We firmly believe that the brilliance, dedication, and passion of our exceptional team members is worth celebrating. RED (Recognizing the Excellent and Distinguished) is our University Employee Recognition Program designed to celebrate the remarkable contributions of our faculty and staff members. We genuinely appreciate every small gesture, each progressive idea, and all selfless moments of service that make a difference in the lives of our students, colleagues, and the entire campus community. At VSU, we understand that it's the people who truly elevate a university's greatness. RED stands as a testament to our gratitude for the extraordinary efforts of our employees. Join us in celebrating excellence and together, let's continue making a positive impact every day!

Spark Level

Tier 1: ALL employees that are nominated for providing outstanding service will be recognized at the SPARK Tier. All VSU employees are eligible to receive a SPARK Recognition.

Fire Level

Tier 2: Employees consistently exemplifying our core values and delivering an elevated level of service excellence will be acknowledged at the FIRE Tier. All employees of VSU are eligible to receive FIRE Recognition.

Blaze Level

Tier 3: This represents the "Best of the Best!" The BLAZE Tier will recognize employees identified in the Fire Tier who promote Civility, Integrity, and Citizenship at the highest level. The top 10 BLAZE recipients will have their names submitted to COSA as nominations for the Employee of the Semester Award. Only full-time staff members are eligible to receive BLAZE Recognition.

Team Level

The Team award was created to recognize unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to VSU by a team.

There are two ways to qualify:

  • A team that has collaborated to achieve a shared goal, resulting in a significant improvement to VSU or our community. (Members may come from the same or different departments).


  • A department whose members have received the highest percentage of RED nominations for the semester.









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Albert Miller                       Jacob Humes                     Sherry Turner

Amber Porter                    Jason Mosley                       Taylor Fulp

Andrew Wells                    Jeffery Thomas                    Tiffany Lee

Ben McCranie                    Jenny White                       Tim Wilson

Brian Fitzgerald                 Jeremy Scott                      Wade Bugby

Britt Bugby                         Joel Dion                           Wes Babcock

Claire Guilliams                  Kate Warner                      

Daniel DeMersseman         Laura Wright

Dorothy Nickell                  Lisa Wagner

Dr. Ofelia Nikolova             Marsha Dukes

Duke Guthrie                    Patrick McElwain

Dwayne Trouille                Shelby Lamar