Rachel Martin, Information Technology

I reached out to Rachel to contact our networking department in regards to a professor's work order. The professor stopped me and asked about his work order, since he was not sure whether he needed to do anything else on his end. I have recently moved from the Solutions Center to EAS and I went ahead and reached out to her. Rachel went above and beyond, by not only contacting our Networking team, but also finding out that the professor needed to put in a work order with Plant Ops to fix the broken jacks. She then proceeded to make the work order with plant ops herself and then promptly notified the professor. Rachel is such an amazing team member of our Solutions Center and I am very glad to have her on our team. Those extra steps can make a huge difference in a busy professor’s life, especially since classes are starting on Monday. She has always provided excellent customer service and goes beyond her daily duties. She is the best example of what the VSU spirit is composed of in this tight community and I wanted to let someone know!

Patrick McElwain, Registrar         

Mr. Patrick J. McElwain has been a fabulous friend of the History Department.  He cheerfully works with great diligence, fixing problems the new chairman creates (that's me), and making all seem perfect.  He responds rapidly, and once did so during the Christmas break while he was off duty.  VSU is lucky to have such a wonderful person.

Mary Block, History Department              

Dr. Block, a stalwart member of our department, came in to pick up her mail.  She was not scheduled for work until next Monday.  A new transfer student had been misdirected, and needed our help.  Dr. Block took his paperwork, fixed it, got him into classes, and ended the negative experience.  I thanked Dr. Block for being a sport, and taking the time to help, she responded - "Helping students is not a job, it is a pleasure."  I've found this to be a standard feature of Mary Block's career, along with extreme reticence about self-promotion.  Thanks.

Matthew Schaefer, New Media Center

Matthew has been an incredible resource to me as I have been setting up our poster printer & laminator here at the SRC. Matt took the time to set up a training with my student staff to show them how to load, print and troubleshoot the machines, as well as assisting in getting some technical kinks figured out for us. He has gone above and beyond to help us!!

Ryan Hogan, Admissions              

Recently a situation arose regarding a student technician that works for my department. As a department we had brainstormed, but we were unable to come up with a satisfactory solution.  On the off chance he could point us in the correct direction I reached out to Ryan Hogan. Since he was in the middle of a General Session Orientation and extremely busy I only expected a courtesy response, but NO, not Ryan Hogan. He took time to become familiar with the situation and left me with an expectation of an avenue to resolve my student’s dilemma.  On the way home that day I received a call back from Ryan Hogan, and he told me he was able to get what I needed. I was expecting a contact person to reach out to, but once again NO. Ryan Hogan had taken care of the situation in its entirety. Many people ask me what is about working at Valdosta State University that I enjoy so much. Well here is a perfect example. VSU is not just a University, but rather a large family, with people who genuinely care about our students, faculty and staff, and gentlemen such as Ryan Hogan just continue to make VSU a great place.

Lori Raster, eLearning           

Thank you to Mrs. Lori Raster, who is genuine, hospitable, and so sweet as can be while handling even the smallest of business that needs taking care of! Thank you for looking out and being so wonderful!

Lorrie Proal, Financial Services              

Lorrie assisted me throughout the fall semester (2016) with ordering several products for the Health and Physical Education Department. Not only did she deliver exceptional service through her constant communication between the supplier and me, she also shared beneficial information with me about each product we ordered making sure I made informed decisions with each order. 

Lennell DeLoach, 1Card   

Ms. DeLoach made securing the 1Cards for our incoming MLIS students as easy as possible.  She was flexible and helpful and a pleasure to work with.  We are lucky to have her at VSU!

Samantha Paul, Odum Library    

Samantha gave up her Friday afternoon and her Saturday morning to help the MLIS Program with its new student orientation.  She participated in the peer advising panel on Friday and got up early on Saturday morning to help with the scheduled activities.  MLIS is most grateful for her help and appreciative of her time.

Michael Holt, Odum Library    

Michael Holt provided an orientation to Odum Library's online resources and services for graduate students to our incoming MLIS students on the Friday before classes started.  He was well organized and the content was right on point.  He led an excellent orientation session that told the students exactly what they needed to know and was very well received.  Thank you!

Steve Scheuler, Odum Library    

Steve came in to the library early in the morning on his day off to open the building and turn on all the lights for the MLIS new student orientation.  His help made the day much easier for everyone involved.  Thank you Steve!

Barbara Meeks, Financial Services         

I had some complex, and probably not well defined questions about our departmental budget.  Ms. Meeks patiently teased out the details she needed, and kindly taught me how to better employ our financial resources.  I'll never know as much about the budget as Barbara Meeks, but I do know a bit about teaching.  She's very good, and makes a real effort to help people understand our budget.  She does this in a kind, yet highly professional manner.  Please thank her for me.  

Deborah Paine, Middle, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education Dept.

Dr. Paine was a lifesaver! She stepped in to call our school spelling bee at the last minute when our caller became sick. She was very professional and helpful. Everything went smoothly thanks to her! I'm so thankful that she took time out of her busy schedule to help us out. She did an amazing job! 

Chad Daugherty, Financial Aid

During the stressful process of financial aid, he took a load off of my shoulders and made me feel much more like an exceptional student. He is a wonderful employee.

Cassandra Ward, Human Resources

Cassandra was very helpful in assisting me with required employment paperwork. She even stayed 30 minutes past office closing time to help me meet the deadline!

Shannon Taw Zapf, 1Card

Working through new territory can be complicated and frustrating. This past fall Shannon went out of her way to provide clarity, assistance and quick/complete direction. Very thankful!

Tyler Martin, Registrar

Took time to print out unofficial transcripts on the spot to assist me in meeting a deadline. Also kindly sent official transcripts through campus mail for me… very helpful and always pleasant.

Jalene Snowden, Education and Human Services

She gave me the right advising. She was amazing. The advice she gave me helped me to pick the right major.

Alexis Richardson, Education and Human Services 

She was amazing. Her advising and advice helped me to pick the major that is best for me.

Holly Lustfeldt, Financial Aid

Went out of her way to help me with my financial aid on multiple occasions. Was very caring and sweet to both me and my son. Exceptional service.

Nicholaus Clinite, Information Technology 

I was trying to put together an event for our students who made the Dean's List and I was going to have to manually look up information about all the students. Nicholaus, however, was able to put together a report for me that got me the information I needed and saved me from having to manually look up information for about 1600+ students.

Chasity Gill, Parking and Transportation

Every time we submit requests, she quickly responds and emails confirmations within minutes. She is highly efficient and is an asset to VSU. Thank you.

Chad Daugherty, Financial Aid

Mr. Daugherty met with me today to help me learn more about the financial aid aspect when dealing with students and helped me go over many of the FAQs that students usually pose. However, I would like to share that he went above and beyond by going out of the way and offering many professional tips and advice that he didn't necessarily have to help but which will allow me to help the students out in a much more effective way. He also made sure that I understood everything that we talked about and provided many examples from personal experience that will help me out in the long run. Thank you!

Jamae Flint, Financial Services

Jamae provides exceptional service to the employees of VSU. Through all of the recent payroll changes, she has patiently answered questions and been quick to respond to any need I have had. I have been impressed with her attitude and ability since I was hired 4 years ago at VSU. She truly needs to be recognized for excellence in job performance!

Marida Denson, Campus Services

We appreciate Ms. Rita's hard work in the Counseling Center so much.  After the break, she came in and got our office into great shape and is always such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you!!

Rachel Davis, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Rachel went above and beyond the call of duty when she was assigned to work with our daughter during the Fall 2016 semester. She did all she could to make our daughter and our whole family feel special. She made such a lasting impact and was such a great example for our child.

Karen Rubin, Education and Human Services

Dr. Rubin was such a big help. Her exceptional service gave me the best advice I needed for my major. I will definitely be back for more advising from her.

David Starling, English Language Institute

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest appreciation for Mr. Starling. He always is beyond helpful. He cares a great deal for his students, colleagues and department. I know him as a boss, as a teacher, and can say that it is an honor! Mr. Starling, you might not hear it often enough, but you are very appreciated. I know this probably should not be anonymous, but I would like to keep it that way for you to understand that everybody, who knows you would sign their names by these words.

Jennifer Baker, Campus Mail

Jennifer has always had high standards of customer service and constantly exceeds our expectations.   She has always taken that extra step to help us out and understand what deadlines we are going through.  Her professionalism is one to be commended.  

Leah Robinson, Event Services

On a busy conference day with a room full of people, Leah came through when no one else was available.  Whether it was last minute details left out by our off campus vendor or something as simple as a clicker for the presentation, Leah was there with a smile and a calming word.  Thank you, Leah, for everything from playing photographer to caterer.  Our program appreciates you!

Amanda Williams, Campus Mail

Amanda devotes herself to her job and has a great disposition.  Always courteous and no matter what her workload, she takes the time to listen and help and informs us of the latest updates from Fed Ex, UPS and USPS.  You are truly an asset to VSU!

Jennifer Crane, VSU Bookstore

A student of mine was having difficulties logging into Cengage's on-line platform, MindTap.  He went to the bookstore to see if it was his course code.  Jennifer worked with this student over the next few days to help him with his problem - contacting me (the instructor), the book rep, and others to resolve this issue. She even helped him try to log in to determine the problem. The student now is successfully logged into MindTap thanks to the work by Jennifer.

Teresa Collins, Financial Aid

Caring compassion for my problems, she took advantage of all her resources to make sure I had peace about my issue.

Chad Daugherty, Financial Aid

Excellent care for students concerns he took time out of a meeting to meet about my sap issue. So thankful for staff that cares.

Mark Smith, English, COSA

Dr. Mark provided customer service well above expectations in answering a question about a possible training course I am developing. He not only answered my direct questions but led me down the next several steps towards meeting my goal.

Catherine Storey, Purchasing 

Catherine went above and beyond my expectations in troubleshooting an issue I was having with the ePro marketplace. She continued her service until she was sure my order was placed and my problem was permanently fixed.

Jean Smith, Financial Aid

Financial Aid office was very helpful explaining steps to complete financial aid process. Gave very detailed information about the process and timelines.  Extremely caring and patient today. :)

Robin Smith, English

I just wanted to thank Ms. Robin Smith for her kindness and for the help she offered me in dealing with bureaucratic issues. Filling in forms can be very tedious and confusing, but she took the time to explain everything to me in detail. Even though I came back several times to ask for more information, she was always very professional and prompt. She made me feel comfortable and cared for! Thank you so much! 

Louel Marshall, Middle Grades Education

Thank you for helping me when I was in a difficult time in my life.

Melody Fuller, Middle Grades Education

Thank you for helping me realize what my true dream was and for showing me that it was not too late for me to change my mind.

Tim Fort, Biology

On a Saturday morning Dr. Fort was stopped outside of Bailey Science Center by parents of a VSU student.  The parents were lost and looking for the gym.  He came back into his office, printed off a map and helped get them to where they needed to go.  Dr. Fort, not only was on campus on a weekend grading and setting up labs for the upcoming week, but he went out of his way to help people who otherwise may have wandered aimlessly around our beautiful campus on a rainy Saturday.

Patrick McElwain, Registrar

Patrick is an amazing and patient individual. Each time I reach out to him for assistance with scheduling, it is like pushing “red-staples button” – “That was easy!” Thank you for making my job easier!

Juan Arzayus, University Police Department

I have seen Officer Arzayus go above and beyond for students many times and when my vehicle got stuck, he did the same for me. He's an example that everyone should strive to be more like.  Thank you for your continued excellence!

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

Several education majors are preparing to submit a portfolio of our teaching that involves filming what happens in the classroom. A lot of us are not savvy enough to edit our videos and trim our time in order to meet the requirements. However, Kyle and his team have been a great help to us by staying open a few minutes late so that we are confident that our videos will meet the requirements. He is patient and very thorough with making sure everyone gets the help they need in order to be successful. I really appreciate the service, and I thank him for the genuine concern he showed us. 

Deborah Davis, Archives

I asked Deborah a question about one of the art works in the Odum collection in association with a class assignment I designed.  In her effort to get the most correct answer to that question, she even contacted a family member of the donor of the collection.  I wanted to publicly thank Deborah for her above and beyond investigations into my question!

Donnell Davis Jr., Financial Aid

Donnell Davis helped me track down some information about financial needs for English majors. He followed up with emails quickly and professionally. He is an asset to the university and works well with faculty. I appreciate his professionalism and his willingness to help me meet a deadline.

Will Leschber, University Police Department

Lieutenant Leschber is always polite and patient with everyone he comes in contact with, whether it is staff, faculty, or students. He has a true compassionate nature and definitely has chosen the right career to be in.   

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

Kyle assisted my student teachers in clipping their videos for edTPA. He is highly professional, very knowledgeable, and he is friendly and personable, too! 

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

Kyle demonstrated extreme kindness and patience and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when assisting me with my editing of edTPA videos. Gracias, Kyle!

Hilary Waits, Admissions

I want to give a shout out to Hilary Waits for helping me and the EOD office give exceptional tours to our new hires during each New Employee Orientation session this semester. She is always upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, and inviting. Each new hire group this semester has had very positive things to say about the campus tour portion of the session and Hilary deserves all the credit for making it so great. Thank you for making our new hires feel at home here at VSU! You are awesome. 

Adrian Taylor, IT

Thanks to Mr. Taylor's product knowledge, he resolved our issues quickly.  He was efficient, highly knowledgeable, and exuded exceptional customer service.  Thanks for helping us meet our deadlines.  

Xavier Cheevers, IT

Mr. Cheevers has been a great help for our team. Ever since I first started he was always a great help as we set our office up. He has always answered our questions and has provided direction to solve any problem that we would come across. Thank you for your commitment within the University!

Angie Prine, Chemistry

Ms. Angie did a great job helping us prepare for a week long class trip over spring break. She solved problems and did everything efficiently and with a great attitude!  

Xavier Cheevers, Information Technology

Xavier was able to provide us with OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE here at Odum Library and the New Media Center!!!! The amount of support and expertise that Xavier was able to supply is PHENOMENAL!! He is definitely doing amazing work for VSU.   Xavier eagerly picked up the call for our VISIX TV players Time Out issue. Xavier provided excellent dedication by his many hours spent attempting to repair the source of the problem. After several hours over a course of two days Xavier and I determined our time and resources would be better spent moving away from the outdated program and operating system. After approval from the Library director we were able to move forward with upgrading the player stations and installing the next version of the VISIX software. We are forever grateful for the support that Xavier, Sterlin, and the IT team was able to provide. We appreciate the alternative options researched and explored that helped to SAVE THE UNIVERSITY CLOSE TO OVER $5,000! I also appreciate how respectful and calm Xavier was even when I would send out daily requests for updates on our next objective for setting up the new VISIX system.  It is crystal clear that Xavier cares and that IT continues to grow BECAUSE of people like Xavier, who show through their daily actions and activity that they genuinely want to see this university succeed. I am proud to say I am a Blazer! I am proud to know that I could work alongside Xavier. I know this is one well deserved I Caught You Caring card out of many more to come. Thank you Xavier! You ROCK!

Shanika Hezekiah, Accounting and Procurement

Ms. Hezekiah figured out why my expense report wouldn't work. In addition to contacting me about the problem, she went ahead and contacted IT to talk care of the expense report problem, going above and beyond, which has been my usual experience with Ms. Hezekiah.

James Jenkins, Plant Operations

While wheeling a trash can to the dumpster stop to assist handicap student in a wheelchair up the hill.

Sheri Gravett, Academic Affairs

Dr. Gravett gave me strategies to help a former student finish a degree after a 15-year break from VSU. The student's life will be forever changed by Dr. Gravett's help.

Stanley Jones, Registrars

Stanley Jones worked with me to help a student graduate after a 15-year break. He was gracious in the face of the student's misplaced anger and offered thoughtful advice about how to proceed. He always returned emails promptly and professional. The student and I owe him a great debt.

Bryon Brown, English Department

Dr. Brown worked with a student after a 15-year break from VSU. He reviewed her transcript to determine which requirements remained, even though her transcript included classes on the quarter and semester system. The curriculum had changed extensively since she first declared the English major. He worked hard to find course substitutions and to suggest course waivers, and he completed her graduation application for her. Every form he completed was approved, allowing the student to graduate with a degree in English. Her life will change for the better because of his hard work.

Benjamin Li, IT

Ben was so helpful and diligent when assisting me with the Wifi issue on my phone. Without his time and effort, the problem wouldn't have been solved so quickly! He is always willing to help and always has a very friendly and positive demeanor. Thanks, Ben!!

Curtis Lowe, Physical Plant 

We got a work order yesterday afternoon that the main sewer main was backed up and overflowing in Palms Dining Hall. Both plumbers were out.  Curtis who is a Senior Trades helper took over and ran the gas powered jetter to unclogged the drain.  Without this, we would have had to call outside help to unclog the drain.  Service beyond the call and a job well done.  This is an example of caring, and I did catch Curtis caring.  Well done.

Steve Haineault Jr., Plant Operations

We needed quick assistance in our office. Steve responded quickly and efficiently to help us resolve the issue. His kindness and prompt attention to the matter was deeply appreciated.

Tim Allen, Physical Plant (HVAC)

Tim worked several days to identify the problems with my department's AC and fix them. The climate in the office is much more comfortable. No one is freezing, thanks!

Nan Smith, IT

 I called because I had some questions. Nan was so nice and patient with me. I am always so scared talking over the phone but I felt more at ease talking to her.

Rebekah Foster, Centralized Advising 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your time and effort. You have taken so much stress off of my shoulders and allowed me to become more confident in my major.

Sergio Brown, Surplus

Wow! I had visited Surplus twice before Sergio was in there now. I enjoy going to surplus. Sergio has cleaned up and organized it amazingly. You rock!! Thank you.

Amy Strickland, Financial Aid

This being spring break has made some areas of campus inaccessible. Miss Amy went out of her way 3 times today by telephone to help me with questions, directions, information on aid for my son. We came in today and she has answered EVERY question with patience and professionalism taking time to review loan types- Pell, Hope- external scholarships. She's a credit to VSU and I truly appreciate her help!

Tina Wright, Sponsored Programs & Research

Tina went far and beyond to help him complete requirements. She patiently worked with me and did so generously. I am thankful for her dedication and professionalism.

Lenora Willis, Housing

You are amazing!! Thank you for always projecting ahead of time for the massive student hiring. You are accurate and on key, excellent!!

Benjamin Li, IT

You are always respectful and have an outstanding follow through. Thank you for always helping me with the questions I come up with.

Brenda Beasley, Admissions

Brenda is always such a joy to deal with.  She went out of her way to help me assist a transfer student!  

Ernest Smith, Human Resources

 Ernest went out of his way to help me hire a student worker. He was very efficient and very pleasant!

Malynda Dorsey, IT

Malynda took time from her day to make adjustments to a database that was used for a time-sensitive project.  As usual, she was pleasant and informative.  Thank you Malynda!

Barbara Meeks, Financial Services

Thanks for always being there for me. You make my life easier when it comes to handling budget transactions. You are extremely patient and knowledgeable within your discipline. With your guidance, it has helped me to grow and better understand the processes of the budget. I appreciate you very much.

Drew Burgering, Printing Services

Nothing is too hard for you. You take on printing challenges like a pro! Thank you for always going beyond the boundaries. You think outside the box in order to deliver, with excellence, the requests asked of you. To me, passion is a prerequisite for a job well done, and you have it! I appreciate you and your team. 

 Joann Bryant, Procurement 

Joann has been a big help to me. This past year I was charged with starting a new department. The change had me in a position where I had to learn a new process for budgets as I found myself as a one person operation. On 4/13/2017 she went out of her way in correcting some paperwork that was sent in incorrectly. She not only caught my oversight but went out of her way to fix it and explain to me the best way to go about it in the future. This ICYC is way over due as she is always helpful. But on this day she helped me avoid not having needed materials for an event. 

Davelyn Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I called financial aid in regards to my status as a graduate student and was helped by Davelyn. She explained everything I needed to do in depth, broke down my financial aid for me to understand, and was patient to explain the loans I didn't understand at first. She also sent a follow up email with the forms I needed to sign and complete with detailed directions promptly after out phone call. Very helpful! 

Bailey Raffield, IT

Bailey is always very courteous and goes above and beyond to ensure that the caller receives the right assistance. Call center positions are very difficult and rarely regarding; nonetheless, Bailey is always on point and exceptionally pleasant!

Ronald Butler, Campus Mail

University Police received a call from a student who had been unable to pick up a very important package before the office closed on Friday.  Ronald answered the call and went above and beyond to help out.  We caught him caring!  

Catherine Wills, Human Resources

This was a retirement issue and Catherine new all the answers and they were all correct. Not everyone knows how stressful trying to retire is, and Catherine took a lot of the stress away. I would like to Thank her for helping my wife and myself through it all.

Colleen McDonough, Biology

She is such a patient teacher. She always make sure  I understand the material. She never gives me an attitude even if I were to ask her the same question 5 times. Every student needs a teacher like Ms. McDonough.

Barrie Fitzgerald, Institutional Research

I sent an email to Barrie Fitzgerald, requesting some data about our majors with information about class standing, GPA, and ID number. He had the data to me within sixteen minutes and included helpful information that I forgot to request (such as email address). His quick work saved me time from trying to pull the right information from the Success Portal, and it allowed us to start working on developing a list of potential interns that much faster. I appreciate his diligence and speed.

Austin Schleicher, Information Technology

We were short staffed at the Solutions Center and had a client with a Macbook who needed additional assistance. On short notice, Austin volunteered to not only deliver the Macbook but took the initiative to complete the post-installation software setup saving time. Austin is an amazing employee and VSU IT is fortunate to have him on our team. Thanks, Austin!

Catherine Wills, Human Resources

I have been conversing with Ms. Wills on how I can get a VSU discount at the Valdosta  YMCA. She has always been helpful and courteous.  I will start at the YMCA soon.

Adrian Taylor, Information Technology

I was under a tight deadline to get some information needed for a purchase. Adrian jumped right in and helped me meet that deadline. He was very gracious about the speediness that I was asking of him. Working with him to meet that deadline was smooth and painless. He really saved my bacon!

Karen Rubin, Education and Human Services

Dr. Rubin went above and beyond to help me return to school after almost 15 years of absence. Dr. Rubin placed requests on my behalf to specific professor that she felt I would go well with for a great experience in returning to school. Dr. Rubin is very professional with an extremely pleasing personable touch. Dr. Rubin is a bright light in a dark world. 

Daniel Smith, eLearning

I had a last minute need for someone to setup the classroom technology for distance students. I called Danny and he dropped what he was doing and went right to the classroom. I was so grateful for his cheerful, fast response to the emergency situation.

 Courtney Lori Parker, Blazer Grill Dining

I have visited the Blazer Grill quite often this semester. Great place! There is also great service. Many people have come and gone, but Courtney is a stable, professional, courteous, and smiling hostess who sets the tone.

Wendy Miller, Adult and Career Education

She cares. Ms. Miller cares about students, her student assistants, and her graduate assistance. If you ask her for help, she will do her best to not only help you, but also follow up with you to see if the problem has been solved. 

Jalene Snowden, Teacher Ed Initiative

She was very kind and informative, even gave me pointers on things I didn't know. Thank you!

Tyler Martin, Registrar 

Mr. Martin assisted me with obtaining a letter of verification of enrollment in order to submit to a local organization so that I could apply for financial assistance. This is critical for me due to my personal and financial situation as a divorced single mother of three small children. Kudos to Mr. Martin for his professionalism and expediency in this matter! 

Michael Smith, Human Resources 

Michael was extremely helpful in assisting me with the TAP & admission process  at VSU. The process was new to me, confusing, and not as easy as I though initially. Thanks to Michael’s help, and no time and his welcoming approach, it all ended well. He is wonderful to work with!

Glenn Blount, Maintenance

When we asked Glenn to run the electrical wires for our new unit at plant he not only did it within the hour he was happy to do it. Superb response time and excellent work. His professionalism is an example to all of us. Good job Glenn.

Rachel Martin, Solutions Center

Rachel was very professional and courteous when helping me figure out why a student was not showing up in the One Card system.  Rachel did not schluff-off the task of locating the problem, she took command and made sure the student received a resolution. 

Jacob Obande, IT 

Both were extremely professional and helpful. They went beyond expectations in order to help me. Thank you for your amazing way of helping people! Wish you both the best!!!

Shameica Carter, IT 

Both were extremely professional and helpful. They went beyond expectations in order to help me. Thank you for your amazing way of helping people! Wish you both the best!!!

Beverly Amiot, Accounting and Procurement 

Beverly went "above and beyond", including staying late, to help athletics with 3 prior approval p-card transactions.  

Markaysa Robinson, IT 

Markaysa has gone up and beyond the call of duty each time I have had questions or any problems with using some of the "cutting-edge" technology in the KSPE classes. She has not only meet my expectations for technology assistance, but she has surpassed them!!!

Xavier Cheevers, IT 

Xavier has been remarkable with his service to the KSPE department  in finding ways to incorporate technology into activity classes. Not only has he assisted me during the work week with several projects, he has completed "homework" trying to see what we could or could not do with some of the new apple products available. YOU ROCK! Thank you for your dedication to the College of Education and Human Services.

Wade Bugby, IT 

Even though Wade was not working specifically with the KSPE department on finding a solution to a technology problem we were having with some new technology, he overheard others discussing the situation and he stepped in and found a solution. With this solution we can service our students more effectively in the classroom. In short, with this solution the learning environment and the ability of our instructors to provide effective and corrective feedback has greatly increased. THANK YOU! 

Jenny White, Finance and Administration 

Jenny is amazing! She is "lightning fast" when it comes to assisting the KSPE department with budgeting questions. She is extremely nice and cordial each time we contact her. No matter how many times we call or need her assistance, she always responds in a confident and reassuring fashion. Thank you for your dedication to our department! 

Dorothy Nickell, History

Ms. Dorothy Nickell has played a vital role in providing for the needs of students and faculty in the Department of History.  She has excellent people skills, a cheerful attitude, and continually expresses a willingness to provide 110% effort, even to the extent of working beyond the M-F, 9-5 time frame.  I am continually reminded by students, staff, and faculty about her friendly, efficient, and skillful handling of departmental needs.  May I add that she also serves in the same capacity for the Women's Studies Program - wearing two hats and both with flair and style.  Please thank her for making both departments look so good to the rest of our campus.

Deborah Davis, Odum Library

Deborah Davis has helped nearly 1000 history majors over the last decade.  These are students who need extra credit work that is meaningful, and sufficient to make up for a poor test result.  She not only saves many from a D, but has helped some climb from C - B, or even B - A.  A select few have been so intrigued by her program, they found career employment in libraries or archives after graduation.  Her Service-Learning program is not part of her job description, and often features groups of 10-15 at one time (that's just my classes).  She embraces this extra work with gusto, and has done so for over a decade.  With all due respect to your other awardees, I humbly suggest she very much sits at the top of the "I caught you caring" group. 

Lorrie Proal, Financial Services 

I have been searching for the correct IT contact at Valdosta State and Lorrie was kind enough to point me to the correct contacts instead of being upset that I sent an irrelevant email to her. I really appreciate her help and understanding!

Barbara Meeks, Business Services 

Ms. Meeks has continually assisted my efforts to better understand the budget, the do and don't issues, along with the intricate means by which we send funds from one account to another.  I fear I am a slow learner, and will need her help again, but it seems, no matter how many times I ask the same question, she always has a cheerful and valuable answer.  I  very much appreciate her mentoring.

Andrew Scott, New Media Center 

The New Media Center is transitioning to a new equipment circulation system.  I tasked Andrew to be the lead in implementing this new system.  Andrew's initiative and work ethic has been exemplary in taking on this task. He has uploaded all of our high traffic items into the new system as well as implemented needed policies. Andrew has also reorganized the equipment service point which includes re-tagging  all equipment. Finally, Andrew has developed training materials for NMC and student staff. He is working with our Instructional Specialist to create an updated equipment guide which includes training videos and PDFs.

David Collins, Maintenance

Day in and day out, Mr. Collins is a hard worker and a very nice person.  He is very complete in his work and he always has a smile on his face.   

Deborah Kay Sharpe, Payroll

Deborah was able to find a solution for our problem with clocking in/out with the Time Clock machine. After working with us through various possible causes for the issue, Deborah was able to isolate the issue. We are thankful for her continued effort to assist us through the last three days. I greatly appreciated her following up with us the following day to verify everything went through correctly and if not coming up with a new strategy to work together on. Deborah is an asset to this university. We greatly appreciate her for her assistance and kindness. 

Angie Prine, Chemistry

Angie went above and beyond in helping an upper classman secure a summer course she needs to get into her program this fall. Without Angie’s help the student would have had to sit out a semester. Thanks, Angie!

 Ashley Cooper, Employee and Organizational Development

Ashley has been gracious enough to take time out of her day to help me transition into my new role, which was once her role. She has willingly come over to show me how to complete tasks and answer any of my questions. Ashley has offered her assistance both with a smile and reassurance that I am not inconveniencing her. I really appreciate her time and consideration.

Patrick McEwain, Registrar

For all my years at VSU, especially where I have dealt with scheduling on a larger scale, Patrick has always been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and fast. THANK YOU, PATRICK!

Philip Bishop, E-Learning

Throughout the entire academic year 2016-2017 Philip provided stellar service to all MCL faculty involved in the complex e-languages, collaborative, and Go View. He has been our go to person and our rock!

Zonnya Lane, Financial Services

Ms. Lane has been wonderful, patient, courteous, and knowledgeable with all the travel questions I have had this year as a new department head. She has been great support for all MCL faculty!

Ernest Smith, Human Resources

Mr. Smith was incredibly helpful and patient with all my questions regarding creating a position description and all through the entire process of hiring!

Nancy Deida-Carballo, Human Resources

Nancy provided excellent assistance by telephone in filling a student assistant position. She was exceedingly courteous and cheerful as she very patiently walked me through PeopleAdmin. Thank you, Nancy!

Ernest Smith, Human Resources

Needing some information, I emailed Ernest Smith, unsure if he was the right person. He responded with the requested information within five minutes. I appreciate his quickness and his personable manner. Every time I have contacted him, he has always responded quickly and courteously.

Michael Smith, Human Resources 

Michael Smith quickly answered some questions via email for me about a hiring proposal and told me when he had time for a phone call if I needed more help. Over the phone and email, Michael Smith was friendly and helpful. He steered me through the process quickly. He is one of the most friendly and helpful staff members at VSU.

Regina Lee, Human Resources 

Regina went the extra mile and with no instruction proactively reached out to Southeastern credit union to get some information that HR did not have prior to releasing an email about said information.  When I inquired because of the email that went out across the listserv, I was three people in before I got to Regina with no help/answers to my inquiry.  Your initiative is much appreciated.

Diana Kohr, Bursary

Diana had provided Financial Services with many receipts that we were looking for to complete a recon.  She took the time out of her busy day and had all the receipts we were requesting in less than 1 day.  I thank Diana so much for her generosity.  She is always a great support for Financial Services.

Cheryl Coleman, Early Childhood Education Advising

I have not been responsible lately with my studies but Ms.Coleman went above and beyond and helped me come up with a game plan for the next semesters to come. 

Cheryl Coleman, Early Childhood Education Advising

 Ms. Coleman was just very helpful advising me and helping me understand what needed to be completed and what my options were.

Wendy Butler, Centralized Advising

Wendy has been exceptionally helpful as I have transitioned into my new role. She has initiated and followed up on multiple technical issues that I have experienced and answered innumerable questions. She has done all of this with a smile and friendly attitude. Working with her has made my start at VSU so wonderful. She is fantastic at what she does, and I am very appreciative.

Brenda Beasley, Admissions - Orientation 

Brenda is the epitome of grace under pressure. She oversees all aspects of new student orientations. In the midst of much activity from hundreds of new students and families, Brenda maintains a calm, friendly demeanor. In the face of rain storms that threaten to encroach on the day's activities or broken facilities, she thinks quickly on her feet to make the necessary accommodations. Her approach is the foundation of what I have observed as a quality orientation experience for incoming students and families.

Teresa Collins, Financial Aid 

Miss Collins was very helpful to assist me with my financial aid questions - she is very personable with fantastic customer service. She listens to understand and is very polite. Thank you for being a star, Miss Teresa. 

Jean Smith, Financial Aid 

Jean took the time to work with a student who had a lot going on but is hoping to make things work so that she may still get into some summer courses. Sometimes it is hard to remember that our students are trying just as hard to stay in school as we are trying to keep them here and on track. But Jean always goes above and beyond to ensure that every student she works with gets to where he or she needs to be-- right here at VSU. Thank you again, Jean!

Jean Smith, Financial Aid 

When I came into the financial aid office I was greeted by Mrs.Jean. She showed a great response concerning my financial aid process, she showed excellent customer service, and she showed that she cared about my education. I can tell she really cares about the reputation of Valdosta State University. 

Jamae Flint, Payroll 

Jamae has been exceptionally helpful during this time of transition to the new OneUSG Connect system. She has been quick to assist us with the questions from various campus employees during our training sessions. During this very busy time for her and everyone in her office, she has never hesitated to help our office make sure that questions are answered and the training materials and information we're delivering are correct. Thank you, Jamae!!

Ronald Stunda, Accounting

 I was working with a transient applicant student who was looking to start a summer course beyond the final add/drop date. The student was concerned as they were taking an online class and was over 4 hours away from campus and unable to bring the form to the Accounting Department on campus physically. Dr. Stunda went above and beyond to help the student complete the Late Add/Drop Form and have it delivered to the Registrar's Office. 

Denise Montgomery, Inter Library Loan System

Denise goes above and beyond when it comes to providing research through ILL. My summer research would not happen without her hard work!

All Inter Library Loan System Staff

The ILL staff has been extremely responsive and attentive to multiple requests I have submitted for scholarly articles or chapters in edited collections. They have sent me the requested material as soon as possible and they have helped tremendously with my research. Thank you very much! 

Michael Boyo, The Solution Center

Michael Boyo has a reputation for consistently going above and beyond for clients who call into the Solutions Center seeking assistance. He received a call from a woman who was trying to perform certain tasks in Excel 2016. However, the instructions she received were applicable to Excel 2013. Michael went out of his way to bridge the gap by guiding her on how to complete her task in Excel 2016. She was so happy with his superior service excellence, that she insisted on complimenting him to his supervisor.

JoAnn Bryant, Financial Services

 Ms. Bryant is knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She has always answered all of my questions in a timely manner and always was willing for me to come to her office to learn how to use the system to order things when I first received the funding for my Project Innovate grant. Fast forward a year later and she is still there to assist me when I don't know what to do about a purchase order.She is kind and the tone of her voice always sounds like she is patient. She is courteous in person as well as on the phone. Thank you Ms. Bryant for all that you do.

Dr. Karen Rubin, College of Education and Human Services

Dr. Rubin truly cared about our education once she discovered the problem. She went through many loops for us to have an independent study. She put our best interest at heart and for that we thank you.  Continue to care and be that encouraging voice when students seem to panic. 

Dr. Karen Rubin, College of Education and Human Services 

Dr. Rubin spent a lot of her time to develop a class for me and my peers so we can start our block in the fall. Without her hard work and passion to see students succeed, we would be behind in our classes. Thank you, Dr. Rubin for showing us how much you care!

Sean Holcomb, Information Technology

Shawn stayed an hour late to help me figure out how to print cardstock. 

Grant Sloan, Information Technology

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help me log on USG, you are greatly appreciated keep up the good work!!!

Peter Holloway, Building Services 

I requested Peter to clean and wax the floor in room 1639. He and his crew did an outstanding job. The floor is clean and the laid wax makes the floor sparkle and shine. Peter and his crew demonstrated exemplary customer service and performed their job professionally. I appreciate what they do in keeping the Odum Library clean and a place our students can come in and do their academic research while enjoying the beauty of the library which in part is due to Peter and his crew. Great job Peter!

Nicole Mitchell, Financial Services

Nicole was very helpful to me when I was trying to run queries in People Soft. I was searching criteria and was getting nowhere until I called on Nicole. She was kind enough to listen to what I was searching for and she directed me 100% on how to search in People Soft for what I was needing. Thanks to her help. I was able to find outages for the short term loans that dated back over 2 years! Thanks for being a team player Nicole!!!

Ramona Wing, Building Services 

I asked Ramona's crew to clean and wax a room in Odum Library. Her crew did an exemplary job in making the floor clean and shiny. After the floor had been cleaned completely serviced, I requested Ramona if we could get floor mats for the exit floors - both for the inside and the outside leading into this room. Within an hour Ramona had the mats brought over and installed. This was great customer service! Thank you for your quick and professional response.

Nancy Carballo, Human Resources

I made an error on some paper work and Nancy graciously and quickly helped me re-access the document so that I may make my corrections. I really appreciate her on the spot assistance! Thanks, Nancy! 

Rochelle Wellington, Financial Aid

Throughout the entire session she was pleasant, informative, and she showed genuine concern for my situation. 

Hannah Deas, Communication Science & Disorders

Hannah was my daughter’s speech clinician for the spring 2017 semester. I was very impressed with the lessons and materials she prepared. Lynzee made A LOT of progress while working with her. More importantly, though, she cared about my daughter, and it really showed! We loved our "Mrs. Hannah"!

Tanya Enloe, Communication Science & Disorders 

Ms. Enloe was the supervisor over my daughter's speech therapy for three semesters. She was always very visible and available to discuss any questions or concerns. She genuinely cared about my daughter's progress and always treated me as a professional and member of my daughter’s team.

Andrew Scott, New Media Center

I often print marketing flyers at the New Media Center.  For whatever technical reason, the latest batch didn't look quite right. Andrew noticed right away and went above and beyond to correct the issue, acting in a professional and friendly manner the entire time. 

Karen Rubin, Middle Grades Education 

Dr. Rubin helped create a special class for me and three other students with the help of, Dr. Chris Myers, to allow me to be placed in the Middle Grades Education Department after my Political Science Class was canceled. By doing this I will graduate in 2018 instead of 2019. Thank you so much and God Bless!

Michael Smith, Human Resources

Michael Smith returned email promptly, professionally, and courteously, helping me create a job posting for a position that was recently funded. He is an awesome member of the Human Resources team who always helps me in a timely and nice way. His professionalism and friendly demeanor makes working through the snarls of PeopleAdmin far less daunting.

Rex Devane, Kyle Culpepper & Andrew Scott, New Media Center 

I recently came to the Media Center with some old pictures, news articles, correspondence, etc. from fifty years ago. I had only recently obtained a lot of this material and wanted to compile it for my children and grandchildren. Your staff was very helpful in assisting me. Their ingenuity with technology was used to produce 4 DVD's and a flashdrive. This took quite a bit of time due to the amount of material. Also, Kyle Culpepper went over it with me before the production of materials, helping me to find a title, and even assisted me with music for the 20 minutes of viewing time. These were precious memories for me, and your staff made me feel that it was important to them, also. As a former alumnus at VSU, I could not be prouder of this New Media Center and the capable staff. Thank you all for your time and effort on my project," Memories".

Megan Sutliff, Admissions

Over the summer many departments are on campus for Orientation sessions. During these sessions, we have long hours and lots of duties to make sure everything is running smoothly! Even though we are busy and have lots of moving parts, Megan took the time out of her day to go above and beyond her Admissions Counselor duties! A few of us were in the student union between sessions and a family came in that was just walking the campus (on a Saturday which means there are no official tours) and Megan walked right up, introduced herself, and offered to give them a personal tour. Despite the early mornings, long days, and summer heat - Megan stepped up and made sure to give all guests on campus (scheduled or not) the best experience possible. Yay Megan! 

John Wicker, Central Warehouse

John was incredibly informative and helpful during my move into my office. He informed me of all of the options I had in terms of where to get furniture and how to get it from the warehouse to the office. He showed me where to fill out a work order and gave me advise on how and what to use a work order for. When he came with my furniture, he politely moved things around and always had a smile on his face. 

Amy Strickland, Financial Aid

She was very helpful and made the financial aid process a lot less stressful for me!

Rochelle Wellington, Financial Aid

Gave exceptional advice and fixed every problem I had. Very!! Helpful and VERY KIND. Thank you sooo much. 

Darli Devane, Housing

Housing assignment time can be stressful, especially when we are blessed with so many students that want to live on campus.  Darli has been amazing and my rock.  Without her, I would curl up into a little ball under my desk.  I appreciate everything she does; running reports, making assignments, answering emails, taking phone calls, reminding me about special things, etc.

Yvonne Landers, Finance and Administration

Yvonne was very patient and informative during the process of my internship. She communicated very effectively and was a great reference. I learned a lot with her guidance and assistance. She is always very pleasant to work with.

Amy Strickland, Financial Aid

She was such a huge help. She has been a God-send! Thank you!! :) 

Rochelle Wellington, Financial Aid

I am glad I made an appointment to see her. She was very helpful. I did not leave confused or unsure as to what I should do next. I left our session knowing exactly what I needed to do.

Megan Sutliff, Admissions

Megan is amazing at her job! I work closely with Megan for our incoming students (specifically our students in the Ignite program), I have observed Megan always positive, friendly, helpful, and more responsive the most people. I have seen the students enjoy working and interacting with her as well as staff and myself. As a new staff member, I can go to Megan, and she is always happy and ready to answer a question or help me figure a confusing situation. Megan more than embodies the quality of service for which everyone at VSU strives. She is an outstanding representative of our institution.

Markaysa Robinson, IT

Markaysa has worked hard to assist our office with an order that was incorrect. She has continued to put forth great effort to see that everything is corrected even when it wasn't her fault. We appreciate Markaysa and all that she does. She is a great asset to VSU and the IT department. 

Cliff Giddens, IT

Cliff Giddens worked closely with us to help us finalize our rebranding process for the New Media Center. Cliff had a lot going on with the start of the semester, however, he still managed to find time to help us out with the MFP driver development for our Xerox machine. We greatly appreciate Cliff's diligence to help us with pulling together a PC driver titled NMC Color 7835. You ROCK Cliff!!!

Chase Kelly, Centralized Advising

Chase took on the role of coordinating the Summer Ignite Program this summer. He did a fantastic job working with other departments ahead of time to plan for the students in the program. He facilitated the move-in process, held intervention meetings with students individually and in groups, met with faculty, and counselled students where were in jeopardy of not passing the program early in order for them to make other plans. He did all of this as a new position and working with me who was even newer in my role also coordinating the Ignite Program. Through it all, he remained positive, calm, and open to new ideas and suggestions. His worked maintained a high-quality experience for everyone involved in the program.

Alicia Roberson, Centralized Advising

Since before beginning my new role in May, Alicia has been the epitome of supportive. She reached out prior to my start date to offer support when I lost a parent the week before beginning at VSU. She is always willing to answer my questions and help me think strategically about my role. Perhaps even more that what she has done is what she has not done. She has not underestimated or second-guessed me orient to my new position. She has given me the trust and space to do the job on my own and capitalize on the experience and skills that I brought into the position. She is a consummate leader.

Malik Horton, IT

Malik is one of many IT professionals who provided excellent assistance with computer-related issues during all of the OneUSG Connect open labs. We in the EOD office are so grateful and you helped make our jobs a little easier on those days. The customer service provided not only to our office, but to the multitude of VSU employees during these sessions was superb and greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. 

Chelsea Ramsey, IT       

Chelsea is one of many IT professionals who provided excellent assistance with computer-related issues during all of the OneUSG Connect open labs. We in the EOD office are so grateful and you helped make our jobs a little easier on those days. The customer service provided not only to our office, but to the multitude of VSU employees during these sessions was superb and greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. 

Jacob Obande, IT

Jacob is one of many IT professionals who provided excellent assistance with computer-related issues during all of the OneUSG Connect open labs. We in the EOD office are so grateful and you helped make our jobs a little easier on those days. The customer service provided not only to our office, but to the multitude of VSU employees during these sessions was superb and greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. 

Cara Smith, IT

Cara is one of many IT professionals who provided excellent assistance with computer-related issues during all of the OneUSG Connect open labs. We in the EOD office are so grateful and you helped make our jobs a little easier on those days. The customer service provided not only to our office, but to the multitude of VSU employees during these sessions was superb and greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. 

Austin Schleicher, IT

Austin is one of many IT professionals who provided excellent assistance with computer-related issues during all of the OneUSG Connect open labs. We in the EOD office are so grateful and you helped make our jobs a little easier on those days. The customer service provided not only to our office, but to the multitude of VSU employees during these sessions was superb and greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. 

Sheila Hall, IT    

Sheila is an IT professional who has continued to support our efforts to assist campus with the OneUSG Connect transition. Everything has been handled in a quick and professional manner and we appreciate everything you continue to do to help. Thanks for all you do!

Quinncy Thomas, IT

Quinncy is an IT professional who has continued to support our efforts to assist campus with the OneUSG Connect transition. Everything has been handled in a quick and professional manner and we appreciate everything you continue to do to help. Thanks for all you do!

Pepper Croft, IT

Pepper is an IT professional who has continued to support our efforts to assist campus with the OneUSG Connect transition. Everything has been handled in a quick and professional manner and we appreciate everything you continue to do to help. Thanks for all you do!

Parker Stewart, Employee & Organizational Development

Leslie Harris, membership director at the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce, and I came to the new faculty orientation information session to welcome the new faculty on behalf of the Chamber and provide them with a gift bag. We had a lot of items in the bags, and Parker saw us moving boxes in the building and offered to help. He not only helped move the items inside but stayed with us to make sure we had everything set up for the event. When the event was over Parker came and asked if we needed assistance and he graciously helped us take everything down and carried it to the car. 

Wanda Stracener, Financial Aid

Ms. Stracener was very active in my enrollment process. She went above and beyond to get me what I needed in an organized, professional and pleasantly knowledgeable way. I had a cloud of anxiety surrounding the whole process and cut right through it with her positive attitude and care! She really deserves individualized recognition! 

“Tee” Mitchell, Admissions

WOW! I was very concerned about my enrollment at VSU. After having a series of medical illnesses and familiar deaths Tee helped me get back on track. He went above and BEYOND. I feel ready, confident, and EXCITED to be back on track earning a degree. I am mostly excited to be able to represent such an understanding and caring University as my Alma Mater. Additionally, I am ecstatic to have leadership like Tee's at this university. 

Todd Howard, Plant Operations

Todd took the time to clean our golf cart prior to a big meeting. We really appreciate his help and friendliness.

Tiffany McDougal, Financial Aid

It is very important to me that the University understand what a treasure they have with Ms. Tiffany McDougal in Financial Aid. As a first time college student mom, my son and I have called FA more than once regarding Hope, Pell, Zell, Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan clarification. EACH AND EVERY TIME I've had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Tiffany she has been patient, clear with instructions, knew where to go on the websites even though FA pages on her end do not look like mind. She has not rushed to get off the phone (even waiting patiently as my laptop went berserk and I had to reboot and start our process over). I can't even imagine how busy this department is this time of year, but this young woman made certain we were comfortable with the answers and ready to show up next Thursday. Truly a pleasure to work with and she does the University proud. THANK YOU Ms. Tiffany!

Jennifer Crane, Bookstore

The English Department had updated handbooks on order that took far too long to get here. Our desk copies did not arrive in a timely manner, and Ms. Crane gave us desk copies to use and let the publisher provide new books in place of our desk copies. She also unlocked the bookstore before opening to let me get the books and take them back to the department. Also, she has been fabulous about helping us get our books ordered in a timely manner, often contacting me as soon as a new course opens. She is an asset to VSU.

Jennifer Shinpaugh, Housing

Amazing level of responsiveness and patience, especially with repetitive questions and helicopter parents. Amazing. 

Matthew McIntyre, Centralized Advising

I have worked in Centralized Advising since early May. It quickly became clear that Mac has a vested interested in our workplace. He would often show me where to find supplies or other items and explain various aspects of office/campus events, activities, and culture. This has been son helpful as I orient to a new position, department, and campus. Mac routinely brings in homemade snacks for team meetings. He helped coordinate the parking process for the Summer Ignite Program, which is facilitated by our office. Recently, he organized an event for the office to paint rocks as a way to participate in the Valdosta Rocks activity on-campus with the incoming and returning students and is leading the collaboration to hold a corresponding event with Housing early in the Fall semester. Most impressively, Mac started Waffle Wednesdays in our office. Everyone on the team looks forward to these mornings when Mac will cook to order a waffle and/or pancake, complete with all the fixings, for anyone who is interested. Mac's willingness to invest his time and energy into these activities benefit us all as a team.

Shawn Bennett, Plant Operations

Shawn was instrumental in getting Brown Hall move in ready. He made and installed all of the room signage throughout the dormitory following summer renovations. 

Billy Barker, Plant Operations

Billy has been instrumental in keeping the Student Union cool following a failure to one of the building chillers. He has monitored the building make sure the temporary chiller is up and running when wheaten conditions warrant it. He has been the technician that checks it every day to make sure it is running at optimal levels and refueling it as needed. He also has saved the University dollars by only running it when needed to conserve fuel and reduce refueling costs.

Tim Brunt, Plant Operations

Tim Brunt was assigned the task of identifying and correcting a ventilation problem in one of our offices. Upon arrival, Tim immediately reassured me that he would get the problem corrected. As he made adjustments, Tim took the time to explain the details of each change and how it should affect the ventilation flow. Tim visited our offices almost every day for two weeks; sometimes to check the status and other times to make further adjustments. Perhaps the most exceptional part of his visit was when he told me that he noticed our telecommunications closet air conditioner needed a cleaning and that he was going to take care of that since he was already onsite. When Tim got finished, I visited the telecommunications closet and the room was cooling better than I have ever experienced. Tim not only demonstrated excellent customer service skills through his very positive attitude and reassurance, but he showed me that quality workmanship still exists. I cannot thank Tim enough for the great work he performed.

Kelexis Battle, Palms Dining

Excellent Customer Service

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Move-in Day Volunteers

These young ladies did an outstanding job getting all of my daughters’ things to their rooms.

Dr. Lee Grimes, Psychology

Dr. Grimes brought and inspired infectious energy, enthusiasm, altruism and warmth at Move-in Day! Dr. Grimes was very supportive and helped make VSU's one-day move-in a great success! Thank you!

Madison Beaumarchais, Student Services

Madison and her girls were so sweet and helpful.  She answered lots of questions. When I asked her if she could find a girl to help move something she said I'll do it and picked up the items and helped me carry them up.  She was like a ninja! She would appear out of nowhere to help you then all of a sudden disappear before you could thank her!  It really helped move in very smooth.

Markaysa Robinson, IT

During the COEHS implementation of the Apple Classroom as a teaching room, Markaysa continually helps to ensure the system is functioning and ready for use.  She does not hesitate to get whatever is needed completed quickly, and she is highly supportive to faculty.  Today, when asked about a task, she had it completed with an hour of communicated my needs.  That is service and caring to ensure a smooth start to the semester!!  

Chandler Day, Student Union Operations

Recently we had a very large event scheduled in the Student Union Ballroom. When I showed up about 45 minutes before the event started, I walked in to find there was a miscommunication (no one’s fault) with the contract. We were short 400 chairs, a stage, and half of the chairs that were set up were not arranged as needed. I contacted Chandler, and she immediately came to the rescue. She brought a team of workers that she pulled together within minutes, and we were able to setup the entire ballroom correctly in about 30 minutes! In short, she completely saved the day. And with a smile a might add!! 

Move-in Day Volunteers, Housing

I would just like to thank you all for an awesome move in session. I moved my niece into her dorms yesterday. It was very well organized, and everyone was so friendly. I felt confident that she would be fine as I left the campus. Thank you again!

Michael Boyo, Help Desk

Michael has proven to be a very caring, patient and competent technician in the IT department. Recently, I needed assistance with getting VSU wireless access to my cell phone, laptop and TV. Michael Boyo, coordinated with his colleagues, a very efficient effort in providing assistance to me. When I needed more assistance beyond the walls of the library for further intervention  with my TV, Michael volunteered to come (after his work shift) to my apartment on campus to set up my TV and provide further instructions for my usage. Michael is very respectful, and his dry sense of humor serves well in establishing and maintaining an appropriate, relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, as he is resolving technical issues, Michael takes pleasure in explaining the ins and outs of causes and solutions of the issues. The length and manner for which Michael availed himself is evident of his authentic commitment to serve as a great steward in the university's IT department. I'm grateful for his noteworthy assistance.  

Move-in Day Volunteers, Housing

Despite crowds, heat and stress these young people were wonderful; pleasant and helpful. 

Tracey Williams, Plant Operations

I am writing to express our Solutions Center's thanks to Tracey Williams from Plant Operations. We were needing to get the carpet in our Solutions Center shampooed in preparation for the fall semester. However, as the latter part of the summer is the peak season for our admissions call volume, we were finding it difficult to schedule this without interrupting critical operations. To our surprise, Tracey made arrangements for her team to come in early, before we even opened the Solutions Center for the day, and took care of it. Thank you, Tracey, for your flexibility and willingness to take ownership of the needs of others!

Career Opportunities, Counseling Center, Student Health, Student Life, Housing & Residence Life, Student Conduct 

I just want to give a shout out to all of the offices and employees in Student Affairs for handing out donuts to students on the first two days of classes! It was great to see the smiles and gratefulness as each student enjoyed their delicious treat. Thank you for all you do for our students!

Emily Seckinger, Housing

Our daughter (Kirtisha Willis) didn't have available housing when she arrived at Valdosta 8/12/17. We came back home and spoke with Emily on 8/14/17. Emily was very courteous and helpful. This situation has been quite stressful for the entire family and Emily's attitude has given us confidence that this issue will be resolved soon.

Jamae Flint, Finance and Administration 

 Jamae helped immensely with fixing an error in my summer compensation. She followed up with this issue and eventually had it resolved. I appreciated her good will, patience, and professional communication throughout the summer, when she communicated with several departments about the issue. Thank you!

Michelle Lewis, Centralized Advising

 I was meeting with a student at the Access Office.   The student had questions regarding his schedule.  He was thinking about dropping a course and needed to get some information so that he would be informed of all his options.  This was a time sensitive matter since the deadline for Drop/Add was the following day.  I called the Centralized Advising Office and left a message for Michelle.  She promptly called us back.  Michelle was able to advise the student over the phone, answer all his questions.  She was very helpful to not only the student, but to me as well.   Michelle is a wonderful asset to VSU and our students.  Thank You Michelle!

Julia Stokes, Early Childhood and Special Education

Julia has gone out of her way to help me as I began teaching this fall in ECSE.  She has contacted IT and the bookstore on my behalf, opened doors, run copies, helped with supplies, and answered many questions. AND she has done it all with a smile! 

Beverly Amiot, Procurement 

August is a very busy month for the Bursary, as it is for a number of departments.  We were so busy during the week of fee payment deadline that we requested help from Financial Services for one of our routine tasks.  Beverly immediately volunteered and let us know that she could help at any time we needed her assistance.  It is wonderful to work with colleagues who are so willing to step up and provide assistance so quickly and cheerfully.  We appreciate Beverly's help and her willing spirit! 

Andrew Scott, New Media Center

I wanted to look at some videotapes that were available only in VHS format.  After trying several options that did not pan out, he went to the trouble of going over to the room where I would be teaching the class (which I had not taught in) to check out the work station!  He found that it did have an old VHS player that could be used.  I really appreciated his assistance!

Chris Smith, Parking and Transportation 

Chris never fails to deliver excellent service to our Campus. He consistently goes above and beyond to assist with anything he is asked to do. A great representative for his department.  

Caitlyn Conley, Counseling Center 

I referred a student to the Counseling Center. Caitlyn Conley immediately stopped what she was doing to provide services to this student. I was very impressed with Ms. Conley demonstrating this selfless act. Kudos to Ms. Conley and the Counseling Center staff! 

Sarah Bessenger, Admissions

When I arrived at the office on a Monday morning, Sarah had a garbage bag and was picking up trash left in the parking lot over the weekend.  Since our office is the first stop for many potential new students each day, it is great to have it looking the best it can. It certainly is not in Sarah's job description to pick up trash, but she cared enough to go above and beyond for our university!

Beverly Phelps, Counseling Center

Beverly went above and beyond to organize our storage room after we moved over to the Student Health Center.  She initiated this on her own and took it upon herself to make everything a lot easier for the rest of us to find.  She did this for both the Counseling Center and The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug.  She has been so helpful and willing to make changes with a positive attitude throughout this very stressful move.  We are very lucky to have her!!

Holly Lustfeldt, Financial Aid 

From the time I walked in to financial aid she went above and beyond to make sure that everything was taken care of for me! Even outside of VSU she has asked about how I was doing! The fact that her caring was not only for a moment meant a lot to me!

Chelsea Ramsey, IT 

Although Chelsea is a Psychology major, she works at the IT help desk in Odum. She spent 1.5 hours helping me with updating and installing an app on my iPad. She is so very nice, opting to skip her lunch to assist me.

Adrian Taylor, IT

Adrian has thorough knowledge of HP products warranties and even the technical aspects of the products. He acknowledged all our questions in a timely manner and promptly. Thank you Adrian!

Gerald Williams, Diversity and Inclusion

I would like to thank Dr. Williams for leading up the Courageous Conversation program on violence, hate and civility in the wake of the Charlottesville attack.  He was quick to pull this successful program together and support students who needed a place to process this type of hatred and fear in the United States.  I believe him leading this program, as well as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has increased VSU's culture of respect for all individuals.

Jamae Flint, Payroll

Jamae Flint helped us find graduate assistants in OneUSG to make sure we knew who the approver should be. She answered the phone and returned emails quickly and moved the GAs in the system so that we could enter and approve their time. In addition, she was friendly and helpful on an incredibly stressful day and reassured us that the students WOULD be paid--whatever happened in the system. 

Lynette Lewis, Student Health

Lynette invested time and effort to assist me through a very challenging experience with my insurance company which required more than two months to resolve. Although she did not have to, she patiently listened, provided feedback and worked to help resolve the matter.  Lynette remained professional and supportive while also informing me of the limitations of the situation. The matter with my insurance company has been resolved and to say the least, I am very grateful to Lynette and others on her team who assisted me through the process.  

Terence Sullivan, Student Success Center

Dr. Sullivan went above and beyond to meet a personal need of mine. He truly exhibited the "make someone's day" component of the F.I.S.H principle. 

Linda Campbell, Building Services

Mrs. Linda noticed a student suffering from heat exhaustion stumbling and feeling faint inside Nevins Hall. Pat Rozier called UPD and the two got the student water and a fan while waiting for help. When help arrived, the remained there to make sure the student was ok. They showed care and compassion for the students as if he were their own family. Great job! 

Deborah Sharpe & Jamae Flint, Financial Services 

I've called and sent numerous emails to Jamae and Deborah about student payroll/OneUSG issues.  Each time I've encountered patient attitudes and resolved problems. They are willing to hear my concern and then work diligently to accomplish what is asked.  I want to let them know that I appreciate all that they do, and that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Without their help, I truly would be stuck in a hole.  Thanks again for just being kind servants!

Tiffany Soma, Career Opportunities

I had questions regarding the Blazer Briefcase Portal and Mrs. Soma not only responded rapidly to my email, but she was detailed and willing to assist.  Thanks so much, Mrs. Soma!

Jamae Flint, Financial Services 

Jamae Flint has always been incredibly helpful, friendly, and accommodating with payroll questions; in the last month, she has helped our department and our new student assistants  immensely while we adjusted to the new payroll system. We've had quite a few technical questions and last minute issues that she promptly resolved. We greatly appreciate her and all that she does for our department!

Alicia Roberson, Centralized Advising 

 Thanks to Alicia, the Counseling Center will be able to reach more VSU students by promoting events, seminars, and services through the Spectator. 

Francis Youmans, Nursing

Mrs. Youmans is a relatively new instructor to the nursing program. I have had Mrs. Youmans for the past two semesters now, as well as one semester as her mental health clinical student. She is beyond helpful. Mrs. Youmans is very truthful not only as a person but as well as the nursing field as a whole. Every time she teaches or just holds educational conversations, like when we have post conference, I always leave learning something new and helpful. She is not only intelligent when it comes to mental health nursing but so many other aspects related to nursing and the world we live in.  Mrs. Youmans holds students to a higher standard, but she also understands what it is like to be a student and seems to relate to a lot of us. At first I was skeptical of Mrs. Youmans, because she is not afraid to voice her opinion (which is a very good characteristic to have in nursing). She is now my favorite instructor and I am always excited to learn from her. As a student, we hear very negative things within the nursing program, but with instructors like Mrs. Youmans, I am very excited to become a nurse.

Rocio Obregon, Housing and Resident Life 

Thursday night I went into the resource room with a giant list of letters that I needed to cut out for my bulletin boards. Rocio not only volunteered to help me cut out my letters, but also went out of her way to help me find the colors I wanted. She was super helpful and nice, and she really cut down the amount of time I would have been cutting letters. I don't have the words to really explain how much I appreciated her.

Christine James, Philosophy and Religious Studies 

I want to give a shout out to Dr. Christine James for going out of her way to communicate with parents and relatives of VSU's students in their Facebook group. She is always informative, calm, professional, and incredibly patient. She goes above and beyond to research the most helpful answers to the questions asked. Thank you so much for being such a positive representation of VSU faculty and thank you for the time and effort you've put into making sure that parents/families have the information they ask for. 

Leah Sheppard, Communication Arts

Leah is doing an excellent job of filling in while we are without a secretary. She is going above and beyond what is expected of a student employee. 

Dr. Karen Rubin, Department of Education 

Dr. Rubin, has been very supportive, and helpful in entering my program. She goes out of her way to solve any concerns that I may have. Her attitude is always positive and uplifting. I always leave her office feeling motivated, and inspired. 

Aaron Croft, Information Technology 

Aaron came over to fix the fax line and was diligent in repairing what needed to be fixed.  While he was fixing the fax, the graduate assistant's  internet was lost and he also got that back up and running. Kudos to Aaron for a job well done!

Beverly Phelps, Counseling Center

Bev has done such an exceptional job helping the counselors and students adapt to a new setting.  She is always looking for ways to make something better, smoother, and more efficient which is greatly appreciated.  One of my favorite things about Bev is that she always has a warm greeting and farewell for every one of our students, and makes them feel welcome and heard.  Thanks, Bev!

Bookstore Staff 

Not every day bookstore probably gets someone coming in and purchasing 150 notebooks. But my class was moved to the Theatre from Jennett and we were having a test. I thought there would be pull up desks, but there wasn't. So I went and purchased about 150 notebooks so my students would have something to use to take their tests. The Bookstore staff was so helpful and nice. Thank you all.

Brittany Blackberby, Residence Life 

Rather that call in the on-call janitor at 01:15 in the morning, Blackberby took it upon herself to clean up a sizable mess in the hallway left by person(s) unknown.

Chandler Day, Office of Student Life 

Chandler went beyond and above in ensuring that a couple of new signature events that my department hosted were successful. She and her student staff gave assistance with set up recommendations that truly impacted the atmosphere of each event. Moreover, she did it with a positive attitude dispute several requests to amend a number of things concerning those events. 

Chere Peguesse, Student Success Center

I want to thank Dr. Chere Peguesse for her time that she spends helping my students each semester. At the beginning of each term, Dr. Peguesse agrees to come to my COMM1110 Public Speaking section to teach my students about anxiety management and meditation. My students have expressed their gratefulness for her and the techniques that she shares, which they've been able to not only utilize in the classroom prior to speeches, but also in life in general. Thank you so much for helping my students and sharing your wisdom! You are awesome. 

Elaina Walker, Centralized Advising and First Year Programs

It goes without saying that Elaina Walker always does an exceptional job in the Centralized Advising office as a student employee, but today she touched my heart with  information she shared with me about how she was approached by a student in need of food.  Elaina gave the student what little snacks she had in her bag at the time, but she shared this information with me only because she wanted to know if she/we could put together a bag or basket of items for the student.  In my opinion it shows our strength as a campus community when there are students at VSU like Elaina that are readily willing to share what they have with a fellow student and would even go the extra mile in looking for ways they can do more. I just caught her caring. 

Elizabeth McGuinness, Employee and Organizational Development 

Liz displayed excellent customer service by being positive, caring, informative, timely, and respectful. It was obvious that she takes her job seriously and takes pride in working at VSU! Thank you Liz! 

Karen Rubin, College of Education 

 I was very upset about my bio exams and thinking about just quitting.  She not only calm me down but made sure I stay in college.  She should get more than just this, but if VSU wants to continue with it's mission statement we need more Karen Rubin.

Katie Rowland, Office of Clinical Experiences and Certifications

Katie has worked tirelessly to find field experience sites for my students. I truly appreciate her dedication as well as her always kind and cheerful demeanor. She is a great colleague!

Marley Holcomb, Financial Services 

I recently completed travel paperwork for the first time at VSU. To say the least, I did not do it perfectly. As I was figuring out everything that I needed to do and how to do it correctly, Marley Holcomb was amazing. She answered all of my questions (even when I did not know which ones to ask) and never made me feel like I was a bother or that I was dumb. She was positive, friendly, and upbeat the entire time. I so appreciate her patience and helpful spirit. I am happy to be part of a VSU team that helps each other out so willingly!

Matthew Mullis, Plant Operations 

Finally, a maintenance worker slept in his truck next to the new cooling tower last night to ensure that no overnight issues occurred that needed immediate attention. The maintenance team will be going to every room this morning to make sure windows are closed, dehumidifiers are plugged in, and units are cooling. (FROM the VSU Parents page)

Matthew Mullis, Plant Operations 

Mr. Matt slept in his truck next to the new cooling tower last night to ensure that no overnight issues occurred that needed immediate attention at Langdale Hall.

Matthew Mullis, Plant Operations 

Among other heroics, he apparently slept in his truck over night to monitor the langdale AC repairs. That deserves praise and reward of the highest order.

Matthew Mullis, Plant Operations 

 Matt volunteered to spend the night to monitor the chiller at the Langdale Hall dormitory that was tripping out due to a faulty fuse. His efforts allowed the building to cool until the part could be acquired and replaced the next day. This was above and beyond the call of duty and showed his dedication to provide the students the best service possible.

Sheila Hall, Information Technology 

Sheila has always been great in assisting me with my web pages during class and over the phone. but on this day she went above and beyond and came to my office and spent a couple hours helping me resolve an issue with my web pages although I promised her it would only take a few minutes. It was not only her helping but she calmed my frustration over the issue I was having with her very pleasant demeanor. She is truly one of the best that VSU has!

Dr. Zduy Chu, Housing and Residence Life

 Dr. Chu did an amazing job leading the student affairs professional development meeting. He had high energy and very positive. He had excellent examples of how the division can move forward and work together. In my 15 years at VSU this was the best professional development session I have had. Dr Chu you are amazing and did an outstanding job! Thank you 

Dr. Leslie Jones, Department of Biology 

 Dr. Leslie Jones graciously welcomed Marriage and Family Therapy students to join her class on "Race is Not Biological, but Science Enabled Cultural Racism." We deeply appreciate her authentically courageous approach to talking about race and biology. The knowledge she shared was both scientifically invigorating and inspiring. She truly demonstrates how to discuss difficult topics with kindness, humor, and academic tenacity. Thank you to Dr. Jones for shaping a better, more well-informed generation of students. 

Alan Sanderson, Plant

Alan was able to help Campus Recreation with the 10 year plan for major building issues. He was very helpful in getting a list of possible projects together for us. His information and help greatly improves our ability to gain support for these projects.  Thank you Alan.

Ray Sable, Plant 

Ray helped us work on the 10 year plan. He also provided valuable information and ideas on future challenges and possible projects. Ray was very helpful. Thank you Ray for all of your help and Support. 

Grounds Crew

Our grounds crew does a wonderful job keeping our campus looking amazing and their response after the damage after the recent hurricane was truly exemplary. Our campus looked wonderful for Parent's Weekend considering the amount of damage that had occurred. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!!

Tera Ray, E-Learning

Sometimes it is the small things that make a difference. Tera was a friendly person who greeted me and asked how she could help me. Customer service is important! Thanks again!

Elizabeth Olphie, Sponsored Programs

Mrs. Ann Olphie  is amazing! She goes above and beyond to make sure my program is well taken care of. She is an expert in her field and truly makes VSU the absolute best. 

Rasheem Callender, Art

Mr. Callender went out of his way to help me set up tables for an event in the Fine Arts lobby. I was very thankful to have a hard working student assistant in the building. 

Andrew Scott, New Media Center 

Andrew worked with me for weeks to help develop an exclusive workshop for 25 middle school teachers. He also conducted the workshop and did an exceptional job. Thanks to Andrew, science and math teachers and their students will have access to new technology apps. Well done Andrew!!! Thanks for all your help. 

Chandler Day, Office of Student Life

Chandler was very kind and supportive in helping us reserve the necessary space for the South Georgia Film Festival. She went out of her way to make sure I understood and made the best choices. She was also very helpful to our student organization leader. 

Joy Whitehurst, Event Services 

Thank you for helping the EOD office with all of our planning needs! You have gone above and beyond!!!

Elizabeth Ellinburg, Centralized Advising 

The Department of Communication Arts was swamped with transfer students just as the semester begins.  Elizabeth volunteered to advise transfer students as we started the semester to take a significant load off the Department Head and faculty.  This exceptional effort significantly enhanced the ability of the Department to begin the semester on a positive note. 

Elizabeth McGuinness, Employee and Organizational Development 

In route to a meeting, I fell and scraped my knee pretty badly. I stopped by the EOD's office and asked Liz did she have a bandage. Not only did she promptly pull the 1st Aid Kit, she kindly tended my wound directly and had me off to my meeting in no time. I appreciate the extra care and attention. Thank you, Liz. 

Preyah James, Information Technology - Desktop Support

After three days of serious issues with Blazeview and ProctorU - problems that prohibited my students from accessing their online midterm, the problem was escalated to Preyah who carefully listened to my situation, stayed over an hour trying solutions until all services were restored.  She was patient, professional, and, actually, fun to work with, in spite of the obvious stress of the prior three days!

Leah McLaren, Deaf Education 

She has been very helpful for all of the seniors in the interpreting program. We really appreciate everything you do for us and you do a great job! Ms. Leah always remembers us and asks how we are! She always puts a smile on my face!

Tim Brunt, HVAC Physical Plant 

Our AC was out at the Admissions House all of last week and Tim stopped by to keep us in the loop on when it was getting fixed, etc. almost every day last week! He was positive and helpful. So thankful for Tim and for AC on this Monday morning!!! 

Michael Holt, Odum Library 

I lost ability to log into LexisNexis and today is final (for) Bterm so I really needed help- odd sort of error going on... Mr. Holt was patient and we tried a few things until we fixed it.

Benjamin Li, Information Technology

Mr. Li went out of his way to provide help and guidance to solve my problem.  It was very much appreciated.

Rachel Martin, Technical Support Services

Miss Martin went out of her way to help me solve the outlook 10 issue I had with my computer while others dismiss my request for help by saying "we are sorry, VSU does not support outlook 10 any more."

Keith Washington, Central Warehouse

Was so patient and kind in helping us move furniture and set up 3 new offices.

John Wicker, Central Warehouse

Was so patient and kind in helping us move furniture and set up 3 new offices.

Joann Bryant, Procurement

I was puzzled on how to solve a certain issue about payment of a vendor, and Joann was so resourceful in helping me solve this issue. Thank you, Joann.

Audrey Whittle, New Media Center

Audrey has helped me so much. She was here whenever I needed. Thank you!!!

Ernest Smith, Human Resources

I am so thankful for Ernest.  He always responds to email.  He is very helpful even if it is not his responsibility in HR.  He has been extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction and assisting me on many matters. 

Chandler Day, Student Union Operating 

Chandler went out of her way to help VSU Enactus secure a date in the Student Union. This date was critical to the success of one of our international programs. Without Chandler's above and beyond service, I don't know what we would have done. Thank you Chandler!

Xavier Cheevers, IT

Xavier always comes to help with any technology problem as soon as we call him! His response time is literally 2 minutes and he drops whatever he is doing to help us with any technology issue we may be having. He is always so very patient and takes the time to guide and instruct us with any issues we may be having. We could not function without him! 

Officer Kenny McDonald, University Police

I worked late one Friday night and when I returned to my car, I had a flat tire.  I checked my trunk for the proper equipment to change it, but I was missing something.  I approached Officer McDonald who was in the parking lot and asked for his assistance.  He tried to use the tool in his car to loosen my tire but it would not fit.  He spotted someone in the parking lot with a similar car and he went into the building and found them.  He used their equipment and changed my tire.  I appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you so much Officer McDonald.

Brian Roberts, Student Life

Brian helped me with getting an event going.  Even though I was the one responsible for the event, I feel like Brian got everything taken care of so well that there was very little I had to worry about.  He helped me out so much (and has before on other things) that I wanted to make sure I took the time to recognize him for going above and beyond what I was expecting.

Catherine Storey, Accounting & Procurement

Catherine has gone above and beyond in helping me as I adjust to the new position. She has been very patient and she has helped me in training, procedures, and work load. I am grateful to be part of this team, and extremely thankful to Catherine for all she has done for me.

Alfred Reed, IT

Alfred was super quick to respond and help us regain access to our Visix TV display units. We appreciate how responsive Alfred was to resolve the problem. I am grateful to have a caring and responsive unit like our campus IT departments.  

Sierra Griffin, Career Opportunities

Great customer service and provided exceptional information when I needed. 

Stuart Bright, Accounting & Procurement

Stuart has integrated to our team after me, however we have worked a lot in projects together and he has been extremely supportive and positive! He has added many new ideas to improve systems and helped me personally in organizing some of them as we work as a team. I truly appreciate his willingness to help at any time and his positive attitude. 

Bennett Grieco, Accounting & Procurement

Bennett is a GA in the Procurement Department that has stepped in and helps at any time needed, always with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. We are very grateful for all the help and assistance he has provided to our team! Thank you, Bennett.

Debra McCrary, Accounting & Procurement

Debra has gone above and beyond in helping me to get adjusted in my new position. She has given me so much support and extra attention helping me with training procedures, guidance and more. I am grateful to work with such an amazing team and extremely thankful to Mrs. Debra for all she has done for me.

Zonnya Lane, Accounting & Procurement

Zonnya has gone above and beyond in helping me as I adjust to the new position. She has been very patient and she has helped me in training, procedures, and work load. I am grateful to be part of this team and extremely thankful to Zonnya for all she has done for me.

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

Kyle has been very helpful in assisting our students with the video clips required for their edTPA portfolio. This semester he was willing to schedule time for the students to submit their portfolios in the New Media Center lab so that students could have access to his technology expertise during the submission process. The submission went very well with Kyle's confidence and patience guiding students through any technology troubles that occurred. The combination of technology savviness and calm demeanor is so helpful to students, as well as faculty. Thank you, Kyle!

Samantha Powell, Modern and Classical Languages

Samantha has only been our Administrative Assistant since July, but she has seamlessly maintained all department procedures at their highest levels. I especially appreciate her outstanding customer service to students and faculty.

Ben McCranie, Maintenance

Ben came personally to work with our secretary to hang the pictures in my office. He picked up the work order and completed it quickly. He did an excellent job of balancing the art for viewing. 

Dowling Payne, Admissions

Dowling was a big help yesterday and we had a great event at Douglas Anderson. Thanks again for helping Dowling.

Sgt. Jesus Arreola, University Police

During the course of an investigation on campus, Sgt. Arreola & Cpl. Calkins learned of a student who had become homeless. Sgt. Arreola & Cpl. Calkins took the student to the Police Dept. and spent a couple of hours speaking with the student, calling organizations in attempts to get the student some assist. Sgt. Arreola even bought the student dinner. Nothing today's media wants to print about the Police. Sgt Arreola & Cpl. Calkins are true public servants and really cared about this students wellbeing. 

Cpl. Philip Calkins, University Police

During the course of an investigation on campus, Sgt. Arreola & Cpl. Calkins learned of a student who had become homeless. Sgt. Arreola & Cpl. Calkins took the student to the Police Dept and spent a couple of hours speaking with the student, calling organizations in attempts to get the student some assist. Sgt. Arreola even bought the student dinner. Nothing today's media wants to print about the Police. Sgt Arreola & Cpl. Calkins are true public servants and really cared about this students wellbeing. 

Lesheena Dixon-Grasso, Brown Hall

RA Lesheena located a loose dog running in the street (Sustella Ave.) which is a busy road and it was dark. Lesheena stopped what she was doing, caught the dog and waited an hour for animal control Officers to come get the dog. The dog was well manner & healthy so I'm sure due to Lesheena efforts the dog was reunited with it's owner. You could tell the love Lesheena had for animals and their well being.

Chandler Day, Student Union Operating

Recently my Department was supporting an event in the Student Union. Two of my Staff had spent most of their day preparing for the event, subsequently they were unable to leave to have dinner before the evening event began. Chandler Day who was in attendance at the dinner realized this and in the middle of her own dinner went to the caterers and returned with two plates of food. In itself a simple task of caring, but one that did not go unnoticed by my Staff or myself.

Xavier Cheevers, IT

Kudos to Xavier Cheevers for outstanding technical support and quality customer service! As a (doctoral level) graduate student, carrying out various duties, efficiency is crucial. Technology is central in the implementation most often. Xavier's expertise and ongoing technical support is invaluable in assisting me in meeting some of the goals for which I am responsible. I am very grateful to have such a competent technician to assist, support and serve willingly.

Chandler Day, Student Union Operating

During the President's Investiture Dinner, we were working the event from behind the curtain and were unable to join in the festivities. Chandler made sure that we were served a plate towards the end of the event. Otherwise we would not have gotten to eat. 

Albert Miller, Physical Plant

Mr. Miller is always very friendly and working hard whenever in the building. On this day, he went above and beyond his duty and helped with another issue. This to me showed that he is very invested in his work and willing to make everything as perfect as possible for our students here at VSU. An exceptional employee and great asset to the team. 

Linda Jurczak, Communication Arts

I love and appreciate all you do!

Eugene Asola, Kinesiology and Physical Education

My car would not start because my battery died. Dr. Asola took me to Walmart to buy a new battery and installed it for me so that I could make it to my practicum that morning. I was very appreciative and glad he could help. Thank you Dr. Asola.

Ken Rumstay, Physics, Astronomy, and Geoscience

This semester, Dr. Rumstay worked with my MDIA 4965 New Media Workshop class to produce content for the Planetarium. Traditionally, filmmakers are unable to have access to Full Dome projectors and have to ""guess"" what their work looks like. Dr. Rumstay has gone out of his way to allow my students access to the Planetarium to test their work on the Planetarium projector. We greatly appreciate his hard work.  We will be submitted their work to national and regional competitions thanks to his cooperation. We will be screening the work for campus Dec. 4 at 5 pm.

Nicole Cox, Mass Media

Dr. Cox works very hard every semester to help manage Student Registration by dealing with override and waiver requests. Once again, she managed to help facilitate our majors to get into the classes they need. While I understand that's her job, she consistently does it with great service, understanding and not enough appreciation.

Debbie Paine, Middle, Second, Reading & Deaf Education

I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major and I was having issues finding education courses to register for in the spring. Since I am not an education major, the options for courses are extremely limited due to prerequisite classes. I walked by her office and decided to ask her if she could help me and she was more than willing to do so. We spent over an hour searching for education related courses that I could take...and we found several! I am thankful for act of kindness and going above and beyond to help a student that wasn't a part of her department.

Heather Kelley, Psychology, Counseling & Family Therapy 

Dr. Kelley is an exceptional educator and works extremely hard to ensure that each of her students grasps and fully understand the material that she presents. She also helps to advise me in some psychology courses that I could take. Being that I'm an interdisciplinary studies major, the courses that I can take in certain departments are limited. She gladly welcomed me into her office and actually did an override for me into a class that I needed.  

Beverly Cribbs, Centralized Advising

Bev is always thinking of others. She won a gift card from the Wellness and Benefits fair and when she picked it up, the first thing she said was that she wanted to share it with the rest of her team. This goes to show that even though the prize was hers, her first instinct was to use it to bring joy to others. This warmed my heart and is a great display of truly appreciating her team here at VSU.

Karen Rubin, College of Education

Dr. Rubin has been very supportive, and helpful in entering my program. She goes out of her way to solve any concerns that I may have. Her attitude is always positive and uplifting. I always leave her office feeling motivated and inspired. 

Veronica Graham, Registrar

Very kind, helpful, and made our day! You're lucky to have her!

Yvonne Le Roy-Landers, Finance & Administration

Since the beginning of my transfer to the new position, Yvonne has offered help and support constantly. She has taken time of her busy agenda to help me with many topics such as website change, and budget. I am forever grateful for her valuable insights, time and attention with me. Thank you Yvonne for everything. 

James LaPlant, Graduate School

Dr. LaPlant has always been and continues to be a strong supportive of graduate students and the graduate student experience. He is very helpful in making sure graduate students are receiving optimal attention.

Barbara Davis, Courtney Hobbs and Corey Thomas, Valdosta Bread Company- University Center

These people are friendly, courteous, and focused on customer service. VBC is a nice quiet place to enjoy lunch, with fresh food and wonderful people. 

Kaylee Brown, Accounting & Procurement

Kaylee showed very professional teamwork while completing a very extensive project for the Financial Services Department. This project was done in a timely manner and Kaylee along with her teamwork, completed with enthusiasm, self-initiative, and with little or no need of supervision! Thank you Kaylee for your hard work!

Michelle Jordan, Graduate School

Michelle has taken care of graduate student assistantships with excellent service and care. She is a strong advocate for graduate assistantships and her hard work is seen in every detail. Thank you for all you do. 

Sandra Barrios, Accounting & Procurement

Sandra showed very professional teamwork while completing a very extensive project for the Financial Services Department. This project was done in a timely manner and Sandra, along with her teamwork, completed with enthusiasm, self-initiative, and with little or no need of supervision! Thank you Sandra for your hard work!

Barbara Graham, Building Services

Ms. Barbara goes above and beyond to make sure the offices and bathrooms in West Hall are so clean and well taken care of. She is very kind, detail-oriented, and very good at her job. 

Garrett Spear, Building Services

Garrett is the newest member of the West Hall staff, and he has already blown me away with his courteousness, cleanliness, and his ability to go above and beyond.

Tobias Barrett, Building Services

Tobias has always been great at his job. He always asks to make sure things are taken care of, especially when they are short staffed. He is nice, has an eye for detail, and takes his job seriously. 

Sheila Hall, IT

I want to thank Mrs. Sheila for her time, patience, and guidance while I needed help updating our website. Your professionalism, kindness, patience and work is so deeply appreciated. I am very grateful!

Marley Holcomb, Accounting & Procurement

Thank you Marley for your support, time and attention with me during this semester. Your kindness and hard work is a motivation for me every day

Martha Leake, Physics, Astronomy & Geoscience

Dr. Leake is a superb professor. She is passionate about astronomy and answers any questions. Dr. Leake loves student discussion and goes above and beyond to educate on the topic of astronomy.

Holly Decker, Campus Mail

Mrs. Holly always goes above and beyond for all the students she cares for. She's the best boss, very selfless & ready to help. 

Li-Mei Chen, English Department

Dr. Chen always make sure students understand the topics discussed in class. She also does conferences to give us feedback on previous assignments.

Maggie Viverette, Social Equity

I'm working on a project for one of my classes that has me researching Title IX and sexual violence. Dr. Viverette was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to meet with me and help me understand Title IX and what she does on campus, including training sessions and initiatives to help educate our faculty and students about domestic violence and Title IX. She also told me how different offices connect and work together to help students in need.  Thanks, Dr. Viverette. The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. 

Naomi Parker, Public Administration

Naomi took excellent care of me during advisement and spent a good on the phone with discussing registration for my last term at VSU as I will be graduating in May. She double checked my graduation application to make sure everything was in order and we discussed every possible class option I had. She went above and beyond in my opinion to make sure I was taken care. Thank you Naomi... 

Karen Rubin, College of Education

I popped into her office without any warning or scheduling a meeting to ask her a question I had about registering for my classes. She was very helpful and fully answered my question. She talked me through the process and said she would handle the problem with one of my classes. I am very thankful for her.

Cheri Tillman, Centralized Advising

Dr. Tillman is truly a blessing in my life. I was registered for my last classes to graduate in December, when all my classes were suddenly dropped. Dr. Tillman personally took time out of her busy schedule to call me to find out what was going on. I had never spoke with or seen her a day in my life. Thank you Dr. Tillman for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a stranger that was in need. See you in a few weeks at Graduation!

Patti Campbell, Special Education

Dr. Campbell is a great communicator. When taking on-line courses sometimes it is hard to get feedback that is thoughtful, considerate but helpful. Dr. Campbell does all of the above while allowing me to grow with understanding in my classes.
Thank you Dr. Campbell... you are appreciated!

John Dunn, History

Dr. Dunn is the best teacher and mentor a history student could have. He tries his best every day to make class not only educational but fun and interesting. This is not limited to bringing his own items in for curious students to hold and observe but also staying in his office and after class for as much conversation on historical topics as any student could want. He is a great professor, an excellent historian, and a really swell guy.

 Veronica Graham, Registrar

Mrs. Graham went out of her way to contact my advisor to make sure I could register for my classes, I may not have been able to get the classes I needed if had not been for her extended efforts at 7:30 am. I appreciate her dedication and certainly recognize her devotion to help students. Thank You!

Kamayla Perry, Public Administration

Kamayla, Celeste and the other faculty have been delightful and have made me want to work harder towards graduating from Valdosta State University in 9 months. These two gals have directed me while helping me plan a route utilizing my degree works for graduation. I want to recognize their strong abilities of leadership encouraging students to keep striving until they reach their destination. Thank you so much!

Ryan Hogan, Admissions

Mr. Hogan offered a warm welcome to me upon applying to VSU. At the time, I was not sure what to do with my transfer situation. His guidance was exceptional. I was impressed with the warmth I felt by Mr. Hogan, and the staff members at VSU who assisted me with my plans to pursue my B.A. at Valdosta State University. Thank You!

Deborah Marciano, Early Childhood/Special Education

Dr. Marciano has been one of the most wonderful educators I have ever meet. She truly cares for her students and really loves her job. While I was having a difficult time during the semester Dr. Marciano came to the rescue. I've never seen a teacher so dedicated to her students. As a future educator I want to strive to be like Dr. Marciano. She is a true saint and inspiration!

Tina Wright, Sponsored Programs & Research

Tina was very helpful to me throughout my MLIS capstone project, she answered multiple questions through email from myself and the institution where I was performing my graduate survey. There were several questions from the participating institution and Tina was very helpful to me with getting all of my information submitted to both VSU and the other college. Thank you Tina for all of your hard work!

James Jenkins, Building Services

Mr. James is always pleasant and does a good job for us in Nevins Hall.  He recently went above and beyond when there was an accident in my office.  He researched the problem and did a fantastic job addressing it. Thank you Mr. James for all you do for us!

Attila Cseh, Economics & Finance

Dr. Cseh came to campus on Fridays for 3 or 4 weeks to give students an opportunity to ask questions and get a better understanding of the material we were covering. It was SO helpful and he really went above and beyond to make sure we succeeded. 

Ashley Braswell, Langdale College of Business Administration

For being a team player and for taking the extra step to see a project through.

Ashley Braswell, Langdale College of Business Administration

Ashley went out of her way to set up a hosting event for the Accounting Accreditation visiting team from the AACSB.  This included coordinating with housekeeping and catering, downloading music to be played at the event (at her own cost), and greeting and hosting the event from beginning to end.  All present, including the accreditation team, advisory board members and faculty noted her exceptional and tireless performance.

Wendy Miller, Adult & Career Education

Wendy Miller was the first person I interacted with at VSU when I was making my decision to enroll in the ACED doctoral program. I have been in contact with her either via email or telephone multiple times for various reasons since 2015. Every experience with her has been pleasant, something that is often difficult in virtual communication. I wish I could have the opportunity to work with someone like her regularly at my employer. I recently sent the following words to Wendy and wanted to share them with you as well:
Hi Wendy, I just wanted to take a few minutes to personally (virtually) thank you for all that you have done for me personally and the ACED program. I am sure so much goes on behind the scenes and you are the glue that holds it all together. You have always been able to handle my questions so efficiently and seemingly effortlessly. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate you!

Maggie Vollatton, College of the Arts

As always, Maggie has been incredible in helping us spread the word about our events and reach out to the community. Maggie quickly posted the announcement about the Game Developer coming to speak to my class, and she compiled a list of local high schools for us to reach out to ... within minutes. Maggie bring a shining light to work in the College of the Arts. And we appreciate her.

Katrina Crumpton, Admissions

It was a pleasure meeting you at V-State Experience on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at the Eagles Landing Country Club. My son and I really enjoyed the experience so much that we have submitted his application for admissions for the Fall 2018. Also, you were just like family and very personable along with the rest of the faculty.

Cassandra Ward, Human Resources

Spoke with Ms. Ward to request some information from my employee file. It was information that I needed posthaste. She was extremely helpful, professional, and super friendly. She immediately went to work on my request and within 45 minutes I received the information that I needed.  One cannot ask for better service. A big "pat" on the back to her for expediting the matter.

Mariah Vossfeldt, New Media Center

This was only my third time going to the New Media Center on campus. I did not understand how to correctly print pictures with photo paper. Mariah gladly assisted me in a professional and friendly manner and had the photo looking exceptionally well in no time. Thank you so much for your great customer service and friendly atmosphere.

Christy Croft, Admissions

Christy has gone above and beyond her own duties to help out processing freshman applications since we are short processors.  Christy wants to serve our prospective students as best as she can.
Truly an asset.

Joann Bryant, Accounting & Procurement

Ms. Joann was so helpful in ordering supplies multiple times for our office. No one in our office has access to ePro or a p-card due to our division being new. She never once acted as though it was a burden for her to order the things we needed. Her exceptional service deserves to be recognized. Thank you Mrs. Joann!

Shani Wilfred, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice, and Kimberly Tanner

I have attended several professional development opportunities through OEOD in the past two years, and I have always been impressed. However, this particular training seminar went exceedingly well. With the combined expertise of Drs. Tanner and Wilfred, it was quickly apparent that the large trainee group of diverse perspectives and personal histories became truly engaged with one another and with the topics germane to "Leading a Diverse Workforce." As a participant, I left the session invigorated in my desire to better understand and appreciate the various cultural and personal complexities of my fellow Blazers. I want to thank Drs. Tanner and Wilfred for expertly facilitating such an instantly rewarding professional development seminar, and I also wish to thank my fellow attendees who participated so openly and with such warm regards for each represented perspective. The Blazer Creed twinkled that day!

Katelynn Belliveau, Employee and Organizational Development

Kate went out of her way to assist me after I missed a workshop due to being ill. She took time out of her schedule to cover the content with me one on one. Thank you for going up and beyond to make sure I received materials from the missed workshop. 

Serina Taylor and Crystal Richardson, Odum Library

Ms. Taylor was very professional and attentive to me by answering questions in regards to how to utilize computers (it was my first official visit to Odum). She also searched for books concerning a particular topic that I needed in order to prepare for an impending presentation. Ms. Taylor was relieved by Crystal. Crystal diligently searched for books by a particular author and provided me with the information necessary to find the books. Both ladies were extremely helpful and I appreciated the patience and warmth that they displayed towards me. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you to these superb employees. 

Simeon Branch and Michael Boyo, IT Help Desk

Simeon and Michael (Odum Library IT Desk) should be recognized and applauded for their assistance in helping me navigate Galileo and figure out how to obtain ebooks (offline). Simeon and Michael were professional and VERY attentive in helping me troubleshoot, despite their limited knowledge in accessing ebooks and downloading them via Galileo. I truly appreciate the care I received from these employees on both visits. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you to these superb employees.

Sally Biggs, Building Maintenance

Sally has been our regular housekeeping person but was recovering from surgery. Yesterday was her 1st day back and it was clear how much she had been missed. Stairwells were clean, restrooms were stocked, trash emptied, and it was very obvious how much she takes care of our building and its occupants. 

Sara Jalilnasab, eLearning

Sara was extremely helpful and was willing to postpone her lunch break. Customer service is always excellent and it is appreciated!

Michelle Jordan, The Graduate School

Michelle Jordan is always quick to help and provide thorough directions for job postings, hiring procedures, and answer all of the many questions graduate assistant supervisors have. You rock! 

Carl Dudley, University Police

When presented with a situation that didn't make since, Mr. Dudley took the time to ask questions instead of acting rashly. This saved everyone from a potentially embarrassing situation that never needed to occur.  I am thankful for his discernment in this situation.

Keith Washington, Central Warehouse

Keith moved about 5,000 lbs. of material from Home Depot to Bailey Science Center. He and his crew have a great attitude, solve problems and get the job done!

Kelsey Behrend, Event Services

I worked on Kelsey's committee for the President's Investiture - she was always prepared, professional and made sure things were done properly.

Sage Archer, Event Services

Graduation and President's Investiture - She always gives it her all and does an incredible job. She makes VSU look very good! All the time.

Angie Prine, Chemistry

Day in and day out, Angie does a great job running the office, helping students and faculty - and always has a smile on her face!

Connie Richards, Arts and Sciences

Connie has been a source of stability and reason throughout some uncertain times at VSU. She is level headed and compassionate and has always worked successfully to make VSU better for students and faculty, she cares.

Musiteli Mubuso, IT

Made himself available on a moment’s notice to assist and troubleshoot a computer issue that was interfering with an advising session. His generosity with his time and patience is a model for the Blazer Nation!

Thomas Tarwater, Building Services

Tom takes excellent care of our facilities and is always pleasant and cheerful. He is always willing to help.

Linnie Kinard, IT

Linnie has consistently provided exceptional customer service. She spends the time and has the patience for helping me through the paperwork of travel reimbursements. She is both helpful and pleasant. She has helped with travel for the past seven years!

Theodore Uyeno, Biology

Ted helped organize and educational field trip for the Valdosta Middle School STEM Academy 7th graders. He was able to secure a lab for us for that date. He and his graduate assistant moved 25 microscopes from one lab to another. Most importantly, he gave over 6 hours of his day to help instruct a lab for 120 of our students on different cells using the slides and microscopes. We have a lot of educational field trips and he helped make this one of the best.

Jennifer Shinpaugh, Housing and Residence Life

I had a student who was struggling with anxiety.  He had been trying to get into a new room for spring semester.  When I called Jenni she immediately looked into the issue.  She was able to help the student and took my concerns seriously.  I'm very appreciative for her willingness to help.  It may not have worked out for a room change, but I was grateful she was willing to try.  In this case the room situation was able to be resolved and again, I'm very grateful she took the time to look into it for me.

JoAnn Bryant, Accounting and Procurement

She is always just a phone call away.  She is willing to help no matter what the problem is.  Very friendly and very helpful!!!

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

During the last 3 weeks of the semester, Mr. Culpepper has been very magnanimous helping a classmate and I complete a project management presentation. Whether in person or thru email, Mr. Culpepper was enthusiastic to assist us using the NMC equipment as well as willing to direct us to others to record a professional Blackboard recording.

Bobby Flowers, Landscaping and Ground Maintenance

If I could write him 10 I Caught You Caring rewards, I would because he deserves them. Throughout this commencement week, he has been the first person to show up for setups and to assist in any way possible. Things that I didn't ask to be done until late afternoon would often be completed when him and his team got to work at 6am. This award should be I Caught You Caring TOO Much because he is always the first person to help me problem solve and find a way that he can help my team and myself. This is all in an effort to ensure that our campus is the best looking it can be, and that everyone involved is stress free as we face the busiest week of the semester.

Janice Inman, Centralized Advising

Janice always is a delightful member of our team, who always has a friendly smile and positive outlook to share. Recently, she really went the extra mile to make sure that our office holiday celebration was special. Janice led the charge in planning and organizing games with prizes, managed the potluck sign-up, and even served as our master of ceremonies during the event. Her investment in the event took it from a nice potluck to an all-out good time full of laughter and memories.

Benjamin Luke Clubb, Biology

One of my students had a health emergency at the beginning of my final exam. A quick text message to graduate student Luke Clubb was answered in less than half a minute. He paused some thesis experiments he was performing and proctored the exam while I was able to assist the student. Our Biology graduate students always seem to be willing to help out in a pinch. Thanks Luke!

Corine Myers-Jennings, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Myers-Jennings went above and beyond today when I called her in regards to a complicated student request. Although today is grade-submission day, and with all of the exhausting fun that comes along with that, Dr. Myers-Jennings was cordial and engaged in the complicated request. Dr. Myers-Jennings helped me find a plan of action for the student. Thank you. 

Karen Rubin, College of Education

Dr. Rubin did not know me nor my situation from a can of paint. However, she was so open to helping me figure things out to move closer to my successful completion here at VSU. Not only did she help during office hours, but through the night when she could've been taking her mind off of work! Dr. Rubin is by far the best advisor I've come across here at VSU. I honestly thank God for her!

Wanda Stracener, Financial Aid

I've worked with Ms. Stracener since I was a freshman many years ago.  Her dedication and service has been consistent even when I decided to return to VSU for another degree so many years later.  She is a great example of committed service. 

Gerald   Merwin, Public Administration

Dr.  Merwin, although I only interact with you when registering for classes, you are always patient with me. I am always so indecisive, but you always take your time and go over everything with me. I want to thank you for all your suggestion, including those that had nothing to do with registration. 

Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center

Mr. Culpepper has provided exceptional help while working on numerous projects with us - service above & beyond.

Todd Howard, Landscaping & Ground Maintenance

Todd and Leon stopped by our office offering to clean our golf cart. This was a nice surprise since we had not requested them to do so.  We appreciate them taking the initiative to help us with this, especially on a cold day! We are very thankful for their help.

Leon White, Landscaping & Ground Maintenance

Todd and Leon stopped by our office offering to clean our golf cart. This was a nice surprise since we had not requested them to do so.  We appreciate them taking the initiative to help us with this, especially on a cold day! We are very thankful for their help.

Emily Seckinger, Housing and Residence Life

When I applied for Spring 2018 housing, I had so many issues accessing the housing application. I emailed housing and Emily responded quite quickly with how to resolve the situation. In the following weeks, I continued to have issues and every time I reached out to her, she responded quickly. She also assisted with any questions or concerns I had. Emily was by far the nicest person I have had contact with at VSU!

Honey Coppage, Academic Affairs

Please thank Ms. Coppage for exceptional efforts to help the History Department.  We had a glitch that could have impacted on five classes full of students next January.  Ms. Coppage made every effort to find a solution, and demonstrated considerable organizational and diplomatic skills to erase the glitch, and keep those students in class.  We could not have done this without her.

Holly Lawrence, Office of Social Equity

History was in a bind, and we needed help from the Office of Social Equity.  Ms. Lawrence came in during her vacation and fixed every problem.  She did us a solid, and we very much appreciate her kind effort.  As long as VSU has folks like Holly Lawrence, we're heading in the right direction.

Christine James, Philosophy and Religious Studies

A good student came asking advice, and I was clueless.  She wanted to attend courses in the Netherlands on Western Esotericism.  I wasn't even sure what that meant!  Fortunately, Dr. Christine James was down the hall, and she not only was familiar with the topic, but even the program.  She spent nearly an hour helping our student.  I've long noticed that James is always ready to help students, no matter what their major, and consider her a very valuable VSU asset.

Michael Holt, Odum Library

Thanks to Michael Holt, we now have an analytics tool available in ALMA to simplify the process of processing our inventory records. He was super quick to help resolve the problem.

Vesta Whisler, Adult and Career Education

Dr. Whisler is an amazing professor and academic advisor. She is very supportive and quick to response to my emails. You had faith in me, and did everything to help me set and reach all of my goals including graduating, even when I felt like I couldn’t do it. You are, hands-down, the most valuable resource I had on campus. Your guidance and knowledge has been a major factor in my ability to excel here at Valdosta State. Your hard work is very much appreciated! Keep up the great work!! Lastly, thank you for being a wonderful and caring person who just happens to be both a professor and advisor! This one is for you, Dr. Whisler. Thank you!

Philip Bishop, eLearning

I am a new student and I was wondering why Valdosta State was not using a better LMS than Desire2Learn (which I hate). I noticed that VSU replaced their old video collaboration platform with BlackBoard Collaborate, and I was wondering if VSU was slowly replacing D2L with BlackBoard products. What I received from Mr. Bishop was an extensive and very detailed report of exactly why VSU is required to use D2L, the findings of the USG LMS Advisory committee, and places I could locate additional information. He was also kind enough to note that I had some difficulty communicating with my professor over D2L, and he gave me all the information I needed to resolve my problem. He even offered to schedule a phone call if I still needed help. I was blown away by his service!

Dee Ott, Nursing

As a non-traditional student, I have experienced several bumps along the way. Fall 2017 was my first semester in graduate school and Dr. Ott was there to help me with every step. Whether it was a phone call, email, text, or google hangout session, she was there whenever I needed her! Her students take first priority and it shows. This is who she is, simply amazing! Thank you Dr. Ott!!!!  

Veronica Canada, Student Health Services

I was in Wal-Mart shopping after donating blood.  I started to feel lightheaded and had to sit down for a few minutes.  I wasn't able to stand up or walk yet and Veronica walked past and recognized me.  She was shopping with her father.  She stopped what she was doing and waited with me.  This allowed my husband to check out and get the car.  When I finally started to feel better, she helped me walk to my car.  She was very thoughtful and took time out her personal day to help me.  I really appreciate it.  Note to self and others, if you donate blood, please go home and sit down to rest.  Do not go walking around trying to shop.  Thanks Veronica!!  

Jason Gaskins, IT

Jason is amazing and always willing to help.  No matter my question, he helps me with a solution or resources.  Jason is willing to talk me through issues and help me to understand systems and how they interact.  I am beyond thankful for him and all he does for me (and for Housing). 

Ed Leal, IT

Help with troubleshooting webinar connection, audio. Stayed during all presentation. Great job!

Danielle Ward, Biology

Danielle Ward helped facilitate a lesson for the Valdosta Middle School STEM Academy 7th grade students. We had four different groups rotate through during the day. She helped by moving and setting up 25 microscopes. She had to move them from a different floor and lab that morning before we arrived. She interacted with our students during the actual lab on learning about cells by viewing different slides under the microscope.

Rosezella Ward, Human Resources

There were several problems in trying to initial my benefits. Ms. Ward diligently and persistently pursued each issue until they were all resolved. The problems had to be frustrating but she remained professional at all times.

Wade Bugby, IT

Mr. Bugby was very courteous and provided my department with the information we have been seeking to obtain very promptly! Thank you!

Guy Ervin, Advancement Services

Mr. Ervin patiently helped me find an Endowment account and with very little information to base his search on. Thanks to his perseverance, a student will receive a much needed scholarship in a timely manner.