This is VSU's online student payment system.  Available 24x7 to students and their authorized users for viewing bills, making payments and managing their student account. Students have a number of options, which includes setting up direct deposit information for refunding excess funds.  Students may also grant authorized user status for others (parents, employers, etc) to view bills and make payments on their behalf. Step-by-step instructions of the many options in the VSU Online Student Account Center are available for student review.

The Bursary does not mail invoices to students. The student's current account balance may be viewed online in the VSU Online Student Account Center. Please note that tuition and fees appear on the student's account once the student registers for Spring and Summer semesters. Tuition and fees for Fall semester are assessed in early July.

Electronic invoices (eBills) are posted in the VSU Online Student Account Center twice as we approach each semester.  Students may log in to the Account Center to view & print these eBills.  Instructions for accessing the eBill are available here.  *pop-ups must be allowed to view the statement*

Please visit the Bursary's “How to Pay Fees” page for more information about making payments on your student account.  If you have further questions, please email the Bursary at .

You can check the balance of your student account in the VSU Online Student Account Center to see if your Financial Aid has applied. If the amount due is negative, you have excess funds, which will be disbursed in our normal refund process.  Please check the Excess Funds Disbursement web page for the excess disbursement date. You will get an email notice stating we validated your classes. If the amount of aid does not cover your charges, you will need to pay the remaining balance no later than the fee payment deadline.  If you expected more aid, call Financial Aid immediately at (229) 333-5935 to see what you need to do!

It is a historical record of all your VSU charges and payments. An excess is the remaining money left over after your charges have been paid. Excess money is cleared from each student account, generally once a week, and is mailed to you in the form of a refund check or directly deposited into your checking account if you have made those arrangements.

Instead of having excess/refund checks mailed to them, students can opt to have the excess amount deposited directly into their checking or savings account. To establish Direct Deposit on your account, visit the VSU Online Student Account Center and enter your account information. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must enter your account information no later than the last day of drop/add to allow time for account validation. Step-by-step instructions are available for student review.

No; when there is excess, a check or direct deposit will automatically be generated and mailed or directly deposited into your account if you have made those arrangements.

First, review your student account activity in the VSU Online Student Account Center. The most frequent reasons for not receiving a refund check are (1) You have a loan for just one semester in which half of the loan is disbursed at the beginning of the semester and the other half will be disbursed after mid-term. If half of your loan is not enough to cover your fees, any excess might not be generated until mid-term. (2) All of your Financial Aid might not be processed. For more information, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at (229) 333-5935. (3) Your check was mailed but hasn’t been delivered to you yet. For more information, you can email the Bursary at

Ten days must pass from the day the excess/refund check was mailed before a stop payment request can be made. Come to the Bursary with your student ID and fill out a stop payment form OR if you are out of town, mail/fax a request. Please send your name, address, phone number and student ID number in the request and sign it. If the stop payment has to be done due to(1) incorrect address at the Registrar’s Office, or (2) you received the check and lost it, or (3) VSU re-mailed it and it was lost in the mail, etc, a stop payment fee of $10 will apply.

Visit the 1Card Services web site to submit a refund request from your FLEX account. The 1Card Office verifies your FLEX account refund is applicable and then posts it to your student account in the Bursary. The Bursary generally processes refunds once per week during the semester. Presently, only one FLEX refund is allowed per semester. For more information regarding your FLEX account, contact the 1Card Office by email at or call (229) 259-2593.

No. Checks are automatically mailed via the US Postal Services to the student's address in Banner. Students living on campus will be placed by Campus Mail Services in the student's VSU mail box.