Q.  What is Professional Program Tuition?

A.   USG Institutions may request the Board of Regents approve a differential tuition rate for a nationally competitive graduate and professional program.  The differential tuition rate request requires an impact analysis (including a review of the academic marketplace and tuition charged by peer institutions with similar missions) as well as a plan for enhancing the quality of the program. 

Q.  When are the Professional Program Tuition rates effective?

A.  Typically, all tuition rates are approved in April or May and become effective the following August (Fall semester).

Q.  Who has to pay the Professional Program Tuition rates?

A.  At Valdosta State University, two Professional Program Tuition rates have been justified and approved by the USG Board of Regents.  All Students admitted into either of the following programs will be charged the Professional Program Tuition rate.

Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Q.  Where are the Professional Program Tuition rates published?

A.  Please visit the Valdosta State University Bursary’s website.

Q.  Why is there a separate Tuition rate for Professional Programs?

A.  Professional programs generally have a lower student/faculty ratio which makes the program more costly.  The differential tuition rate provides funding for enhancing the quality of the program. 

Q.  How does a student not seeking one of these degrees register for a class in the program?

A.  Students seeking to register for a class in one of these programs (as an elective in another course of study) should contact the department for an override into the class.


For further information, refer to the University System of Georgia Policy Manual section Professional Program Tuition.