The MFT Program Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) has made beautiful t-shirts and polo shirts available. Help support FamilyWorks.

Buy a wonderful FamilyWorks shirt (or two)!

FamilyWorks T-shirts: $15 each
MFT T-shirt

FamilyWorks Polo Shirt: $20 each

FamilyWorks polo shirt

Purchase Directions

  • Please follow the link to purchase and proceed with the directions below:
    • Under the "Designations" section, please select "Direct gift to area(s) of my choice."
    • Find and select "Marriage and Family Therapy" from the pop-up menu that will appear.
    • Fill out the rest of the required information until you receive your payment confirmation information.
  • Email with subject heading, "Purchased FamilyWorks Shirt." In the email body, please include:
    • your full name,
    • which type of shirt you would like to purchase (polo or t-shirt),
    • how many of each shirt you would like to buy,
    • and lastly, copy and paste your payment confirmation information into the body of the email.

Thank you for supporting us!