When the fire alarm sounds EVERYONE, must evacuate the building.

If you are in the hallway or bathroom take the stairwell to the nearest exit.

If you are in a room, FEEL THE DOOR

  • If it is hot, do not open it. Stay in the room.
  • If it is cool, open it a crack - but be ready to shut it if you see smoke or flames. Leave the room only if the hallway seems safe.
If you are trapped in a room:
  • SEAL CRACKS around the door with tape, wet towels, clothes, sheets, etc.
  • OPEN WINDOWS SLIGHTLY, if there is no smoke outside.
  • TIE WET CLOTH over nose and mouth to aid breathing.
  • STAY LOW, where air is fresher (smoke rises).
  • SIGNAL RESCUERS by waving a sheet or clothing out the window.

If you can exit:

  • TAKE YOUR KEY and walk to the nearest exit if there is no smoke.  If there is smoke or it is dark, crawl to the exit, counting doors so you do not get lost.
  • CLOSE ALL DOORS behind you.
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS, use the stairs, hold onto the rail.
  • TURN BACK if you encounter heavy smoke (it's deadly) and look for another exit.
  • STAND CLEAR of the building, out of the way of the emergency personnel.
  • NEVER go back into a burning building for any reason.
If clothing catches fires - Stop, Drop and Roll
  • DO NOT RUN - it will fan the flames. Drop to the floor and roll out the fire.
  • SMOTHER FLAMES on another person - drop and roll someone else, use a rug, coat or blanket to smother the flames.
  • MEDICAL ATTENTION - cool the burn with cold water. Get prompt medical attention.