The Odum Library collection budget is divided among the departments according to a formula based upon the number of credit hours generated by a department and the average cost of materials (monographs and serials) for the discipline. This allocation is distributed to the college deans, then to department chairs, and finally to the department coordinator. Coordinators will receive letters in the early Fall and Spring semester concerning their department's budget and schedule for ordering deadlines. (Library's Materials Budget FY 2022)

What can you use the funds for? / General ordering policy

Books, serials and audiovisual materials are selected and ordered by departmental faculty according to an established library collection development policy.   Textbooks, brochures, workbooks and other expendable materials may not be ordered. Any computer software requested must be for instructional purposes. Periodically, the department should review their journals and databases and submit by May 1 of each year any additions or cancellations. Visit the Acquisitions "Deadlines" page for a list of important due dates on the Acquisition calendar.

Library Contingency Funds

The Library has set aside money for the use of departments with needs that cannot be with their regular allocation.  These funds are intended to assist departments by:

  • Supporting the startup of new courses or programs
  • Supporting new faculty research.
  • Strengthening collections prior to an accreditation visit.


Contingency funds are made available twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  The Chair of the Library Affairs Committee will announce the availability of funds via the faculty mailing list. Application requires a Contingency Request Form and its supporting Bibliography.  Completed forms should be emailed to the current Chair of the Library Affairs Committee.  The Library Affairs Committee determines the awarding of contingency funds.