Our Services

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to VSU students.  All services are free and all counseling and consultation services are confidential.  For more information on each service we provide, please click on the links below.  To schedule an appointment for counseling, please call 229-333-5940.

Group Personal Counseling Seminar Crisis

 Outreach Consultation Practicum


Anyone can now report disturbing or threatening behavior involving any VSU community member that does not quite meet the level of calling our Campus Police department. The Behavioral Intervention Team, or BIT for short, is a method used nationwide where an on-campus response team to look into reported problem behaviors and recommends action aimed to help the person being reported.  Our goal is to seek help for any troubled community member, and de-escalate situations before they become violent.  

Basically, if you see something that you feel concerned about, please report it by clicking on the Behavior Intervention Team link to the right.