The scholarship will be awarded using the following criteria: (1) The recipient/s must be admitted to the undergraduate nursing program at Valdosta State University and must be seeking the BSN degree; (2) The recipient/s must demonstrate high academic achievement through membership in the University Honors Program, excellent grade point average, exceptional SAT scores, and excellent scores on other tests that indicate a high potential for success in the nursing profession.

The application deadline for this award is April 1.

Additional Requirements for all recipients (In addition to the criteria above)

1. Recipient must possess and maintain a 3.0 GPA
2. Recipient must participate in one Open House/Campus tour or recruitment event in the
semester the award is received.
3. Recipient must participate 16 hours in community service activities in the South Georgia region in
the semester the award is received. (Student must secure their community service activities within
one month of receiving the scholarship):

a. Partnership for Health

b. Local food bank

c. Homeless shelter

d. Habitat for Humanity

e. Langdale Hospice House

f. American Cancer Society

g. Community soup kitchen

h. Battered Women’s Organization

i. Or any other agency as approved by the scholarship committee

To apply for this and other scholarships, visit the CONHS online scholarship application