Student health insurance enrollment is available online to all students at Valdosta State University. The designated provider for health insurance is United HealthCare. 

To enroll or to apply for a waiver for the mandatory plan: https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/valdosta

*As of Fall 2020, all waivers require ACA compliant health insurance in order to be approved by United HealthCare. If you submit a waiver application using non-ACA compliant health insurance, the waiver will be rejected and you will be required to purchase and enroll in the university’s student health insurance plan offered by United Healthcare.

Enroll in the voluntary plan: www.uhcsr.com/valdosta

Enrollment periods and waiver deadlines vary each semester.  Please contact studenthealthins@valdosta.edu  or call (229) 333-5725  for the most current deadlines.