NMC Forms

Form Name & Purpose

Contact NMC

Use this form to ask us a general question.

Yearly Department Charge List

List of authorized users who need to make charges against a department/organization chart string. This form must be completed on an annual basis. 

NMC Borrower Agreement

This form is for Students, Staff, and Faculty who would like to make a request to reserve equipment for a 1-Week term. Completion of this form doesn't guarantee equipment loan will be available.

New Media Center | Special Request Workshop

This form is to request a workshop that is not pre-scheduled.


This form is used to start a request for BlazeVIEW video capture and stream of copyright content that is approved by the copyright owner.

Faculty/Staff Laptop Loan Request

This form is needed for laptop loan requests beyond the standard loan period and is available to only Faculty and Staff. Completion of this form doesn't guarantee equipment loan will be available.

Poster Request

This is a basic form for the purpose of getting general information and allowing the user to attach PDF documents of their poster file(s) to begin this request. If this form cannot be completed, please email media@valdosta.edu with your request and file as a PDF document. 

Room Request

This form is to be used for requesting a room ahead of time. Reservations are needed in order to determine availability. To see if a room is available you can go to our Tour Facility page and click on the calendar link associated to the room you are interested in reserving. 

3D Printer Workshop

Completion of this form will notify us to add you to the asynchronous workshop online.

Workshop Registration

This is to register for pre-scheduled workshops offered at VSU.