Undergraduate Research Council

 Make sure to check out our Brown Bag playlist on Youtube to catch up on our previous Brown Bag Disucssions.

This year our recordings of the Brown Bag Disussion Events will have a subtitle option that have been edited for accuracy.

Keep an eye on our podcast, Research 101, as we work to add new episodes this semester.

The October Think Tank Meeting will be held on 10/26, the link to our online meeting room can be found in the Undergraduate Research Newsletter.

 Watch this page for updates on:

  • Brown Bag Sessions
  • Podcasts
  • Think Tank
  • VSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • and more!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Lovern at llovern@valdosta.edu


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Undergraduate Research Symposium 2019

Benefits of participating 

  • Cash Prizes Awarded
  • Advance resume
  • Develop writing, presentation, and technology skills
  • Prepare for medical school, law school, graduate studies, and business opportunities
  • Create opportunities to attend conferences around the region
  • Potential for publication
  • Enjoy the community of student and faculty researchers.

Please visit our How to Participate page for instructions on how to get started with your undergraduate research.

Students should also consider submitting completed papers to OMNINO, the VSU undergraduate research journal.

Visit our YouTube channel to see previous Symposium presentations as well as some of our previous online events.

Additional Resources

New Media Center

Odum Library


Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Office of Social Equity

VSU Community Research Bulletin Board