Valdosta State University is one of four comprehensive universities in the University System of Georgia (USG) overseen by the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia and the Board of Regents.  For further information about the BOR and the USG, see The Board of Regents’ Policy Manual §2.8 defines the scope of these universities as follows:

Comprehensive Universities. . . offer a number of undergraduate and master’s-level programs with some doctoral programs. Typically, associate-level degrees are not offered at comprehensive universities. Graduate programs at comprehensive universities are characterized as master’s-dominant. While teaching is a core focus at all USG institutions, the emphasis on basic and applied research is heavier at comprehensive universities than state universities or state colleges, but not emphasized as heavily as research universities. It is expected that institutions within this sector will be committed to being world-class academic institutions.

VSU’s mission as a comprehensive university is reflected in its mission statement:

As a comprehensive institution of the University System of Georgia, Valdosta State University (VSU) is a welcoming, aware, and vibrant community founded on and dedicated to serving our communities’ rich and diverse heritages. Through excellence in teaching, basic and applied research, and service, VSU provides rigorous programs and opportunities that enrich our students, our university, and our region.  As such, the VSU mission consists of three interrelated parts:

  • Student Mission: To provide a diverse student population with an inspired education, a safe learning environment, a nurturing community, and a wealth of experience that assists students in molding their futures in a creative, conscious, and caring fashion while preparing them to be lifelong learners who will meet the needs of a changing global society.
  • University Mission: To operate the university with a focus toward human, environmental, and financial sustainability while increasing value to our local, regional, national, and international stakeholders. To expand opportunities for our students, employees, and varied community members by promoting social justice and service learning.
  • Regional Mission: To provide our region and our home with the resources and support necessary to develop and sustain a higher quality of living, greater economic and community development, and inspired innovation that nurtures and respects our diverse population and beautiful environment while promoting academic outreach, public and private entrepreneurship, and collaboration with all regional entities.

Valdosta State University fulfills its mission by focusing on inclusion in all aspects of the educational experience.

Developed by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, August 2013. Approved by the President’s Cabinet, September 16, 2013. Approved by University Council, March 24, 2014. Approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, August 20, 2014. Reviewed and reaffirmed by University Council, October 9, 2019. Reviewed and approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, February 9, 2021.

VSU’s Vision: Valdosta State University will be a catalyst for regional comprehensive progress.

Last updated March 24, 2022.