The mission of Odum Library is to be a major educational and cultural resource of the University, primarily by providing bibliographic and reference support to its academic programs.

The goal of the Library’s collection development program is to develop and maintain a collection of materials that will further the purpose and mission of VSU by meeting the needs of its faculty and students.  Our collection is shaped via a collaborative effort between librarians and faculty.  Each department is assigned a liaison, a library faculty member who collects and reviews orders, keep records, and informs the departmental coordinator of deadlines, priorities and budget issues. The library liaison may also request materials for the general reference collection that will enhance coverage of  the assigned department's library collection. The primary emphasis of Odum’s collection is on materials used by faculty in conducting research and preparing courses as well as by students conducting research related to their course work.

The Collection Development (CD) Policy provides a rationale for the Library’s collection development program.  The policy serves as a means of defining and communicating the library’s collection goals and policies to the VSU community and to the public at large. We invite you to read the collection development policy and subject/discipline specific collection development policies and encourage you to participate in shaping the Library's collection.

If you have a title suggestion, please complete the Recommend a Library Purchase form.  (Note to Faculty: The Recommend a Library Purchase form is intended for your personal recommendations and RUSH orders only, independent of the annual school/department/program allocation provided by the library.  Orders using your allocation should be submitted in the customary way to the departmental coordinator who will add your requests to a library materials order database submitted to the BlazeVIEW Acquisitions Page.)  Further information on Material Ordering Procedures and the Allocation of Funds is published by the Library's Acquisition/Serials Department.

Complete Collection Development Policy (Revised January 2020) Pages 1-122 PDF

Collection Development Policy - Table of Contents - Individual Sections

Table of Contents Pages i-ii
  • History
  • Gift Policy
  • Collection Development Program
  • Intellectual Freedom, Copyright, and Related Issues
  • Weeding Policy
Pages 1-7
Collection Levels
Pages 8-10
College of the Arts  
  • Art & Design
Pages 12-13
  • Communication Art
Pages 14-18
  • Music
Pages 19-22
Langdale College of Business Administration
  • Accounting
Pages 24-25
  • Economics & Finance
Pages 26-27
  • Management and Healthcare Administration
Pages 28-30
  • Marketing and International Business
Pages 31-32
Dewar College of Education and Human Services
  • Adult & Career Education
Pages 34-35
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders and Special Education
Pages 36-37
  • Curriculum, Leadership, & Instructional Technology
Pages 38-40
  • Human Services
Pages 41-44
  • Initial Teacher Preparation Services
Pages 45-49
  • Kinesiology & Physical Education
Pages 50-51
  • Library & Information Studies
Pages 52-55
College of Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • English
Pages 57-59
  • History
Pages 60-62
  • Modern and Classical Languages
Pages 63-65
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
Pages 66-68
  • Political Science
Pages 69-71
  • Psychological Science
Pages 72-74
  • Sociology & Anthropology
Pages 75-77
  • Criminal Justice
Pages 78-80
  • African American Studies
Pages 81-82
  • Native American Studies
Pages 83-84
  • Women's & Gender Studies
Pages 85-87
College of Nursing and Health Sciences  
  • Health Sciences
Pages 89-91
  • Nursing
Pages 92-94
College of Science and Mathematics  
  • Biology
Pages 96-98
  • Chemistry
Pages 99-101
  • Computer Science
Pages 102-103
  • Mathematics
Pages 104-106
  • Physics, Astronomy, & Geosciences
Pages 107-110
Honors College
Pages 111-114
Library Collection Policies
  • Reference
Pages 115-117
  • Special Collection
Pages 118-122