Mr. Gary Kuhlmann
Assistant Director of Maintenance

The Maintenance division of Plant Operations is responsible for the daily maintenance of campus facilities and systems. Requests for routine service (plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, etc.) should be called in to the Plant Operations work management section. This division maintains a fleet of service vehicles, manned by technicians that can respond quickly to situations requiring repairs. The service vehicles are stocked with parts and can normally repair the problem in a timely manner.

The Maintenance Division provides those services necessary to maintain campus facilities and performs construction services on smaller renovation or remodeling projects that are approved through the Strategic Planning Process. This division has superbly talented personnel in the journeyman trades and is made up of the following shops:

Mechanical Shop
Mr. David Plair

This shop provides a myriad of services to the campus community. Primarily it is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Central Energy Plant and its campus wide distribution system. The central steam system provides steam to the entire campus which is used at the Palms Dining Center for cooking, in the dormitories for hot water and in all major campus facilities for heating. This shop is also responsible for maintenance of the automotive fleet and maintains qualified welders who provide an important capability to the campus.

Building Maintenance Shop
Mr. Glen Touchton

This shop provides all plumbing, carpentry and cabinet services to the campus facilities with the exception of Auxiliary Services areas. The plumbing shop has talented plumbers capable of completing renovation and new construction projects and maintains the underground water distribution infrastructure of the campus. Carpentry provides extensive service to maintain facility roofs, gutters and outside exterior repairs .

Painting Shop
Mr. Tony Wilson 

This shop provides all painting services to the campus community in the area of preventative maintenance of facilities and newly renovated areas. The painting shop provides a greatly needed capability for the university to maintain its facility interiors and exteriors. The appearance of our facilities in paramount to the reputation of the campus and is one of the prime reasons for student attendance.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Shop
Mr. Wesley Cameron 

This shop is responsible for the operations and maintenance of sophisticated cooling equipment on campus. This consists of several large chillers and chiller loops that provide chilled water to facilities for air conditioning purposes. The HVAC Shop maintains sophisticated computerized campus energy management systems and monitors campus fire alarm systems that are connected to the network. The Fire Alarm and Energy systems are fully addressable and reportable to Plant Operations using the campus network and provide state of the art response to problems through diagnostic systems that are in place. Fully addressable fire alarm systems provide an enhanced life safety umbrella.

Electrical Shop
Mr. Mike Hamm 

This shop performs an important task of maintaining campus electrical systems. The shop maintains the underground electrical distribution system on the campus which is the high voltage system providing electrical power to all facilities on the main campus and is owned by the university. Campus electrical systems and our immediate capability to respond to outages are of paramount importance to the functioning of the university. In addition to maintaining these critical systems, this shop assists others in repairing systems electrical in nature.

Key and Lock Shop
Mr. Mike Jones
Locksmith II 

The Key and Lock Shop functions as part of Plant Services and provides all services related to this discipline. These services include the issuance of all keys for employees of Valdosta State University. Procedures for requesting these services are outlined in the Campus Key and Lock Policy.

Key/Lock - Request for keys and locks must be made in accordance with the published key/lock policy. Necessary approvals must be obtained in those cases for requests not within the authority of plant operations. Keys must be picked up at the Plant Operations Building during normal working hours. Our key request form has been placed on the web. The user can print the form and fill it out with the necessary signatures, mail it to us, or bring it to Plant Operations.