Our Team

Dr. Denise Bogart, PHR

Director, Human Resources and Employee Development

Workers Compensation; Policy & Procedure Interpretation

Phone  229-333-5709

Rosezella Ward

Associate Director, Employment Administration and Benefits

Benefit & Employment Issues; ADP Concerns

Phone  229-333-5709

Catherine Wills

Benefits and Retirement Specialist, Employment Administration and Benefits

Benefit Changes, Family Medical Leave, HIPAA, Medical Claims, Retirement, 403B 457 Plans, TRS, ORP, Human Resource/Benefit Triage, YMCA Memberships

Phone  229-333-5709

Regina Lee

Human Resources Associate, Employment Administration and Benefits

Tuition Assistance Program, Workers Compensation. Benefits Assistant, Background Checks, Human Resource/Benefit Triage

Phone  229-333-5709

Rebecca Murphy, MS, PHR

Associate Director, Employee and Organizational Development

Employee Development, Organizational Development, Retreat Facilitator, Campus Wellness, ADR Liaison, Mediator, Conflict Coach, Focus Group Director

Phone  229-259-5106
University Center - North, Room 3103

Lt. Tim Yorkey

Training Specialist, Employee and Organizational Development

Workshop Design and Delivery, Compliance Training Lead, CPR/First Aid Trainer, Defensive Driving Train-the-Trainer, Law Enforcement Trainer, Management Toolkit Trainer, Customer Service Champion

Phone  229-219-1276
University Center-North, Room 3103

Dr. Sherri Adams, PHR

Assistant Director of Human Resources for Student Employment, Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition and Employment Administration; In-processing of Student Workers; Student Policies and Procedures

Phone  229-333-5709

Ernest Smith

Classification and Compensation Analyst, Talent Acquisition

Classification and Compensation, FLSA Compliance, ACA Compliance, Salary Adjustments, Salary/Market Surveys, Evaluations, Benchmarking, Independent Contractor vs. Employee Verification, PeopleAdmin: Posting and Applicant Processing, Open Position Assistance, Applicant Inquiries, Reporting, & User Access

Phone  229-333-5709

Michael Smith

Human Resources Specialist (Staff Employees), Talent Acquisition

PeopleAdmin Administration, Reporting, & User Access; Applicant Inquiry; In-processing of Staff and Temporary Employees , Staff Promotions and Transfers , Out Processing for Staff and Temporary Employees, Salary Surveys, I-9’s, E-Verify, Staff Parking and ID Authorizations, BOR Exit Survey Questionnaire, Leave Accruals/Balances, GA Defined Contribution Refunds, Sick Leave Certifications, Shared Sick Leave Pool

Phone  229-333-5709

Cassandra Ward

Human Resources Specialist (Faculty Employees), Talent Acquisition

In-processing of Faculty Employees , Faculty Transfers , Out Processing for Faculty Employees, Salary Surveys, I-9’s, E-Verify, Faculty Parking and ID Authorizations, BOR Exit Survey Questionnaire, Leave Accruals/Balances, GA Defined Contribution Refunds

Phone  229-333-5709

Nancy Deida-Carballo

Human Resources Specialist (Student Employees), Talent Acquisition

Onboarding of Student Workers; Student Assistant Training, Student Assistant Background Checks, Applicant Inquiry; Open Position Assistance (Students Only); I-9’s; e-Verify; In-processing of Student Workers, Student Pay Raise or Transfers, Out-processing of Student Workers

Phone  229-333-5709

Jamie Tanner

Employee Relations Manager, Employee Relations

Employee Relations, Mediator, PeopleAdmin-Performance Management

Phone  229-245-6435
University Center - North, Room 4155

Kaylan Hand

Graduate Assistant

Phone  229-333-7575

Tatiana Jones

Graduate Assistant

Phone  229-333-7575

Michael Stalvey

Graduate Assistant

Phone  229-333-5709

Cassie Bryant

Student Assistant

Phone  229-333-7575

Amirah Williams

Student Assistant

Phone  229-333-7575