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7.30.20 Notice: If you recently tried to access Banner Admin and have received the following error message: “Session Initialization Failed. Couldn’t access remote session service,” please try accessing again using the Microsoft Edge browser that is installed on most VSU computers. USG Information Technology is aware of the issue and is working with Ellucian to resolve the issue.

Banner Admin Pages is used only by approved administrators, such as department heads or deans, to perform advanced Banner functions (e.g., class overrides).

Log in to Banner Admin Pages using your MyVSU credentials while on campus or through Remote Desktop when off campus.

Note: Currently, Legacy Banner 8 is compatible with Firefox and Chrome web browsers. It is not compatible when using iOS mobile devices and Safari web browsers.

Do you need access to Banner Admin Pages?
Complete the Banner Admin Pages (INB) Account Request Form.
You will need the Adobe Reader plug-in to view this file.

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What's New about Banner Admin Pages

Replacing Banner 8 Forms (INB) version, Banner 9 Admin Pages delivers noticeable improvements:

  • a modern user interface
  • enhanced navigation and process management tools
  • new functionality across the student, HR and finance utilities, and
  • the ability to run from a variety of web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and mobile devices (tablets and phones). Using Internet Explorer is not recommended.

What's the Same

All Forms, now called Pages, functionalities are the same as they were in Banner 8, with the following exceptions:

  • Forms WFAREGO and WFAREGD have been eliminated and have been replaced with Page SFAREGS (Class Overrides)
  • Forms WGASTDN and WGASTDA have been eliminated and have been replaced with Page SGASTDN(General Student)


Get Started using Banner Admin Pages

View the ELLUCIAN QUICK TOUR VIDEOS to learn how to navigate the new system.

Email to request copies of the following Ellucian Banner 9 Admin Pages Training Documentation:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Naming Convention
  • Getting Started Quick Reference Guide
  • Getting Started with Your Administrative Applications


Need more help?

Contact VSU Solutions Center 

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