The Counseling Center is a free resource provided to all VSU students, where they can examine personal, family, social, and academic concerns including:

  • Academic goals, coursework, and grades- test anxiety
  • Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling unmotivated or depressed
  • Managing chronic or emerging Mental Health conditions
  • Relationship concerns and conflicts with roommates and friends
  • Dating violence or sexual assault
  • Adjusting to social life at college
  • Feeling disconnected from support systems at home
  • Balancing multiple demands (academic, relationships, and finances)
  • Loss of a loved one (grief)
  • Difficulties communicating with professors or other individuals 
  • Choices about educational and career directions and life after college


Mission Statement 

The mission of the Counseling Center is consistent with the mission and goals of Valdosta State University by providing a broad range of personal, educational and wellness services to the university community aimed at maximizing the personal growth and development of its members.  In addition, the Counseling Center collaborates with the Graduate School to facilitate a clinical practicum site committed to the training and development of future health and wellness practitioners.  Lastly, the Counseling Center staff strives to develop an environment that is grounded in the spirit of inclusiveness, diversity and respect. 



Respect- Treating all students, faculty, staff and community members equally, supporting diversity and individuality, and having a welcoming attitude.

Accountability- Holding ourselves, our colleagues and our students to the highest standards.

Civility- The ability to have a healthy discussion with all students, faculty and staff, and be able to agree to disagree.

Proactive Educators- Seeing ourselves as change agents and responsive to the needs of students, faculty, staff and community members.

We uphold the five core values for Trauma Informed Care: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration, and Empowerment.


To make an appointment, call (229) 333-5940.  If you have never been in before, allow an hour for the first appointment. You can complete the new client paperwork before you arrive via the student health portal. A couple of additional forms will require completion upon your arrival, and then you will meet with the counselor.