trainings, such as webinars and in-person workshops. Finally, the PFF will collect data about the experiences and needs of graduate student educators in order to continue to improve our support capacities.

Graduate Student Educator Learning Community

A learning community is an ongoing, active group of educators who work together to explore new teaching practices, support one another as a community, and research, write, and lesson plan together. By design, learning communities promote collegiality across disciplines, departments, and colleges by bringing members from across the campus community together. Learning communities also bring energy, empowerment, and innovation by providing a safe space for members to explore new ideas, experiment, and reflect with colleagues.

Contact Bryan FitzGerald with any questions you may have.

Graduate Student Educator Specific Trainings

Although the topics covered in trainings for graduate student educators may overlap with webinars and in-person workshops offered to full-time faculty members at VSU, GSEs will face unique challenges and require specific training needs. As such, CELT-eLearning is pleased to offer GSE specific trainings on a variety of topics including: Best Practices for Grading Student Work, Encouraging Participation in Class, How to Handle Challenging Students, and more.

Any new training will be listed in the VSU Training Portal for GSE's to officially register. But we also welcome your recommendations and requests in developing our GSE training offerings. Tell us how best we can support you by answering this three-question survey below:

Graduate Student Educator Feedback Survey

Everyone has different demands on their time and prioritizes different components of their professional development based on their own goals. Even if you are unable to join a learning community or participate in specific trainings, you can still help the next round of graduate student educators at VSU by providing feedback about your experiences and needs as a GSE. This information can help shape future decisions about the resources and trainings provided to future graduate student educators at VSU.

Completing the survey should only take a few minutes and your answers are completely anonymous. We thank you, in advance, for your participation.

GSE Experience Survey

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