Gaming Devices and TVs

VSU Resident Students must first register their gaming devices (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, & Nintendo) and streaming devices (Apple, Amazon, Google, Roku, Sony, TiVo, & Vizio) before connecting to VSU-Guest WiFi. Once connected, students will have continuous service.

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Step 1:

On your computer or another device with a web browser, navigate to

Step 2:

Enter your MyVSU account username and password and click the Sign On button.

Login with your MyVSU Account

Step 3:

On the Acceptable Use Policy page, click the Accept button.

Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy

Step 4:

On the Post Access page, click the Continue button.

Click Continue

Step 5:

On the Manage Devices page, click the Add button.

Click Add

Step 6:

On the Add Device page, enter the following information and then press Submit.

  • Device Name: Type in a name for the device that you can easily recognize.
  • Device ID: Enter the MAC Address (also known as a Physical Address or WiFi Address on some devices) of the gaming device separated by colons (eg. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33).

How to Find Your MAC Address

Enter Your Device Information

Step 7:

On the Manage Devices page, click the Add button if you need to register another device and repeat the process. 

When you have added all of your devices and they are listed on the Manage Devices page as Pending, you should Logout by clicking on Your Name in the top right and then pressing Logout

Manage Device Page


You should now connect your registered gaming devices and TVs to the VSU-Guest network.