Sponsored Guests' WiFi Guide

If a VSU department is hosting guests on campus who need wireless access for an extended time (e.g. for a summer camp or weekend conference), the sponsoring department can submit a request for their guests to have accounts created that will allow them to access the VSU-WiFi network for the duration of the event.

Sponsored-Account Creation

  1. The VSU Sponsor will need to contact our Solutions Center (229.245.4357) to initiate the sponsored-account creation process.
  2. Sponsors should also forward the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) document to their guests, as these will need to be signed and returned prior to account creation.
            - A scanned copy can be emailed to security@valdosta.edu OR 
            - A physical copy can be dropped off at the Helpdesk on the 2nd floor of Odum Library.
  3. After IT receives their signed copy of the AUP, we will send each guest an email with their login credentials (username & password).

Connecting your Devices to the VSU Wireless Network

Personal Devices

To connect to the VSU wireless network on a personal device (e.g. cell phone or laptop), you'll need to log into the VSU-WiFi using the steps provided in this connection guide using the provided guest login credentials.

Entertainment Devices

To connect your entertainment devices (e.g. smart TV, game station, or wireless printer) to the VSU-IOT network, you'll need to follow this registration guide and use the provided guest credentials to register your device on mydevices.valdosta.edu. After registered, you'll be able to connect your entertainment device to the VSU-IOT wireless network.

Need help? Call our IT Solutions Center at 229.245.4357.