VSU-IOT (campus-wide) and VSU-IOT-5G (VSU residence halls only) are the wireless networks designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs or speakers, streaming devices, wireless printers, and more. You must first register your IoT device before connecting to these networks.

How to Register & Connect IOT Devices

1. Visit mydevices.valdosta.edu on a computer or device other than your IoT device. Enter your MyVSU username only and password; click Log In.

If prompted, read the Acceptable Use Policy; click Accept; click Continue. 

2. Click Add on the Manage Devices page. Enter requested information and then press Submit:

  • Enter a Device Name that you can easily recognize.
  • Enter the IoT device MAC Address (also known as WiFi or physical address) separated by colons (example AA:BB:CC:11:22:33).
    Find Your MAC Address

To register additional devices, click the Add button on the Manage Devices page and repeat the process. 

3. When your device(s) is listed as Pending on the Manage Devices page, click Your Name/Emal in the top right corner and click Sign out.


You can now connect your registered device to VSU-IOT or VSU-IOT-5G network. 

Need help? Call VSU Solutions Center at 229.245.4357 or submit a ticket at solutions.valdosta.edu.