Request a Library Room in EMS

EMS Login

Directions for EMS
  • Log in with your VSU username and password.
  • Select the appropriate request form and click on the "book now" button.
    • Use Odum Library - Faculty, Staff, Depts Request to request Rooms 1470, 1480, 1604, 2633, 3270.
    • Use Odum Library - Student Org Request to request Rooms 1470 or 1480.
    • Use Event Services - Classroom/Lobby Request to request the Library Auditorium* (1160 AUDITORIUM CLASSROOM) or an atrium.
  • Enter the Date & Time
  • Under Locations, click on the Search button
  • To select a room, click on the plus sign (+) next to the room name
  • Enter the No. of Attendees and select As is/Standard for the setup type
  • Click Add Room
  • Click Next Step
  • Fill in the required information on the Reservation Details page
    • Enter the Event Name you want displayed on the EMS calendar
    • Select Private Meeting for the event type (even for classes or exams)
    • Select the appropriate Group

If you encounter any difficulties scheduling a library room please contact Amanda Broyles at

Room Reservation Policy

Rooms in Odum Library may only be reserved by VSU Staff, Faculty, or Student Organizations that are currently in 'Good Standing' with the Student Government Association.

The following guidelines apply to all room reservation requests:

  • Student Organizations may request Odum Library Room 1480 or 1470.
  • All Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Requests can be submitted up to two weeks before the date being requested.

  • Faculty and Staff may request one of the Odum Library computer classrooms (3270, 2633) in addition to meeting rooms 1470, 1480, and 1604.  All rooms have an instructor station and either a projector or TV screens.

  • The furniture cannot be rearranged because these rooms are being used for classes.
  • When finished with the meeting, the event host must ensure that all waste is properly disposed of in the proper receptacles.  All technology, including the projector and the lights, are to be turned off with the door securely closed.

*Please note that Event Services schedules the Library Auditorium and atriums. To review their policies please visit the Event Services website.

New Media Center Room Reservations

For room requests in the New Media Center see their Room Reservation Policy. Here students, staff, and faculty can reserve a private editing suite to create multimedia material, the 1 presentation capture space with green screen technology to practice presentations or design an online video, or one of the 3 lab spaces for meetings or class instruction. See the Tour Facility page and click on the calendar for one of the spaces listed to view when that space is available.