Organizationally, VSU operates under the leadership of a President. The Board of Regent’s Policy Manual defines the role of the President as follows:

The President of each University System of Georgia (USG) institution shall be the executive head of the institution and all its departments and shall exercise supervision and direction to promote the efficient operation of the institution. The President is responsible to the Chancellor for the operation and management of the institution and for the execution of all directives of the Board of Regents and the Chancellor.

At VSU, the President directly oversees seven major divisions, led either by a Vice President or Director:

  • Academic Affairs
    This division oversees the academic mission of the university and is headed by the Chief Academic Officer (CAO), the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • Enrollment and Student Affairs
    The division of Enrollment and Student Affairs oversees student life across campus and works closely with Academic Affairs and Student Success to ensure students have a well-rounded collegiate experience. This division has offices such as campus recreation, career opportunities, counseling, health services, housing and residence life, student conduct, and student diversity and inclusion. It also supports the academic mission of the university through intentional recruiting, registration, financial aid, professional advising, and student success. This division is headed by the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs.
  • Finance and Administration
    Finance and Administration provides services that facilitate the business and financial functions of Valdosta State University. These services include the processes to purchase products, hire and pay employees, manage university accounts, train employees, build and maintain campus structures and grounds, and protect property and life. Services for students are available through the Student Online Account Center and the Bursary. This division is headed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  • University Advancement
    Advancement is a systematic, integrated method of managing relationships in order to increase an educational institution's support from its key outside constituents, including alumni and friends, government policy makers, the media, members of the community, and philanthropic entities of all types. The primary core disciplines of educational advancement are alumni relations, and development (fundraising). The division also houses Event Services and the VSU Foundation. The division is headed by the Vice President for Advancement.
  • Information Technology
    The Division of Information Technology (IT) manages the majority of Valdosta State University's network and communications, and computing technologies. Its purpose is to support the university's mission of teaching and learning, research, and service by expanding access to a sound, secure, and sustainable technology infrastructure in terms of business intelligence, instructional technology, information systems and security, networking, and client support. This division is headed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

  • Athletics
    This division oversees VSU NCAA Division II Athletics Teams and is headed by the Director of Athletics.
Last updated July 6, 2023.