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Case Studies and Learning Class Evaluations Software

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Project ShIFT  

On Disability and the Public Service Announcement » Sociological Images

Blog U.: Do you YouTube? Don't forget to add captions  

Academic Resources and Universal Design A community for support, education, and inspiration

The history of attitudes to disabled people

Make Videos Accessible with

Make YouTube Videos Accessible With CaptionTube  

How to Create Accessible Documents  

How to Create Accessible Microsoft Office Files  

How to Increase the Default Text Size on Your iDevice

Accessibility In A Digital Environment: Links

The National Association of the Deaf Sues Netflix for Supposed Lack of Subtitles

Accessibility in a Digital Age 1.4

Assessing Technology in the Classroom?  

Using YouTube's AutoCaption Feature to Generate Captions | The Accessible Technology Coalition

Accessibility in a Digital Age 1.5  

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Case Studies and Learning

Caseplace .org The Leading Resource for Innovative MBA Teaching Materials from the top MBA Publishers - Cases, Syllabi, and More

Case Studies in Business Ethics, Education and Self-Improvement Article - Inc. Article

Business Ethics Case Studies -- Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics


Negotiation Case Studies - Business Negotiating Cases | Negotiation Experts

Case Studies in Business Strategy and Management MBA Case Studies Organizational Behavior Case Study CSR HRM Teaching Notes

Organizational Behavior 6e - Additional Case Studies

Welcome to the Acadia Institute of Case Studies

Business Case Studies, Research, and Course Material from Harvard Business School Publishing

Make Your Case -

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Classroom Management

Disruptive Student Behavior: Do You Really Know What You’d Do?

E-mail Boundaries

Disruptive Student Behavior: The Entitled Students

No Extra Credit For You  

Avoiding Grade Appeals

Ask Dr. Kirk

Essay on How to Deal with Complaints about Grades on Papers  

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Class Evaluations

From the Archives: On Evaluations - The Chronicle

Conducting Your Midterm Evaluations Publicly with Google Docs

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Creating a Successful Academic Career

Starting a Tenure Box

The Guts to Publish

Using a Timer as a Productivity Booster and Sanity Minder

Establishing Your Absence

Planning a Productive Summer

Career Advice: Cultivating Serendipity    

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Instructional Design

Design and Teach Your Course  (links for every step of the process)

Planning a Class with Backward Design

5 Foundational Principles for Course Design

Deep Learning for the New Teacher

Design & Teach a Course 

The Flipped Classroom FAQ

The Syllabus and the First Day

Crafting an Engaging Lecture

Developing Policies for Late Assignments

Should You Give Extra Credit? Maybe - Teaching College English

On Fear  

Periodic Boundary Conditions: Lessons from Teaching

Developing a Digital Etiquette Policy

Should You Offer Extra Credit?

No Extra Credit for You

Developing Policies for Late Assignments

Creating a Course: "Understanding by Design"

Single Best Free Way to Transform Classrooms (Primary- Lifelong) of Any Size

Developing a new course: 10 questions to ask yourself 

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How to Restart Your Research This Summer

Keeping Your Research Alive

How To Choose an Academic Journal For Your Article

Traits of the ‘Get It Done’ Personality: Laser Focus, Resilience, and True Grit

The Office of Research Integrity

SEI Research

Pedagogical Experiment

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Chris Pratley's OneNote Blog

Contextures -- Excel Tips and Techniques

Get started with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 - OneNote - Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Word 2007 Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

OneNote PowerToys

The Microsoft Office Word Team's Blog

Windows Vista: How to Make Windows Vista Less Annoying - Stop blaming PowerPoint. Learn how to kick some arse with it

OneNote 2007 Help and How-to Home Page - OneNote - Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft OneNote Frequently Asked Questions

Back To School: Microsoft OneNote is a Note-Taking Power Tool

Getting Started in Word 2007

Over 250 Free Microsoft Office Templates & Documents

Produce Better-Looking Charts In Excel 

Do you know these Double-click Tricks in Excel? | Pointy Haired Dilbert: Charting & Excel Tips -

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Get a Functional Recycle Bin on Windows 7's Taskbar - windows 7 - 

Seven Tips for Surviving Your Windows 7 Upgrade

Get Quick Access to Windows 7's Jump Lists From the Keyboard - windows 7 

Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word 

Find Commands Easily in Word 2007's Ribbon

Excel 2003/2004: Gradebook: Other Helpful Calculations

Word Tip: Collaborate with Other Authors in Real-Time 

OneNote Tips & Tricks 

Dragging and Dropping Files in OneNote «

Use the "Spike" Feature in Microsoft Word to Copy and Paste Text

Microsoft Word Tip: Navigate Your Documents with Thumbnails 

Take Advantage of Presenter View to Create Powerful PowerPoint Slides

How to PowerPoint | Tag Archive | Graphic design

Example slide effects with instructions - Templates - Microsoft Office

A Time-Saving, One-Click Excel Trick 

Get Clean HTML From MS Word Files  


Practical ways I integrate Outlook and OneNote «

Office 2010 Tutorials Help Office 2003 Users Unlearn What They Have Learned 

How Long Windows 7 Upgrades Will Take - windows 7 

4 Elements of a Powerful Presentation

Display a Live Web Page in PowerPoint 

Easily Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video

Outlook Tip: Quickly Add Screenshots to an Email 

Free Training to Upgrade Your PowerPoint Skills

Office Tabs for Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 and 2003

Other Software

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat, WordPerfect, and Netscape Navigator for Windows

Five Power Tips for Thunderbird | Summersault Weblog

Getting Started | Evernote Corporation

Guidelines for Creating an Adobe Acrobat File

Mozilla Thunderbird Tips, Tricks and Secrets - About Email

WordPerfect To Support ODF, Office 2007 Formats -- WordPerfect  

Zotero - The Next-Generation Research Tool


Export the Feeds from a Google Reader Folder

Writing Tips: Enable Readability Statistics for Office Documents

Flowchart: Lovely Charts Creates Polished Diagrams

FreeMind Scholar

Help File: Wiping your data from your computer

SlideFest Slide School 101

Google Documents Discussions

Email: Get a Temporary E-mail Address - Lifehacker

Improve the Readability of On-Screen Text with ClearType

ODT Maps. Equal Area Maps, Educational Maps, Presentation Maps

Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User

Business Hacks  

Mind Map Java Browser

Graphics_Tutorial_1.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Show Document Holds Instant Collaboration Sessions - Collaboration

How to Highlight Text Like a Keyboard Ninja - Keyboard  

3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates

From the Desk of David Pogue - What’s in Pogue’s Travel Bag? Literally.  

The Definitive Guide to Making the Most of Your Netbook  

Gadget Lust: Power Outlet with USB Ports  

Threadbox - effortless collaboration

College Misery: Free Photo Editing Stuff. Because I Heart Proving Meanie Prof Wrong.

Print Files on Your Printer from Any Phone or Remote Computer via Dropbox

Introducing appointment slots in Google Calendar - Official Gmail Blog


Best Productivity Apps for iPad

The Best iPad Apps

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have March 2011

How to Activate the Best Secret Feature In Your iPad

10 Apps You Should Download for iPad 2 | Gadget Lab |

How to Organize Your iPad 2 Home Screen |

How to Transfer Files to Your iPhone or iPad (for Beginners)


How to Get the Best of Both Google Docs and Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office - Lifehacker

How Does Office Web Apps Compare to Google Docs?

Google Docs Updates with a Drawing Editor, Real-Time Collaboration, and Speed  

Google Docs Updates with a Drawing Editor, Real-Time Collaboration, and Speed  

How to Sync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar  

From the Tips Box: Google Calendar Backup, Safely Removing Media, and Radiators

Google Calendar Labs

Tasks Graduates from Gmail Labs, Google Calendar Gets Labs - Google Tasks

40+ Tools For Google Calendar

Revisiting Google Docs  

Calendar:GDATA Provider

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Teaching Tips & Strategies

Tomorrow’s Professor

Teaching Carnival  (Back Editions 1-5)   [Recent editions of Teaching Carnival are hosted on]

Metacognition and Student Learning

Conference Looks at What Works in Student Learning, and What Gets in the Way

Multiple Choice Exam Theory

Teaching Them How To Think

A Couple of Great Strategies to Improve Student Reading

Teaching to Fail

Powering Through the Spring Slump

The Missing Element in Student Success

How Not to Read for College

Should You Offer Extra Credit?

No Extra Credit for You

Developing Policies for Late Assignments

Student Success Strategies

Preparing the Student or Preparing the Student’s Path

Peer-driven Learning: Collaboration versus Groupthink

An Easy Way to Teach Citations

Developing a Digital Etiquette Policy

With Cheating Only a Click Away, Professors Reduce the Incentive

Good Deeds That Are Most Punished, Part 1: Teaching

SEI Clicker and Education Videos

Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics - Action-Reaction

The Future of Teaching?

Action- Reaction - About

From Question to Concepts Interactive Teaching in Physics- YouTube Video

Teaching to the New Generation - University of Venus - Inside Higher Edu

Discoving How to Get Students to Prepare for Class

Pedablogy: Musings on the Art and Craft of Teaching

Teaching Carnival 4.11 - The Chronicle of Higher Edu

On Course: Student Success Stragegies

Teaching the Social World - A blog about teaching sociology   

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Faculty Resources- University System of Georgia

Flashcards: The world's largest online library of printable flash cards

Free Flashcards Maker - Create Free Online Flash Cards

Preparing the Student or Preparing the Student's Path

An Easy way to Teach Citations- The Chronicle of Higher Edu

Teaching Carnival 5.02  

The ProfHacker Week in Review

The 7 Dumbest Things Students Do When Cramming for Exams

Teaching Carnival 5.04  

Weekend Reading: Happy Grading Edition

Backwards Designing My Life

End-of-the-Semester Review    

Forget Planning, Just Teach.

Metacognition and Student Learning - Do your job better   

Deep Reading

Working in Groups Makes Women Feel Dumb

Write This Down: Note - Taking Strategies for Academic Success

Teaching Carnival 5.06

Peer Driven Learning: Collaboration vs Groupthink  

Essay: Simmons on how professors can compose effective self-evaluations

Bill the Jazz- Playing Accountant: A Classroom Experiment in Math

Peer Driven Learning: Blogging vs the Term Paper

Rise of the New Groupthink

Harvard Seeks to Jolt University Teaching 

Strategies for Teaching Large Classes 

Social Pedagogies: Motivating Students through Authentic Audiences

Flipping out? What you need to know about the Flipped Classroom

Teaching Carnival 5.07  

Note-taking and copyright Infringement

Soc songs web site- Teaching Sociology

Strategies for Teaching Large Classes  

Hacking the Academy 

Teaching Carnival 5.08

Grading Classroom Participation Rhetorically

The American Scholar: Death by Treacle  

The Unteachables: A Generation that Cannot learn

Next Time, Fail Better

On Teaching Awards- Do Your Job Better

Teaching Carnival 5.09   

Stock Your Cupboards: Guides to teaching effectively and efficiently

First Day Activity

Back to Teaching

Advice for using classroom teaching to enhance student success

Teaching Carnival 6.01    

Suggestions to increase student attendence

Inspiration from the teaching professor    

Reclaiming the Classroom With Old-Fashioned Teaching

Teaching and Human Memory, Part 2    

Powering Through the Spring Slump

Essay on the importance of teaching failure

Power of Suggestion 

Social Pedagogies at Georgia Tech

Three Further Thoughts on Coaching and Teaching

That's 'professor' uptight to you

Many 'emerging adults' 18-29 are not there yet

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Teaching Online

Why Are So Many Students Still Failing Online?

My Online Summer: Getting Ready

My Online Summer: False Starts

Student Engagement in the Online Classroom

7 Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better

Study Suggests Many Professors Use Interactive Tools Ineffectively in Online Courses

The Myth of the Tech-Savvy Student 

Why 'Digital Natives' Aren't Necessarily Digital Learners 

Study Suggest Many Professors Use Interactive Tools Ineffectively in Online Courses

$150,000 Settlement Reached in Blind Florida State Students' E-Learning Suit

Know your online teaching habits

Study Shows Promise and Challenges of 'Hybrid'  Courses

The Ups and Downs of Teaching Sociology of Religion OnLine

Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? From mistakes

A Couple of Great Stragegies to Improve Student Reading

College Misery: Why am I failing?

Online Learning Ecosystems: What to Make of MOOC Dropout Rates

Context Matters: Why Offer a MOOC? 

MOOCs meet your match: the MBC 

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Technology and Teaching

The Myth of the Tech-Savvy Student

‘Digital Natives’ Aren’t Necessarily Digital Learners

Handling Technology Mishaps in the Classroom?

Nine Theses on Teaching with Technology

Web 2.0 – at Your Own Pace

Physicists Eagerly Try New Teaching Methods But Often Drop Them, Study Finds

Grading Papers with the iPad

Grading with Voice on an iPad

What I’ve Learned from Teaching with iPads

Four Mistakes I Made When Assigning Podcasts

10 Ways Twitter Is Reinventing the College Lecture

Hybrid Pedagogy

Clicker Resources - CWSEI

Grading Papers on the iPad

Using Clickers in the Classroom  

The Twitter Experiment at UT Dallas

News: Calling the Clicker Vote 

Developing a Digital Etiquette Policy

Cheating is Now Only a Click Away, Professors Reduce Incentive

Building a Better Backchannel - Agile Learning

Handling Technology Mishaps in the Classroom? 

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers

A Classroom Fight - The Tech Invaders

What I've Learned from Teaching with iPads

Shakespeak, a BYOD Classroom Response System

Clickers, Peer Instruction, and Classwide Discussion in Math  

If You Text in Class, This Prof Will Leave

A 'Moneyball' Approach to College 

Essay on the Obligations of Professors on E-mail

Some Inspiration for Using clickers in Medical Education

iPad Screencasting: Educreations and Explain Everything 

The Future of Educational Technology (first draft)

Revolution or Evolution? Technology and Higher Education 

Essay on how faculty members can start using Web 2.0 tools

Teaching with Clickers in Law

Lecture Fail? Technology  

Best Practices for Laptops in the Classroom

Clickers Offer Instant Interactions in More Venues

Prezi zooms past 10 million, releases PowerPoint Import

How One Instructor Teaches 2,670 Students

SoTL and Research on Clickers at Western Michigan University 

Technology Policies on Course Syllabi

Grading with  Voice on an iPad

Four Mistakes I Made When Assigning Podcasts

New TED-Ed Site Turns YouTube Videos Into 'Flipped' Lessons

Attendance2: An Update for the Attendance App for iOS Devices

York University prof enlists student snitches to battle digital distraction

22 Effective Ways To Use Twitter I The Classroom

The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy

Disposable Twitter Accounts for Classroom Use

Online Courses Can Offer Easy A's via High-Tech Cheating 

786 Teaching Naked: Why Removing Technology from Your Classroom Will Improve Student Learning

Focused Students Put Down Their Smart Phones

Rethinking College Students' Self-Regulation and Sustained Attention: Does Text Messaging During Class Influence Cognitive Learning?

From Distraction to Engagement: Wireless Devices in the Classroom 

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Writing Links

Six Steps to Hack Your Literature Pile

Making Our Writing Matter

5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Unblock Writer’s Block

Writer’s Bootcamp: Organizing Intrusive Thoughts

Shame in Academic Writing

10 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

Tips and Tricks for Distraction-Free Writing

Writer’s Bootcamp: Writing Is (or Could Be) Fun!

How to Enhance Your Writing Productivity with a Pomodoro Timer

How to Concentrate on Your Writing Even When Life Goes On

Start Writing and Don’t Stop

Four Rules for Finding Your Writing Groove…When You’ve Lost It

The Considerable Satisfaction of  [Writing] 2 Pages a Day

A Writing Group of Two

Bribes and Guilt as Tools for Writing

The Habit of Writing

On Writing Longhand

Writing with DASH

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do

Stripping Down the Writing Process

Seek Out Your Writing Inspiration: How To Find the Ideal Writing Spot

Even More Distraction Free Writing Tools

Using Writer’s Café for Writing Projects

Becoming a 'Stylish' Writer

Academic Coaching & Writing

Using Writer's Cafe for Writing Projects

Use a Timer as a Productivity Booster and Sanity Minder

You are The Experiment; Your Behavior is the Data

John Hodgman on "Forcing the Hands" to Fight Procrastination

News: "The Procrastination Equation'

The Guts to Publish

"The Daily Rind", a Better Way to Plan the Day

Writer's Bootcamp (Summer Edition)

5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Unblock Writer's Block  

How to Write Better and Faster

Shame in Academic Writing- Advice

On Burn-out

Work Flow Life

Bulidnt and Using a Time Diary

10 Ways to Combat Writer's Block

Accept your foibles and observe you writing patterns

Tips and Tricks for Distraction-Free Writing

Stop Procrastinating and Dash Through Tasks with a Timer        

Pacing, or Finding Your Own Productivity Sweet Spot

Bootcamp Writing is or Could Be Fun

7 Symptoms of Procrastination and How to Fight Them  

How to Enhance Your Writing Productivity with a Pomodoro Timer

How to Choose an Academic Journal for your Article...and why you should choose one now!

 What Is Your Writing Personality? 

How to Concentrate on Your Writing Even When Life Goes On

How to Be Productive by Writing Two Hours a Day

Start Writing and Don’t Stop  

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

Four Rules for Finding Your Writing Groove

Stripping Down the Writing Process

Seek Out Your Writing Inspiration: How to Find the Ideal Writing Spot 

Even More Distraction Free Writing Tools

Writing Group Starter Kit - The Writing Center

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