Asia Council Workshops

Every year, the Asia Council offers workshops for USG faculty on topics related to Asian Studies.   These workshops are designed to offer opportunities for Georgia faculty to gain expertise in and learn how to integrate teaching Asian topics into their curriculum. To read and article written by Paul Rodell and Salli Vargis about the 2014 Workshop, click here.  

* April 2018 - TBA

* April 2017 - Teaching Japan

The Asia Council's 2017 Faculty Development Workshop focused on Japan. The workshop took place on GSU's Dunwoody campus on April 7th & 8th, 2017.   The Atlanta Taiko Project performed Friday night at dinner to kick off the workshop.  Speakers included  Adam Lyons from Harvard, Dr. Yoshi Domoto, the Executive Director of the Japan-America Society of Georgia, Dr. Brian Woodall from Georgia Tech, Dr. Masako Mori from the University of Georgia, and Dr. Cheryl Crowley from Emory University. 

- Program Schedule

* April 2016 - The Korean Peninsula

The Asia Council's 2016 workshop focused on the Korean Peninsula.  The workshop was held on April 8th & 9th at Georgia Perimeter College.  It was an exciting workshop with Dr. Tom Dolan, Dr. Hyangsoon Yi, Dr. Eric Spears, Ms. Tea Youn Kim-Kassor,  and the Atlanta Consul General of the Republic of Korea, the Honorable Seong-Jin Kim, giving presentations.  

- Program Schedule

* April 2014 - Teaching Southeast Asia


- Organizing Faculty and presenters

- Article by Osborne - What is Southeast Asia?

Presentation by Dr. Paul Rodell

- The History of Southeast Asia 

- Early Southeast Asian States Part I    Part II   Part III

- Cultural Southeast Asia

- India and the Southeast Asian Connection

- Southeast Asia Trade and Europe Part 1           Part II

- Overseas Chinese

- Colonial Economic and Social Transformation Part 1        Part II

- Nationalism and Social Change Part I       Part II        Part III 

- WWII as a Catalyst Part I      Part II

- World History Essay

- Southeast Asia online resources

- Southeast Asian Literatures

Presentation by Dr. Jonathan Leightner

- Lessons From Thailand's 1997 Financial Crisis for the Current Global Economy

- Introduction to the Worldwide Economic Crisis

- Banking Policy

Presentation by Prof. Eric Kendrick

- Indigenous Cultures of Southeast Asia: Language, Religion and Sociopolitical Issues

Presentation by Prof. Shyam Sriram & Dr. Paul Rodell

- Islam in Southeast Asia

Presentation by Dr. Bob Batchelor

- Mapping Relations in Southeast Asia: The Selden Map and Southeast Asian Maritime Networks