Certificate programs offered by the Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT) and the Center for eLearning are an opportunity for VSU faculty to engage in and develop substantive knowledge and skills in particular pedagogical concentrations. Once completed, faculty are encouraged to reference this certification in their curriculum vitae, Annual Faculty Activity Report and Action Plan (AFARAP), and promotion and tenure dossier. 

All of our courses are designed and facilitated in-house by CELT-eLearning staff, with a few facilitated by VSU faculty who have relevant expertise. Our certificate programs are reviewed and approved for Continuing Education Units by the Office of Professional and Community Education (PACE) at VSU.

With questions, contact CELT-eLearning's Training Specialist, Bryan FitzGerald, at 229-253-2904 or brfitzgerald@valdosta.edu

Online Teaching Certificate

Program Description

The program will enhance and certify the technological and pedagogical skills of online teachers at VSU. This curriculum is intended for current full-time or part-time VSU faculty who are preparing to teach hybrid or online courses and want to improve in online teaching and learning. The curriculum for the Online Teaching Certificate was designed specifically for VSU faculty and emphasizes training with VSU’s learning management system (BlazeVIEW) and VSU licensed educational technologies. Ten faculty from across skills levels, ranks, and colleges at VSU also participated in a special CELT summer retreat to pilot the certificate and contributed to the redesign of the courses for its launch in the Fall 2022 semester. 

Program Structure (24 total course hours)

Completing the Online Teaching Certificate requires 24 total course hours. There are six required core courses that account for 18 of the 24 required hours (see curriculum list below). The remaining 6 hours are completed by selecting three additional courses from Elective Curriculum (all elective courses are 2 hours long). A program participant must complete all core courses and three elective courses in order to graduate.

Participants in the program have two years to complete the required coursework in order to graduate. Courses are offered so that faculty can complete the program within a year.

Due to the content of this certificate program, some of the courses will be delivered in an asynchronous online modality. However, most courses are designed to be delivered synchronously, either in-person as workshops or virtually as webinars. VSU faculty can register for both the asynchronous and synchronous courses via the VSU Training Portal

Occasionally, credit towards the Online Teaching Certificate can be earned through attendance in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT) at VSU. An FLC is a faculty-led professional development group that meets throughout a semester to explore a particular pedagogical topic. To receive credit toward the certificate, participants in the FLC must complete the learning objectives for the course it replaces. With questions about CELT's FLCs, contact CELT Director, Dr. Jamie Landau, at 229-333-6032 or jlandau@valdosta.edu

Upcoming Courses

To be announced! 

Register for any of the upcoming courses using the VSU Training Portal.  


Core Curriculum (18 hours)

  • Introduction to Online Teaching at VSU (1 hour)
  • Learn BlazeVIEW (1 hours)
  • Use BlazeVIEW (4 hours)
  • Master BlazeVIEW (6 hours)
  • Effective Online Teaching (3 hours)
  • Creating Content for Online Classes (3 hours)

Elective Curriculum (6 hours)

  • Instructional Design for Online Classes (2 hours)
  • Web Tools for Online Teaching (2 hours)
  • Orienting Students to Online Learning (2 hours)
  • Experiential Learning for Online Classes (2 hours)
  • Student Assessments for Online Classes (2 hours)
  • Creating Community in Online Classes (2 hours)
  • Connecting Online Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies (2 hours)

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