Asian Initiatives 2016-2017

News and Events Around the State:

Asia Council 2018 Workshop TBA soon

Few countries captivate the imagination like Japan, its juxtaposition of traditional and modern at every turn. Some have written off the world’s third largest economy prematurely, though. This nation that modernized faster than any in history, while maintaining deep-rooted traditions, has reinvented itself more than once. Students love studying about Japan, so join the Asia Council to learn more about incorporating Japan studies into the core curriculum.  Follow the link for more information: Asia Council 2017 Workshop To register for the workshop, click here

Valdosta State awarded U.S. Department of State Grant

Valdosta State University and The Business College of Shanxi University have been awarded a grant to establish an American Culture Center in Shanxi University.  The grant will focus on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".  The American Culture Center's goal is to provide a space to create interactions that allow Chinese audiences to better understand the United States, its culture, society, government, language, laws, economic system, and values. To find out more about the American Culture Center network in China, follow this link: American Centers for Cultural Exchange  Valdosta State has named David Starling, the current Chair of the Asia Council, to head up the project.   

There are many opportunities to get involved with Asian events around the state of Georgia.  Please notify us if you have events to post so we can get the word out.

 JAPANFEST Atlanta  (Japanfest Website Link)

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