Classes at VSU are taught on a semester basis. VSU also offers a limited number of short (half-semester) intensive courses, these shortened semesters are often only offered for core-level courses which are laid out on the Academic Affairs website.  


For the specific deadlines and other important dates regarding registration and class schedules, you should visit the admissions site Deadlines, Dates & Events  

Undergraduate admissions forms can be found on the admissions site  

Graduate admissions forms can be found on their website 

Commonly used forms for undergraduate students can also be found on the registrars' website   

All transcripts from any undergraduate work must be submitted to the Office of Admissions. In most cases, after evaluation, Admissions will award the applicant 90 hours of block credit, classifying the student as a senior. The 60 semester hours of core classes are considered complete (some exceptions may apply to Area F which is the area closely related to the student's major); the student must take any prerequisites for the second degree and the major courses needed to complete the second degree. To meet graduation requirements, a minimum of 30 semester hours must be taken in residence at Valdosta State University, including a minimum of 21 hours of senior college work in the major. Students who transfer from a non-University System of Georgia school must meet the legislative requirements for US/GA History and US/GA Constitution (please refer to the VSU catalog for State of Georgia Legislative Requirements). If you would like more information on this, we recommend contacting admissions directly at (229) 333-5791 or 

The academic requirements for transfer credits and degrees depend on the program you are interested in applying to. Please refer to the program's website for specific requirements.  

The general requirements for undergraduate transfer students can be found on the Admissions Website. 

The general requirements for graduate transfer students can be found on the Graduate School website.  

To check your undergraduate admissions status, you can use the Admissions Status Check Tool or contact the admissions office directly at (229) 333-5791 or by email at 

To check your graduate admissions status, follow the steps lined out on their website or contact the Graduate School’s admissions office directly at (229) 333-5694 or by email at 


There are informational sessions for all our study abroad programs in the fall semester. If you are interested in a program, you can contact that program's director, who will give you information about the requirements for the program. During the spring semester, the director will work with you to ensure your preparation to start the program in the summer. For more information regarding our study abroad programs visit our study abroad website. 


Advising and Registration FAQs

Advising forms and resources can be found on the University Advising & Student Transitions site. 

For more information on advising, please visit the College of Humanities & Social Sciences Advising Center's website. 

VSU uses two registration software; Banner and visual schedule builder. When you use these sites to register, they display a campus name. If the campus name reads online, the course is delivered online. This is the easiest way to determine whether a class is online or in person. 

E-Language courses are online language courses hosted on GoVIEW taught mostly by the VSU Department of Modern and Classical Languages with occasional participation of faculty from Language Departments in two other USG institutions.  

Online courses that are not part of the e-Language Collaborative are taught in BlazeVIEW by VSU faculty.  

In-person courses are delivered face to face in a classroom on campus by VSU faculty. 

"Enrollment Status Prohibits Registration." 

  • The 'enrollment status prohibits registration' message generally refers to the advising flag. The advising flag must be set by the advisor (in the department of your major) before registering for classes. 

"Account Has Been Disabled." 

  • Banner accounts become disabled when the banner password or user id is entered numerous times incorrectly. The Banner account is reset to the original PIN (6-digit date of birth) every 15 minutes, and instructions are sent to the VSU email account. 
"Prerequisite Error/Test Score Error" 
  • This message means the student may not have taken the course needed to move on to the course they are trying to add. For example, to take MATH 1113, MATH 1112 is required first. Students need to contact their advisor for assistance or contact the department the course is offered through for a registration override. 
"No Registration Time Ticket for This Time" 
  • The first 4 days of early registration are prioritized by classification. Remember that classification is based on completed earned hours, not what the student is currently enrolled in. Seniors 90+ hours, Juniors 60-89, Sophomores 30-59, and Freshmen 0-29 
"Academic Standing Prohibits Registration" 
  • This message usually means the student is on academic suspension or has not been dismissed from Graduate School. Undergraduate students must complete a readmission form with the Registrar's Office. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information. 

Most classes automatically offer you the chance to enroll in a waitlist when registration is still open. You will be notified when a seat becomes available automatically. E-Language classes (offered in GoVIEW) and graduate classes do not have waitlists. For those, complete an override request form. If a seat becomes available, you will be notified via the email you enter on the form.  

As you register for classes in visual schedule builder, it will display any scheduled meetings for the class. If once you register for a course, you realize there is a scheduled meeting you can't attend, talk with the instructor. If no solution is forthcoming, every class has a built-in drop period so that students can evaluate a course without consequence if they decide for whatever reason that the course will not work for them.  

A withdrawal is noted on your transcript as a "W," and a drop is not. When you withdraw on the web after the official drop/add period, you are withdrawing from the course and not dropping the course. Classes may be dropped using the WEB withdrawal process up to a specific date each semester, typically the first week of the semester. For more information about the differences and the impact of each, you should visit the academic affairs webpage. 

Log into MyVSU and select Banner on the lower right-hand side of the page. On the Registration Menu page, select Registration and then Add, Drop, Withdraw Class option. Select the Term (summer, fall, or spring) and click Continue. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, you will see your registration summary (a list of your classes). Go to the Action column, select Web Withdraw next to the course you would like to withdraw from, and then click Submit. Please double-check to ensure that you withdrew successfully. Each semester, a little after Midterm, there is a withdrawal deadline. It is widely publicized in your syllabus and in messages from the registrar’s Office. If you decide to withdraw after this deadline, you need to fill out a Late Add/Drop Form accompanied by a Late Withdrawal Appeal form. Those need to be signed by several individuals on campus to allow for the withdrawal. It is a more complicated process, so please contact your advisor for help with it.  

You can declare an MCL major or minor by completing the Student Data Change Form and submitting it via email to our Administrative Assistant, Sam Powell (, once finished. After it is submitted it will be signed and sent to the Registrar's office for processing. 


Native or heritage speakers as well as some fluent students may be allowed to begin with SPAN 3000 in Spanish and FREN 2010 or higher in French. You need the department’s consent for that and will need to be manually overridden in these classes. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis. If you would like to get the credits for the lower-level courses, you will have to take the CLEP Exam through the Office of Testing.