Queer Talk 


Queer Talk is a group, facilitated by a team of Family Therapy interns, which offers a safe and intimate environment for people of diverse identities to share experiences and ask questions about issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community. Through therapeutic conversation, Queer Talk aims to create a safe space for members to explore a wide variety of topics. The Queer Talk facilitators envision this group as a resource for connection in the LGBTQ+ community at Valdosta State University. 

Queer Talk embraces diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, gender, beliefs, values, as well as thoughts and ideas. We believe that it is through such context that people experience the world around them, and it is only through such context that we can attempt to understand one another’s experiences. We respect these differences, appreciating how diversity enhances our experiences and enriches our lives. As facilitators of the group, we uphold the legal and professional standards of ethical obligations and respect your rights to confidentiality as a member of the Queer Talk group. We encourage all group members to adhere to the group’s expectation to respect and protect the privacy of others, which includes not disclosing personal information outside of the group. This is important to creating a safe environment for group members to engage in intimate conversations.