Outside Consulting Activities

VSU believes that its educational program and effective teaching in all its aspects can flourish only when sustained by continuous, active participation of its faculty and staff in research, enriched in many cases by interaction with industry, business, government, and other activities and institutions of our society. This interaction, including outside consulting, is of greatest value when it contributes significantly to the public welfare, offers an opportunity for professional challenge and growth, or otherwise enhances the effectiveness of an employee's service to the institution.

Faculty and staff members shall make known to their department head, director, and/or academic dean the prospect of each continuing engagement, including, at a minimum, all engagements expected to extend for a substantial portion of an academic term. Employees should decide to enter a relationship only if, after discussion with their supervisor, there is concurrence that the proposed engagement will not conflict with the employee's professional obligations to VSU. VSU employees owe their primary professional allegiance to the University, and their primary commitment of time and intellectual energies should be to the education, research and scholarship programs of the institution. VSU's name, facilities, equipment and/or other resources are to be used solely for the furtherance of VSU goals and not for the benefit of, or to imply VSU's support of, non-VSU activities. All employees requesting to participate in outside employment must read Board of Regents Policy Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment. The Request Form to Request to Engage in Outside Employment/Activity is available at https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/academic-affairs/outside-activities.php

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Political Activities

Faculty members are expected to be keenly conscious of the fact that they are employed by the State of Georgia and that, in a sense, they represent the State. They are expected to use forethought in their statements, decisions, and actions since these of necessity reflect on the University. Any members of the faculty who decide to enter a political race should immediately inform the President of their intention to do so. VSU faculty should comply with the Political Activities statement in the Board of Regents’ Policy Manual Section

USG employees are encouraged to fulfill their civic obligations and engage in the normal political processes of society. Nevertheless, it is inappropriate for USG employees to manage or enter political campaigns while on duty to perform services for the USG or to hold elective political office at the state or federal level while employed by the USG.

The following policies governing political activities apply to all USG employees:

  1. A USG employee may not manage or take an active part in a political campaign that interferes with the performance of duties or services for which he or she receives compensation from the USG.
  2. A USG employee may not hold elective political office at the state or federal level.
  3. A USG employee seeking elective political office at the state or federal level must first request a leave of absence without pay beginning prior to qualification as a candidate in a primary or general election and ending after the general or final election. If elected to state or federal office, a USG employee must resign prior to assuming office.
  4. Employees may seek and hold elective office at other than the state or federal level, or appointive office, when it does not conflict or interfere with the employee’s duties and responsibilities to the employee’s USG institution or the USG.
Last updated Sept. 4, 2022.


Attendance at commencement exercises at the end of fall and spring semester is strongly encouraged. At commencement, faculty members are expected to wear appropriate academic regalia. Full information about commencement ceremonies for each term is available at https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/advancement/event-services/commencement/

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Acceptable Use of University Resources

As an employee of the State of Georgia, VSU faculty should utilize university resources, such as facilities, personnel, vehicles, budget, supplies, and information technology, only for the direct performance of their official duties. IT policies on email, web, portal, acceptable use, and information security are located at https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/it/about/policies.php  Additional university policies are located in the Policy Library, linked at the University Policies homepage.

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Membership in Professional Organizations

A budget manager (i.e., department head, dean), in exceptional circumstances, may authorize university funds to pay for faculty memberships in a professional organization or society, but only when such membership serves the direct needs of the department or administrative unit through informative and supportive services of the organization. Information about Professional Membership, Subscriptions, and Licenses is posted on the Procurement website.

Last updated March 24, 2022.