VSU Faculty Handbook

The electronic Faculty Handbook is an index of existing policies of the USG Board of Regents and Valdosta State University. When you click on an item in the index, you are linked electronically to the relevant document. This handbook replaces the 1997 paper Faculty Handbook.

This Valdosta State University Faculty Handbook has been prepared for the convenience and information of the faculty members of Valdosta State University. This handbook brings together those University, policies, procedures and other information items in order to provide current and accurate information pertinent to faculty interests and responsibilities.

This handbook is available only electronically on the Internet. While the organization of this handbook is very similar to earlier paper editions, the format is different. Rather than including the excerpts of laws, policies, and other documents in the handbook, the handbook provides direct links to the actual laws, policies or other documents.

The information provided here is derived in large part from official documents of both the Board of Regents and Valdosta State University. We have done our best to provide hyperlinks to these documents whenever possible. These documents include

Institutional documents include

The Statutes and Faculty Senate Bylaws are revised periodically (when needed). The Bulletins, Campus Directory, and the Student Handbook are revised annually.

Additionally, Valdosta State College, The First Half Century, by Thera Hambrick, has proved helpful in developing the some of sections of the Handbook. This resource is available in the Odum Library.

The Committee is interested in keeping this online resource as current as possible. University personnel are requested to forward notices of omissions, errors, or policy and procedure changes to the Handbook Editor either directly or through the Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate. Suggestions regarding format, wording, and style are likewise solicited. These communications will be reviewed and when appropriate, will be incorporated into the Handbook.

The Valdosta State University Faculty Handbook has been prepared and reviewed by numerous individuals affiliated with the University and is meant to accomplish no more than to provide access to Board of Regents and local institutional policies, procedures and benefits, and serve as an orientation to the University and its organization and services.

The Valdosta State University Faculty Handbook does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the institution. Board of Regents policy, together with federal and state laws, will prevail should conflicts in information, policy or procedure occur.