Georgia Board of Regents Insurance Plan

ACA compliant health insurance is mandatory for all nursing students, international students with an “F” or “J” visa, Exercise Physiology students during their internship semester, and students with a graduate assistantship. The University System of Georgia has a contract with United Healthcare as the vendor for student health insurance for the academic year 2023/2024. Students who are enrolled in SHIP can use their plan at any medical facility which accepts United Healthcare. Additional information can be found at the USG's SHIP webpage.

IMPORTANT: All waivers and enrollments must be completed by the end of open enrollment. After this date the waiver requests and enrollments will be closed and anyone who is required to have student health insurance and has not requested a waiver will be charged for and enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan through United Health Care Student Resources. This policy is strictly enforced.   All communication regarding SHIP is sent to the student's VSU email account.  Students are responsible for monitoring their VSU email account for official communication regarding their student health insurance plan status.



  • Fall Open Enrollment (Voluntary Plan): August 1 – August 30
  • Spring/Summer Open Enrollment (Voluntary Plan): January 1 - January 30
  • Summer (Only) Open Enrollment (Voluntary Plan): May 1 - May 30
  • Fall Waiver Period (Mandatory Plan): August 1 - September 18
  • Spring/Summer Waiver Period (Mandatory Plan): January 3 - February 12
  • Summer (Only) Waiver Period (Mandatory Plan): May 1 - June 11

Brochures for the domestic and international plans including coverage and premiums can be found at


  • Fall semester: August 1 - December 31
  • Spring/Summer semester: January 1 - July 31
  • Summer (Only): May 9 - July 31

International students leaving the United States to return to their home country during the entirety of the summer term may contact the SHIP Coordinator for additional information about completing the Travel Attestation Form. Travel must be booked and the Travel Attestation Form submitted to the SHIP Coordinator by February 6 each year.

Mandatory Plan Information

The following students are required to have student health insurance that meets the minimum standards set by the University System of Georgia. Students in these categories who are not covered by an ACA compliant policy held by a parent, spouse, employer, or if the policy does not meet the minimum standards, will be charged for a USG Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) policy.

  • All international undergraduate, graduate, and ESL students holding F or J visa status.
  • International Scholars holding J visa status.
  • All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance, such as nursing programs.
  • All graduate assistants receiving a full tuition waiver as part of their graduate assistantship award.
  • All graduate students receiving fellowships that fully fund their tuition.

Enrollment in Mandatory Plan

If you are required to have health insurance and wish to enroll in the United Health Care Student Health Insurance Plan, go to and select the Opt-In link and provide the requested information. The health insurance premium for the Mandatory Plan will be paid through your Online Student Account Center with your tuition and fees. You may use financial aid to pay for this charge if you provide the appropriate authorization and the funding source allows.

Waivers for Students in Mandatory Groups

Students in the mandatory groups will have the option to waive the student insurance charge if they have a plan that meets University System of Georgia Requirements. The University System of Georgia requires students in the mandatory groups have U.S.-based, ACA compliant coverage for the full length of the term in which they are enrolled in order for the waiver to be approved. They can apply for a waiver online by visiting the United Health Care website at and clicking on the waive coverage link and answering the questions that provide information regarding your current health insurance coverage. Please note that waivers are reviewed each semester so you must re-apply each term to confirm your information has not changed. Failure to complete the waiver in any semester will result in students paying for an receiving the coverage provided by the United Healthcare Student Health Insurance Plan.

*As of Fall 2020, all waivers require ACA compliant health insurance in order to be approved. If you submit a waiver application using a non-ACA compliant health insurance, the waiver will be rejected and you will be required to purchase and enroll in the university's student health insurance plan offered by United Healthcare. Waiver standards can be found at USG Waiver Standards


Voluntary Plan

All undergraduate students enrolled in six (6) or more credits per term and enrolled in a degree seeking program; or all graduate students enrolled in a minimum of three (3) graduate level credit hours and enrolled in a degree-seeking program are eligible to enroll in the Voluntary Plan. Eligible dependents of enrolled students may participate in the plan. To enroll in the Voluntary Plan, go to, and under Medical-Domestic Student Plan, click on Explore Policy. Then, click Enroll Now in the bottom right hand corner of the page and provide the requested information. The premium for Voluntary Students will be paid directly to United Health Care Student Resources each semester. There is no monthly payment option available to participants.

Dental and Vision Plan Option

Students enrolled in the United Health Care Student Resources plan (Mandatory or Voluntary Plan) have the option to purchase a dental and/or vision plan that is separate from the health insurance plan. Students wishing to enroll in these plans must enroll and pay directly to United Health Care Student Resources. Information and enrollment forms for the dental and vision plan can be found at Dental and Vision insurance is not included in the medical health insurance plan.

2023-2024 USG SHIP Plan Benefits, Highlights and Plan Premiums

Premiums are separated into Mandatory and Voluntary enrollment categories to align the premiums with the costs associated with each category.


USG SHIP Benefits

Annual Individual Deductible:


Coinsurance Percentage:


Out-of-Pocket Maximum:

$6,350 in-network, $10,500 out-of-network

Non-SHC Office Visit Copays: (PCP/Specialist)


Prescription Drug Copays:


Lifetime Benefit Limit:


Annual Premiums

Mandatory Enrollment

Voluntary Enrollment

Student only









All Children



All Dependents



For question regarding the Student Health Insurance Program, please contact the Bursary, or email

Information updated 4/19/2023