The Patrol Division of the Valdosta State University Police Department is responsible for patrolling the campus and responding to requests for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This division is responsible for the protection of life and property on campus .  Twenty-one (21) sworn/certified police officers patrol the campus utilizing cars and foot patrol. The Patrol Division is composed of four shifts, each consisting of a Sergeant and supporting officers.

All officers are certified in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council rules and regulations.  They respond to calls for service, make preliminary investigations of reported crimes, provide police escorts, and assist the campus community in any way possible. Uniformed police officers receive a minimum of twenty(20) hours in service training each year that includes topics such as crisis management, domestic violence, CPR, and other assorted areas that enhance their ability to enforce the law and help our community.


Phone: (229)333-7816
Fax: (229)249-4863
E-mail: Patrol Division