The Georgia State Charitable Contribution Program (GASCCP) belongs to you – the State of Georgia employee! GASCCP provides employees the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need – to help sustain community, state, national and international health, educational, environmental and human services.

The GASCCP offers employees choice, convenience and confidence!

  • CHOICE: You get to direct your pledge to the organizations that are closest to your interest.
  • CONVENIENCE: Workplace giving has advantages.  Through payroll deduction you can give more, while only having a small amount deducted from each paycheck.
  • CONFIDENCE: Each charity is screened by your peers.  Requirements of each charity include: a Health and Human Service impact statement, IRS determination letter, Tax Form 990, and certified audits where appropriate.

Through the GASCCP, you can make smaller donations throughout the year by payroll deduction. By spreading a small amount of your total donation out of each paycheck, allows you to make a large gift without ruining your budget. A little at a time adds up to so much!

Why Give Through the Campaign?

For employees, the convenience of spreading out your payment over the course of the year through your paycheck and incorporates the benefits of the tax-deductible donation. For charitable agencies, the GASCCP saves them time and money spent processing individual donations and provides them with a continuous stream of funds throughout the deduction year. The GASCCP administrator combines multiple contributions and sends a single payment quarterly. Donations fluctuate during the course of the year for charities, so this provides a reliable stream of funds which they can plan their services.

What Charities are Included? 

Use this link Charity Directory to view the full list of charities. Or use the search feature within the giving portal through OneUSG Connect. 

How do I Give?

VSU employees can give by logging into OneUSG Connect and selecting the GA State Charitable Contribution Program tile in Employee Self Service. VSU only accepts contributions through payroll deduction. Download this guide for further assistance, 

For Assistance?

Contact Charitable Contributions Coordinator: Michelle Jordan,, 229-333-5709