The University Police Crime Prevention Unit has a library of brochures and pamphlets available to all University Associates (students, staff, & faculty). These informative publications are free and range from how to make your home safer, to what to do if your vehicle breaks down on the highway. 

Anyone interested in acquiring any of the publications listed below should call 333-7816.

  • "Driving Dangers": Information ranging from road rage to what to do if your tire has a blow-out.
  • "Alone Behind the Wheel": What and what not to do when driving by yourself. 
  • "Breakdown": Information on where to stop in an emergency and how to get help. 
  • "Foul Weather Driving": Facts about hydroplaning and driving in foggy weather. 
  • "Sharing the Road": Information on the safest places to drive to safety at railroad crossings.
  • "Crash Course": Helpful tips on what to do if you or someone else is in an auto accident. 
  • "Kids in the Car": Tips and suggestions on how to keep your child safe while on the road. 
  • "Senior Citizens Safety":Facts about frauds and scams aimed at senior citizens. 
  • "Domestic Violence": Statistics on domestic violence and information on how to avoid becoming a victim. 
  • "How to Make Your Home Safer": Information from door locks to alarms. 
  • "Travel Safety": Tips on how to prepare for your trip, hotel safety, and more. 
  • "Carjacking Prevention": Information on prevention and what to do if your vehicle is carjacked. 
  • "Drinking and Driving": Statistical information on drunk driving and how to avoid becoming a statistic. 
  • "Residence Hall Security": Information ranging from what to do about annoying phone calls to reporting suspicious persons and preventing theft. 
  • "Public Safety": A guide to services provided by University Police Department.